Honest Tag


The little trophy says “This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”

I find it extremely odd that someone would find this neglected blog worthy of such a distinguished award! But thanks to Savvy our prospective PhD candidate I find myself the proud receipient of the Honest Scrap award. I honestly didn’t expect to be found with the low profile I’ve been keeping lately.

First to dispense with the rules!

 You must brag about the award
* You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to the blogger
* You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
* Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog.
* List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on with the instructions.

Now finding 10 honest things to say about myself is proving to be very very hard (except for #1) but will give it an honest attempt.

  1. I hate Tags; Its not the actual tag that bugs me but the fear of oversharing, I definately try to keep a distance between the image I potray on my blog and my true self. I have heard it said in some places that what a blogger writes in his/her blog is what is in ones inner self but for me the blog is not an accurate picture of myself but just what I was thinking at that particular moment in time.
  2. I am impulsive; Thats why its dangerous to send me to a mall with a blank cheque, from purchases to actual life, work decisions I often find myself acting on impulse and just doing what is on my mind at the moment. Obviously this can cause alot of problems especially where planning or budgeting is required. I started blogging on a whim without thinking what I wanted to do with it and just kept on going and it surprises me that I am still going on albeit at a slower pace. So I don’t really have an Agenda for this blog and I rarely ever plan or draft my posts, I simply get started and just keep on going.
  3. I prefer being in the backgroud; I”m not a particularly outgoing person and even when I am involved in something and even if it is my initiative I won’t want to make a big deal out of it, I know some career advisers will advise againisit keeping your talents in the shadows but as long as I am satisfied with my own work or actions it doesn’t bother me that I’m not blowing the trumpet.
  4. I don’t hate politics but I definately try to keep a calm composure about it after all the less said about the dunderheads that are incharge of our public affairs the better!
  5. I do dudu’s; My proffession involves keeping all manner of pests and diseases away form our greenhouses unfortunately the little critters are always one wing ahead of my efforts. Interestingly this is not what I studied, I happen to be a biochemist so I should be busy exploring metablic pathways and stuff like that.
  6. For a city kid I’m quite comfortable living and working here in shags and it’s not just because life is cheap. I guess I don’t want to be bothered with the hectic pace of life in town, I definately miss the conveniences and the vibrant social life but that can be done on weekends. It’s utterly comforting to be able to walk to the office in less than 10 minutes, have real lunch in your own house, not worry about violent crime etc.
  7. I love gadgets; the only limiting factor is my ability to afford what I really want but it doesn’t stop me from drooling over the specs of the various objects of my affection on the net.
  8. I have a weakness for sweet goodies, chocolate, blackforest, icecream etc. would be the ruin of me if it wasn’t for the unlikeliness of me stumbling upon them too often here in Embu. It makes nonsense of my efforts in taking sugarless tea or coffee lakini I guess I can get 50% for effort
  9. I’m a bit of a couch potato, nothing beats having a good movie in the evening for me, I used to read alot of books when I first moved here because in those days one could only get KBC and the DVD revolution hadn’t hit yet. It’s not a habit I would like to keep but I what is one to do with the long evenings without an easily accesible social outlet.
  10. I’m sensitive and despite keeping a cool and calm exterior will get bruised emotionally very easily. Fortunately I have avoided major heartaches and have always bounced back when I have tripped. I rarely lash out in anger and I have never gotten into a single physical fight in my life. I guess that has kept me safe till now.

Now who to victimize?

Looks like I will have to break that rule! I told you I don’t particularly like this tagging business and most of the people I would have tagged are tagged anyway.


Blog Day 2008

Blog Day 2008
I never knew that Blog day existed until I read this post by White African it is definately an interesting concept the instructions are quite simple and are posted on the blogday website.

BlogDay posting instructions:

  1. Find 5 new Blogs that you find interesting
  2. Notify the 5 bloggers that you are recommending them as part of BlogDay 2008
  3. Write a short description of the Blogs and place a link to the recommended Blogs
  4. Post the BlogDay Post (on August 31st) and
  5. Add the BlogDay tag using this link:
    http://technorati.com/tag/BlogDay2008 and a link to the BlogDay web site at http://www.blogday.org

Since I am pressed for time I have decided to do this post a couple of days early since I will not be anywhere near an internet connection over the weekend, with a few links to some blogs I like to read, they may not be actually new but to me they are. So here goes.

Wanjiku Unlimited

Written by Shiko-Msa I find this a very informative blog that tackles a varied number of topics from serious issues like the environment, Politics, Science and also light and entertaining issues like reality shows. The author is not afraid to give her opinions and doesn’t shove them down the readers throats even when they disagree.

