Bouncing Back!

Ok 3TOC you can call off the search party! I do know that I have been away for quite a while it hasn’t quite been a hiatus since I have still been blogging in a micro way so technically I haven’t been away. Nevertheless I have neglected this diggs since Dec. Christmas and New Years came and went without too much fanfare especially since for the first time ever I spent it here in Embu good thing I was able to host all my folks here at my place and considering it was my first large hosting it went pretty well.

Its a whole new year and I won’t go that route of resolutions and over optimism for 2009, I don’t want to get my hopes up too high considering how horrible last year was. I have been quite busy on the personal front with another priority requiring my full attention and this is in a very good way! 🙂 nevertheless it won’t do to neglect the rest of the blogthren but you will forgive me for being mean with the details.

Embu has been pretty quiet this time round and there isn’t really much to say about the going on’s around here and lets not even start about work. Good thing is that the heavens have poured some rains the situation was begining to look very very dire around here especially with the rivers drying up and the government putting restrictions on irrigation the entire horticulture industry is facing another crisis in January. We don’t need another crisis before Valentines

Next week of course all eyes are on the Obama Innauguration on Tuesday, pity I didn’t get to gatecrash the party like our ‘ delegation’ but I will be watching it in the comfort of my house with a nice chilled bottle of white wine as I remember that night in early November when I did not sleep as I watched all the returns until that magical projection when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer made the call that Barrack Obama would be the 44th President of the United States. I will realisitically not be expecting more Ugali on my table because of this but I can draw alot of vital life lessons on what is possible if you put your mind to it.

What would this blog be if I can’t leave you with at least a picture. Here is couple from Uhuru Park I was bored on a Saturday Afternoon and decided to pass by and see what goes on there since I hadn’t been here for ages. funnily enough the character of the park hasn’t changed for decades except for the new improved paddle boats it’s just like I remember it from my childhood.



Blame it on the System


Its been a long while since I put up something on the blog, infact even reading of blogs has been a tad bit infrequent of late and I desperately need a scapegoat to blame and after reading Mboiz’s post I decided to do like Kenyans and just blame it on the system whatever the ‘system’ is.  I also note that I am not the only victim of this lethargy as this and this post also demonstrate.

So what has the mountain been upto all this time?

Well the first thing I can report is that my car is now back on the road looking as good as new. Despite my murderous thoughts over the years when paying the insurance premiums I can at least have something positive to say about them (lakini someone needs to explain to me how Excess payments are not just plain robbery). The other positive is that in my month of immobility I discovered how much expenditure is caused by just being mobile, the effect on my bank balance at the end of the month (which on normal months tends towards zero!) was amazing it is enough to tempt one to ground the car intentionally.

The office party went well this year I guess because I made sure to attend the party with someone to keep me on a tight leash. These annual corporate affairs are ussually the best excuse for employees to display their worst behaviour and the scars inflicted on reputations often take several months to heal so depite the large volume of free booze on offer I was able to leave with my head held high (until the Xmas bash in less than 2 months!). But it was still fun watching people getting down and enjoying themselves. The only thing I have to remind the HR people is that watching Kayamba Africa every year tends to get boring since their repetoire has remained static for several years now.

My Photography hobby continues to grow and have been doing lots of practice but since most of the practice has been in family and company gigs I may not be able to share much at the moment but once I get into general stuff I will post a few more shots.

On Telly I have been thoroughly entertained this week by K24 and their airing of Big Cat Live, Big Cat Diaries was one of my favourite programs when it comes on National Geographic and it was definately fantastic getting to watch how this programme is put together by the BBC fellas, it definately makes me very very proud of the fantastic scenes this country has to offer and makes me hungry for a repeat trip trip to the Maasai Mara. Taking of TV I was quite disappointed to read in the papers that the Ministry of Education is threatening to ban one of the popular local TV programmes, Tahidi High on the premise that it may be one of the causes of the school riots that plagued the country earlier in the year. Although I agree that the youth can be influenced by TV I do not think that banning a single programme can be solution to the problem, I also don’t think that the youth are so gullible as to ape everything they see on TV. Perhaps the Ministry can consider using the programme to show the consequences of being rebellious to authority. In any case the blame should be laid on those parents who have abdicated their role of parenting to the TV but not on the gadget made in China! But feel free to share your opinions on the Poll I have created at the bottom.

Sports is also on my mind with my Favourite teams not doing so well this season. In Formula one I have watched in agony as Ferarri falter race after race and now our nemesis Mclaren are at the brink of winining the championship in Brazil if Hamilton finishies Fifth or above. I have tons of respect for Hamilton its just that I cannot switch my team loyalties that easily but live with the hope he will follow Kimi Raikonnen to Ferarri one day but I’m sure Archer will tell me that is not likely. But come November second I will be rooting for another upset like last year where Raikonnen snatched the victory at the last minute from Hamilton


To Bee or not to Bee

Ok this weekend I was bored at home with nothing much to do since I wasn’t at work so other than just lazing around the house……and I will avoid discussing that game especially with Archer!……. so what better to do than whip out BOB and do some shots around the house, this time I set my sights on getting some clear shots of some bugs using only the manual settings. So after several discarded shots these are a few of the clear shots I managed to get.


