About Kirima


Hi I’m Kirima

I created this blog as means of sharing my unique views and perspectives about life, what began as just as a hobby to kill time after work has now become an important part of my daily routine and as much as I may not blog forever at least I will one day be able to look back and remember what was going on in my life at this very time.

I hope my readers will respect my views and enjoy the various snippets I may throw at them from time to time. Already I have made several good friends as a result of this blog and have gained tremendously in terms of knowledge. Being based in a rural area definately gives me a different perspective from most of the bloggers I know but I believe that sharing will definately help me edge away some of the feelings of loneliness that may sometimes disturb my mind.

In order to unravel a bit more about Myself here is my updated About page;

Name: Kirima

Where: Embu – Actually Mbeere but not many people know the difference.

Age: Thirty something

Occupation: Plant pathologist

Marital Status: Still Available

Favorite stuff: Books, Movies, Browsing, Man U, Tusker Malt Lager


9 Responses

  1. Long time brother.. very long time..

  2. Did you ask to be born? Then why were you born? What is the purpose of your life? For what reason are you still alive? Would mbeere have missed you had you not been born? How?

  3. hehe, good description! Lovin’ it, keep up the good work.

  4. I sort of knew that info–apart from Mbeere. But really…whats the difference? I thought Mbeere is a dialect of Embu and not really a place.

  5. Very good description. I will definately bookmark your site

  6. Aha. good to know you.

  7. hey,
    i know you for a long time only that we havent met for more than 10 years.we used to call you scientist in primary,now looks like you became what we called you.

  8. interesting,i will wish to keep in contact,,
    get me too on njerumbogo@yahoo.com,,
    very interested in some things down there.

  9. a

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