Diary of a Mad Campus Girl

Written by Savvy this is written from the unique perspective of a student in one of the kenyan universities, its been a long while since I was in college and I remember those days nostaligically as some of the best years of my life. She has tackled several aspects of campus life including the living arangements of campus, going out adventures and even a very interesting post on how students have set up DIY networks in the student hostels. There are also some serious posts addressing sexual harrasment and student riots in campus. This Blog definately takes me back in time and reminds me of my own ‘wild’ days as a student which would make her not as ‘mad’ as the title suggests.

Rafiki Kenya

This is a relatively new blog for me and I haven’t been following it for very long but I definately find it an informative place with a varied number of topics not just business, I found this cheesy post quite interesting, I will definately keep an eye on it.

Our Kid

An interesting sounding blog title but well written with short posts on varied interesting topics, I only just recently discovered it, was much amused by this tribute to Cynthia the pretty girl on EA Idols who just couldn’t sing but didn’t we all just love her!

Crystal Balls

This is not a new blog but its only quire recently that I started reading it at first I was put off by the lengthy posts but as I grew familiar with her writting style I am now able to follow if I can keep up with her prolific writting. This blog has got to be one of the most frequently updated in the Kenyan Blogosphere the minute you think you are up to date you log in and find 3 more long posts to read. That said the posts are definately worth the time as they tackle CB’s daily experiences in Dar covering all manner of topics from single motherhood, relationships and work. She also has some fiction writting which is quite captivating.

Doing this post makes me realise that I haven’t ventured very far from my blogroll to discover new bloggers perhaps this excercise will help me identiffy many more blogs to add to my reading lists.

To all my readers happy Blog Day!

Making a Mountain out of a Molehill + A Blogversary Celebration!

Apparently voyeurism go hand in hand with blogging otherwise where did all this tagging business have to do with blogging. Anyway since I was tagged by Half and Half and I hate to be unsportly despite the fact that I have already obliged a number of tags in the past I will attempt to do the neadfull and get it over with quickly. (oh and thanks to Modo for reminding me that a Mountain cannot lie low otherwise I had decided to totally ignore this post)

 The Rules:

– Link to the person that tagged you.

– Post the rules on your blog.

– Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

– Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

– Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website

  1. I cannot resist Choclate Eclairs: this little tofee sweets with milk choclate centers have been the total ruin of me. I keep a stash that is not so secret in my car at most times.
  2. I cannot wear a shirt untucked: Even in the house and I am alone it just feels awkward and don’t get me started on wearing pants without a belt.
  3. I hate shopping for shoes: Strange as it seems I find shoe shopping an entirely complicated affair and will avoid it until my soles are falling off. (this will sound completely strange to some of the bloggers out there who know themselves)
  4. I can’t shout: I find it terribly difficult to get loud even when when I am angry or scared, I just can’t
  5. I am addicted to caffeine: If I don’t get my daily fix of caffeine at least  cups of coffee by 10:00 am at all cost avoid me for I will be very cranky. I keep a few cans of Red Bull in the house for emergencies.
  6. I am loyal to my barber: I’d rather let my hair grow wild than experiment with just any Kinyozi I have been going to the same barber for the last 6 years .

I will tag the following just to go with the flow so sorry to:

Most other people are already tagged so that will be enough for now.


Onto other intersting matters, I was scrolling my blog and realised that I have been blogging for exactly one year now so yippee its MY ANNIVERSARY. I can honestly say I am surprised that I have stayed the course for so long from that Friday evening in February last year when I was in the office and just on the spur of the moment decided to start a blog and joined KBW one day later. I hadn’t read many blogs then I didn’t understand a lot of the little nuances that go along with blogging but true to my nature of relishing challenges I learnt a lot along the way, interacted with alot of interesting folks both back here at home and in the diaspora, reconnected with some long lost friends and most of all had lots of fun.

It would be extremely difficult to mention all the good people who have enriched my blogging experience all through the year and made such a big difference in my life. I promise to continue blogging for as long as the interest holds me (yeah I know I have been a little bit out of action in the last 2 months).

So to all you my dear blogthren I bid you Cheers!

Tagged one too many times!

It looks like no matter how much I try and hide the tags won’t go away, It seems that I was tagged by 3 Types of Crazy and Half and Half to post some 8 random things about myself. Despite the fact that I had already given seven before plus a videocast of myself. HnH was right I don’t like tags but I hate not being a sport even more so I just have to do something.

I wont post the rules cos’ I’m gonna break them all – kwani what will happen if I don’t will I be doomed to a streak of bad luck or will I be smitten by a bolt of lightning? I don’t think so.