Happy Viewing!

Back from the Wild

I have just recovered from a very enthralling safari to the Maasai Mara, it was my first time there and definately a wake up call tha I need to see more of this beautiful country of ours. Despite the fact that the journey was very very loooong we still managed to have loads of fun out in the wild and also experience the magic of the Mara that makes it one of the new 7 wonders of the modern world.
Despirt my initial apprehension about camping and sleeping in a tent it was actually quite comfortable except for the second night when it decided to rain and some water manged to seep in under the tent and combined with the night cold led to me almost having frostbite on my legs, next time will have to choose the spot where to pitch the tent more carefully.
The game drives were splendid and managed to catch most of the big game but for most people in our tour group the highlight was actually getting to catch a couple of lions engaging in some mating action apparently the session lasted only 10 seconds… much for the ‘King of the Jungle’ but apparently they can keep going at it upto 40 times a day. I have put the picture here for the benefit of Xs and other scientists who are interested in the mating habits of different species.

I also got an opportunity to try out my new Camera and was quite happy with the results thought there is definately still alot to learn.

This one is for 3TOC, you can have a ‘little’ bit of luxury while camping!

I have uploaded a few more of the shots on my Flickr page on this set here.

Off To Party!!!

Tomorrow the company I work for is having an annual company picnic party which has been set out to bring all the employees together with the management to have fun, eat and make merry together. The intention is always noble, to encourage a sense of team spirit and appreciation for a job well done throughout the year. That said the sideshows almost always end up overshadowing the real motive of the day and instead of a company party being remembered for all the routine things that go with it e.g. the inter-departmental competitions, silly party games and long winded speeches from the CEO and company, what will be talked about most certainly will be the assorted episodes and spectacles mainly from the drink and dance phase of the party.

Is it just in my organization or what is it about office parties that brings out all those hidden romances to the fore, for example you may have been eyeing that cute new receptionist all year and have not managed to talk to her all year except to ask for a stapler but during the all night disco you finally pluck up the courage and shortly you are deeply ensconsed in a corner forgetting that your boss who also had an eye on her is starring at your unappprovingly from the other end of the room. Quite a lot of secret romances have blown out in the open during these parties.

Often enough the inducement is the loads of free alcohol provided at company expense which will make even the lowliest messenger brave enough to engage the CEO in deep conversation (often involving the most intense boot licking sycophancy possible like “You know Boss, since you took over the management of this company we all love you very much”) Its always a shock on Monday when the bootlicking employee thinking he has made a new friend and rushes to greet the boss ati “Hi Bob!” and is promptly put back in his place with a haughty dismissal to fetch him some coffee. Free alcohol almost always brings out the worst in all the people involved almost always ending up in all sorts of scenes from uncoordinated dancing to heated arguments and if matters get worse its not unusual to witness a drunken fist fight – almost always over a woman.

The scandals that come to fore during these parties are also the stuff of legends normally involving other peoples spouses or being caught with the tea-girl in a dark corner somewhere. Often these incidences are so scandalous that the involved parties will either avoid eye contact with all there colleagues the following week or may have to hurriedly organize some leave until the matter blows over. Which brings me to the official gossipers whose sole role in these events is to sit at a corner and make observations of who danced with whom, who was too drunk to stand, Which boss was groping all the girls and who left at what time and with whom did they leave with. These meticulously recorded to be shared in the coming week at the water cooler.

That being said I am looking forward to having a splendid time if the weather permits as we enjoy ourselves all day and all night.

ps. Due to the large number of employees we are slaughtering 4 bulls and several goats and chicken so you know I will be well sorted out.

Enjoy this footnote on the goings during in our last Picnic!

For the last departmental picnic, management had decided that, due to Liability issues, we could have alcohol, but only one (1) drink per Person.


I was almost fired for ordering the cups.

Regular programing

It has been quite a hassle settling back to the daily drudgery otherwise called work but I can’t complain too much cos’ a man has to get something to eat. No big changes however and as I promised I will not disappoint my fans by disappearing on one of those much maligned hiatuses. I have a few questions or observations though.

