Bouncing Back!

Ok 3TOC you can call off the search party! I do know that I have been away for quite a while it hasn’t quite been a hiatus since I have still been blogging in a micro way so technically I haven’t been away. Nevertheless I have neglected this diggs since Dec. Christmas and New Years came and went without too much fanfare especially since for the first time ever I spent it here in Embu good thing I was able to host all my folks here at my place and considering it was my first large hosting it went pretty well.

Its a whole new year and I won’t go that route of resolutions and over optimism for 2009, I don’t want to get my hopes up too high considering how horrible last year was. I have been quite busy on the personal front with another priority requiring my full attention and this is in a very good way! 🙂 nevertheless it won’t do to neglect the rest of the blogthren but you will forgive me for being mean with the details.

Embu has been pretty quiet this time round and there isn’t really much to say about the going on’s around here and lets not even start about work. Good thing is that the heavens have poured some rains the situation was begining to look very very dire around here especially with the rivers drying up and the government putting restrictions on irrigation the entire horticulture industry is facing another crisis in January. We don’t need another crisis before Valentines

Next week of course all eyes are on the Obama Innauguration on Tuesday, pity I didn’t get to gatecrash the party like our ‘ delegation’ but I will be watching it in the comfort of my house with a nice chilled bottle of white wine as I remember that night in early November when I did not sleep as I watched all the returns until that magical projection when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer made the call that Barrack Obama would be the 44th President of the United States. I will realisitically not be expecting more Ugali on my table because of this but I can draw alot of vital life lessons on what is possible if you put your mind to it.

What would this blog be if I can’t leave you with at least a picture. Here is couple from Uhuru Park I was bored on a Saturday Afternoon and decided to pass by and see what goes on there since I hadn’t been here for ages. funnily enough the character of the park hasn’t changed for decades except for the new improved paddle boats it’s just like I remember it from my childhood.



Up Close



Originally uploaded by Kirima

Last weekend I decided to laze around at a calm place here at the farm. We have this large water reservoir where there one can sit at the bank and watch the sun go down while appreciating a cool breeze. There are several wild ducks, Herons and Ibises but what what caught my fancy was the wide diversity of Dragonflies in all sorts of sizes and colours. Therefore I whipped out my Camera and tried to take pictures. anyone who has tried to take pictues of these insects must know how fast they are so you have to be very patient and use a long zoom lens but after alot of patience was able to make a few really cool shots after shuffling with various settings.
What I find really cool with this shot is the drop of water hanging at the end of the dragonfly’s abdomen.

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Its been a while

Its been a while since I put up a post on the blog this has been due to a few things I needed to catch up at work and of course the distractions due to the Easter Holidays.

First off I thoroughly enjoyed the Easter Weekend, I initially didn’t have very high expectations or plans and that it fell on the wrong time of the month I still managed to enjoy myself and relax with some friends, I also ventured to a Mugithi night somewhere in Central, its been a while since I did that but it was thoroughly enjoyable, the company was also great.

Sports wise the weekend was also great with my Formula one team Ferrari back to winning ways after that fiasco in the Australian Grand Prix it was a relief for me to see Kimi Raikonnen win in Malaysia I expect a very tough season this year especially with Lewis Hamilton expected to mature a little bit more and the lack of traction control and computerized driving aids will definitely add to the excitement. Onto Football this year my cheering for Man U has been muted on this blog due to the up and down nature of the league but after the great weekend I can fully don my red jersey and make some noise. The league is not yet won but at this stage it feels good to be in pole position.

On the geek computer side I am still learning the ropes of Ubuntu on my computer, I have now installed more memory on the system which has vastly improved the perfomance of the computer and I can happily report that I don’t see myself going back to MS Windows anytime soon. To help with the transition I installed the Wine application which enables me to install and run Windows apps this is quite a help since I still need to access some office files and I don’t want to tamper with the formats. Additionally I have also installed the KDE desktop which allows me to log into a Kubuntu session so I am now currently comparing which desktop environment I would prefer to use permantently.

Otherwise for those who have been missing the posts from the mountainside now I am back.

Today I’m Relaxed Finally!

After weeks of agony last night was absolute bliss.

The obnoxious bats that have been keeping me awake in the evenings have finally vacated although it had nothing to do with my desperate measures but rather we had to call in a professional exterminator – Rentokill who apparently did some voodoo which had those flying rats vacating the premises. Now that I can get my nights sleep maybe I can get back to regular blogging.

Now this post is a week too late, I had intended to do a write up on the motor show that was held 2 weekends ago but as I explained in my rant I somehow misplaced my camera cable and couldn’t download the photos but fortunately I knew someone with a SonyEricsson mobile phone which also uses the Memory Stick duo so phew!



The famous Hummer that everybody was struggling to touch but I found it abit overhyped


The Camry is one fine car that I would definately aspire to.


Definately what I need for our roads up here in Embu


18″ Rims that was all I could see on this beautiful Chrysler


Subaru Tribeca, Very Popular with the masses but in my opinion not very pretty

but the girls were an added attraction


My type of car!

The show was generally a good day out but I have to rant a bit about the fact that some of the brands I was looking forward to seeing were just not there. How is it possible to have a motorshow without any BMW’s, Audi’s, Volkswagen, Range Rover, Land Rover……. Surely for that ticket price I definitely expected to at least drool at the latest Tourag or X5 but sadly that was not to be.

Now who can tell me that pretty girls in short dresses have to do with selling cars I was just wondering whether the mamasita’s draped over the Subaru Tribeca did more to attract the crowds to the Subaru stand than the car, then there were the ones in hotpants and rollerblades hawking carfreshner I bet there will be very many nice smelling cars on the roads this month.

I am still there!

Its been a while since I put up a post actually last week is the first time I have gone over a week without posting and its not that I have been on a hiatus or anything like that its just that I have been plain lazy to write up anything, I have just contented myself by going around making comments on other peeps blogs. So 3TOC no the bats didn’t consume me and apparently they are still there and are threatening to keep Baby Mama perpetually away. Since this is not a post in the true sense of the word I will go back to the drawing board and put up something later in the week. For now I leave you with a few random numbers on my mind.

  • 5 – Bottles of wine in the house 
  • 12 – an important milestone I am marking this month
  • 42 – I finally figured out the answer to EGM’s blog title.
  • 079174 – My cars odometer reading
  • – The number of fine legs I have witnessed lately

My rant of the week goes to Sony, why o why did they have to design a digital camera with a propriety cable, my old camera had a simple mini-usb connection and I could use the same cable as my phone and it was easy to share with others, now I forgot the cable at home and I am now stuck with several great photos of lovely cars I will never own that I took at the motorshow last weekend. Too bad and I though I would share. Why can’t all manufacturers use the same connector wouldn’t the world be better if all phones just used the Nokia charger and all laptops used the Toshiba Charger? (Actually I read that argument from an article on PC magazine) would save us the agony of carrying a laptop bag full of assorted comm/sync cables and chargers for all the gadgets devices we acquire in our short lifetimes