  1. I love eating out; the more exotic the better, of course finances and living out of town is a major impediment but when I can I like to try out new restaurants even if all I can afford is a cup of coffee and a snack. When I was younger I harboured the secret ambition of being a restaurant critic like that lucky jamaa in the Sunday Nation.
  2. I hate confrontation; Whenever there is an argument or disagreement I often choose the walking away option, argueing and fighting is not for me. Even arguments between other peeps I will shun therefore being UN Secretary General is definately not one of my ambitions.
  3. I am a Lazy Shopper; Shopping doesn’t do anything for me and will only buy something if it has run out or is absolutely necessary.
  4. I constantly need new information: Not news by the way but I soak up information like a sponge that is why google and wikikpedia are my constant companions as well as the blogs in KBW. If I was to get DSTV it would be because of Discovery, Animal Planet and National Geographic not Supersport, I can always watch soccer in a pub anyway.
  5. I like being straigthforward; I am easily bored by relationship games and rules, the playing hard to get and other dating tire me out I like some one who comes straight out and anakupenda au hakupendi all that beating about the bush will just tire me out.
  6. I have no patience; Especially with lateness, I will always ask when do you want us to meet and trust me I will do everything to be there on time but if the other party keeps me waiting I end up seething with frustration. This is especially worse when someone requests you to pick them up at a certain time and when you arrive there are not ready yet.
  7. I can’t sing; Enough said.
  8. I used to stutter; I used to have slight stammer when I was in school which made me very self concious especially when called upon to speak in front of people. Happily now I have been able to conquer that especially that now I am occassionally required to address all the employees at work (over 600 of them imagine).
  9. I had a Yellow Car; This is a bonus, My first car was a bright yellow Toyota Starlet. It certainly was unusal and always managed to attract alot of attention unfortunately it was also difficult to hide your self anywhere especially in a small town like Embu and as soon as you parked it somewhere you would start getting all sorts of messages by folks asking when are you leaving or can we come over. On the good side and in an odd kind of way it was also a babe magnet. I surely miss that car as they always say you never forget the first

That meets my end of the bargain as for the rules I don’t think I can tag anyone since I can see almost all the bloggers out there I know have already been tagged.

Live Weekend

Quite a hectic Madaraka day weekend I had. Its been a while since I enjoyed 3 whole days of no-work pressure. It was also time for me to travel downtown (not upcountry like most folks) to spend some time with the folks. I was also able to catch up with several friends as well including one very senior blogger who we grew up with. There were several highlights of the weekend but I will only talk about two of them.

Sawa Sawa Concert.

Despite a very busy schedule on Saturday I was able to drag my self to the Aboretum to catch a glimpse of the Sawa Sawa festival that featured among others Jazz Maestro – Hugh Masekela and Roots Reggae icon – Burning Spear. As can be expected for any free concert in the city the whole area around Aboretum was jam packed with people up to State House Road and therefore despite my enthusiasm and that of my posse we were not able to see much of what was going on stage but I generally liked the atmosphere which was largely peaceful and lively. I had my doubts initally especially after the rowdy scenes that have been experienced in reggae concerts in the past. I was able to pick a few nice CD’s of local music to enjoy including Eric Wainainas Twende Twende. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long and was not able to see the fellow who brought us out there i.e. Hugh cos we had advance tickets for our next assignment.

Pirates of the Caribean – At Worlds End.

At long last after 7 days of anticipation since it opened I was able to watch Pirates 3 over at Nu-Metro we arrived just in time to grab popcorn and drinks and sink into our seats to watch this years mega blockbuster. I had to admit the massive expectations that were heaped on this movie were impossible to surmount but it not deter my desire to lap it up. The movie of the year finally opened and I sat back to enjoy the ride.

Enjoy I did! Captain Jack Sparrow and the rest of the Pirates cast did not disappoint it would take a massive effort to match the levels reached by Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Mans Chest but at Worlds end matched them in quite a number of levels. There some issues I had with the overall movie but I’m dead certain I will watch it again and again, I believe it is the small and suttle things that you don’t notice at the first screening that make for a great collectors movie. I already have DVD’s of th first 2 and I am pretty sure as soon as P3 is available on www.amazon.co.uk I will be one of the first buyers.

Parts I liked

  • What is a pirate movie without elaborate sword fights and canon fights – some critics have said the action scenes were too long but I say there were just what the fans wanted
  • The wisecracks were there in plenty as usual and Captain Jack Sparrow was Hillarious as usual my only complain was that there was not as much of him as I would have wanted and I think he did not take as much rum as required.
  • Keira Knightely was as ravishing as usual this time the sexiness was more overt as she gave us generous glimpses of her lovely thighs in the Singapore scene and in the last scene just before Will turner goes on his 10 year voyage on the BT – sorry! 🙂 on the Flying Dutchman.
  • For me the movie was a fitting conclusion to the Pirates of the Caribean Trilogy and I hope Disney lets it remain a Trilogy they can make more money by using the movies popularity to sell tickets to its Disneyland rides.