  • Now that I am back to work why does the weather decide to improve and the sun come out. It bores me when I look out of the window and see the nice weather and then I remember having to confine myself to the house and several layers of clothes when I should have been out enjoying myself. Too late now.
  • When did Nairobi become so liberal? I ask this cos one night (actually early morning) in one of those 24 hour pubs in Nairobi West there were these 2 chicks who were making out in full public view yaani one was literally papasaring her friends boobs plus some very open kissing. I didn’t know that lesbian PDA was the norm nowadays makes you wonder where we are headed to. (We didn’t mind watching though!)
  • Kwani every one in Nairobi has bought a car? The traffic jams I had to endure were trully horrendous maybe this was made worse by the fact that most of the time I was leaving home was when people were going back home from work, but lakini it was a bit too much this time.
  • Is it poetry week out there on KBW yaani everyone is writting poems?
  • How are people able to multitask i.e. to be able to work, blog, chat and email all at the same time or are all bloggers (except me!) employed by google?

There are still a few things I will definately miss out here in Embu though and which will definately see me make a few trips to Nairobi once in a while.

  • Kiddum
  • Park place chicken
  • Bottomless cups of coffee
  • Pizza

Some of you know what I mean!

Dating Dilema

Last week I was out in one of the city’s coffee houses with the company of some ladies and my pal and as we enjoyed the bottomless coffees (actually they refill your cup only once, I wonder then why they call it bottomless) the conversation inevitably switched to the boy/girl issues aka relationships. Well one of the mamas had beef with the issue of jamaas who can’t or won’t pay the bill when they take you out. I am sure every one has horror stories of dates that went wrong i.e. ending up in the wrong type of restaurant, peeling potatoes, trying to eat spaghetti elegantly, your date, your date ordering the most expensive item on the menu or the worst one for ladies getting to the restaurant and discovering that the table cloths are made of the the same material as your dress! LOL!!
Anyway the story was that there was this jamaa – a client, who had been pestering this mama for several months that he would like to meet her for coffee one day after work. So mainly out of the need to just get it over with the mama agrees to meet him for coffee, the jamaa asks her to meet him outside 2oth Century (first wrong move) the mama trys to convince him that it is better for them to meat at a restaurant somewhere rather than outside a cinema hall which si soo teenagerish but the jamaa inisted so outside twentieth it was.
Once she gets there she meets the jamaa waiting (ok) but once she asks where are we going he says “I don’t know, where do you want to go?” (Second wrong move). The mama wonders to hereself where kwani he did not know where he wanted to go and starts thinking whats nearby Trattoria? Winebar? Java? but since she just wants to get it over with she says we just catch a cup of coffee at Lavazza’s so off they go.
Once they settle in the coffeshop and order the guy in trying to make conversation asks her 6 times – yes six – “How is life?” (Third wrong move) and she seriously thinks this must be a trick question and asks him as much. Clearly this date is not headed in the right direction and the mama is wondering when it is ever going to end but the worst is not yet to come.
As the coffee arrives the jamaa tells her “By the way, Hii Kahawa ni wewe unalipa?”.
“What” She asks, clearly thinking she didn’t hear him right
“You are the one paying for this coffee” he repeats.
That was the end of the conversation and the date as far as she was concerned, First she had to be coerced into coming, second he didn’t know where to take her, third he didn’t have any vybe to tell her and now it turns out she was the one to pay for this disaster of a date. What if she had said we go to Trattoria and ordered a Pizza and cappuccino she wondered. Fortunately she had 5oo on her and she could cover the bill and tempted as she was to pay for her cup only and walk out she perservered. Thats not the end of it, as they were finishing up he asked her.
“By the way there is one more thing I want to ask your”
“What? Fare?” She retorted, quite pissed off by now
“No, Its just that I have been watching you and I think you would make a good mother for my children!” he quipped.
I don’t need to tell you that was the end of the date and the story. If it wasn’t a true story I would have laughed it off as a episode of Redykulass or something like that.
Now the questions are

  • Would you ask someone out on a date expecting the other pary to date?
  • In this day and age should the guy always pay?

The first one for me is a no brainer I mean if you are interested in someone you should jipanga and you should be able to first gauge there expectations. I can’t make excuses for this jamaa on ths front especially since he had been pestering her earlier.

As for the second one I think it is still expected that the man pays for the first dates but as they become a couple the mama can be expected to chip into the bill and once in a while actually take the guy out. Some of my most memorable dates is when I have been asked out by – Her treat. It is always amusing when the waiter brings the bill over to you and you tell him hapana Madam ndiye analipa.

So what do you think and have any of you been on such dates?

By the way can you guess who ended up paying for those bottomless coffee’s we were having?

Disclaimer: I am absolutely NOT the jamaa in question here!

Now onto other matters, There has been misunderstanding created by a comment that was left in my previous post about an alleged wedding. Due to some weird behaviour by Blogger I am unable to leave a comment on my own blog. Aaaargh. So now I want to state without fear of contradiction that : I AM STILL AVAILABLE now that said hiyo story iishe.