Parts that didn’t quite click.

  • The movie took too long to introduce Captain Jack and the first sight we saw of him was a humongous nose. It is standard to introduce the main character in the first 5 minutes but I belive it took almost 20 minutes before we saw Jack but when he appeared he took over.
  • Very very long over 2.5 hours is quite long for an adventure movie
  • Admiral James Norrington deserved a more fitting demise considering his role in the development of the plot.
  • What happened to Calypso? Surely that thread deserved a more fitting end

The biggest mystery in the whole movie is: Where was Keira hiding that big fat shotgun that she pulled out from under her clothes? -Just a thought 🙂

Tagged Again

What is it with tagging these days I had barely recovered from the first tag then Ichiena went ahead and tagged me to do a podcast and before I had finished figuring this out Aegeus decides to tag me to show what I have on my Home Desk. I will have you know that I do not have a home desk all I have is a dining table which of course doubles as a desk when I dont want to drag my laptop to the couch or the bed. But since this is much easier than the Podcast I will jump ahead and heed Methus Tag and give you a glimpse of what a bloggers desk in shaggs looks like.

My Trusty Toshiba Laptop, my Motorolla Cellphone – important for connecting to the internet, My DJ box – with my ancient CD collection, My PDA – in case I forget what I am actually supposed to be doing, My FHM magazine – for those much needed creative breaks and most important of all My COOKIE JAR – Bliss.

Lets Dance!

Yesterday as I was crawling around KBW trying to learn a few things about my fellow bloggers after the tagging virus that was spreading from Friday I discovered that quite a number of the KBW mamas revealed that dancing is one of the things they love to do most. Akina Princess, Klara, Quintessence, Mamashady, Unyc, Betty, Chatterly, Ichiena have said it their posts, comments and profiles and I am sure several others. Ok some of them say they prefer to do it privately but it’s dancing all the same.

I find this coincidence most intriuging and quite delightful as well you may wrongly assume that bloggers are not outgoing persons. Although I am an awkward dancer and often have to be dragged to the dancefloor under duress nonethless I thoroughly enjoy the experience. I would definetely hate to go out with someone who doesn’t like to dance. Even just sitting and watching my Kenyan sistas getting down and shaking what their mama’s gave them fills me with joy.

From what I have read these last two days I’m sure if there was ever to be a KBW get together one day there will definetely be a lot of dancing.

Now I feel like Shaky leggy!!

The Seven Hidden Habits of the Highly Effacing Mountain

I had planned to take a blog holiday this week and bask in the glory of ManU winning the premiership but it seems that I couldn’t hide myself and have ended up being tagged by Egm, 3N, Unyc, and God knows who else! This cannot be easy for me since I don’t ussually get too personal but I believe in being a sport and there are few dares I chicken out off. So here goes.

  1. I am Allergic to big bodies of water; I dont’ swim not because of lack of desire but I just don’t trust that I can be able to keep my head above water.
  2. I am introverted. Some people call it shy, I don’t easily break the ice when meeting new people but when I get to know them and open up to them they can realize that I am actually quite easy to get along with.
  3. I am anti violence; Any form of violence by one person to another turns me off I can never understand how you can get your points across by hurting people, I believe human beings are capable of reason and conscience therefore trying ot beat or shoot sense into people is a futile effort. As a result of this I oppose corporal punishment and the death penalty if people think thats too liberal thats up to them. I carry this attitude in my character and people tend to view me as a softie because I will rarely say or do anything that is deliberately hurtful to anyone.
  4. I Love Sci-fi and Fantasy; These are my favorite movie genres, my original movies collections include all the Star Wars movies, Lord of the rings, Star Trek. Michael Crichton and Stephen King are my Favorite authors therefore horror doesn’t turn me off. Comic Superheros also fascinate me, Superman is tops followed by Batman, Spiderman comes third (sorry spidey)
  5. I could be a geek; I am a scientist by profession therefore I am comfortable in a lab isolating enzymes and disceting all forms of invertabrates, I also have an obsessive love of gadgets I must have a top range cellphone, laptop, digicam, MP3 player, PDA, Bluetooth you name it I just can’t resist admiring the latest electronics in the malls. I also love comps and am quite compent in them even if it’s not my field at all.
  6. I love strong women; I don’t like the damsel in distress type of girl or timid and insecure types, I admire mature (not old!) women who are sure of themselves are not afraid to speak their minds, go for what you want types and who are not a pushover for men. I guess this is to compensate for No. 2 above.
  7. I am not that young. From my interactions in KBW I can sense that I may be a bracket above several of the peeps but as consolation I am still very young at heart.

Now if the following victims can please stand up and be counted so we can quench our curiousity: Klara, Majonzi, Ichiena, Chatterly, Archer, Farmgal, Gish, Komi