I have been suffering from internetlessness of late, not out of choice but due to circumstances here. we have been upgrading the servers and network security at work and the result is that alot of browsing choices have been shut down including the ability to connect my laptop to the corporate network. Fortunately in the near future is the possibility of an open wifi network around the farm which will be a very welcome cure to this case of internetlessness. With this microwave mast to connect us to the fibre optic cable in Embu town better days are being heralded and I can’t wait for the much heralded submarine cable to land in Mombasa.


In the meantime I have been forced to rely on my trusty Nokia phone to keep in touch with the interwebs using Opera mini (does any Nokia user really ever use the Symbian browser on their phones, I find it really really cumbersome and drains the memory on the phone after a few links!) the trusty gmail app and twibble for my twitter updates. Anyone who has done phone browsing for a long period of time will be aware of the toll on the thumb and phone keyboards, I desperately need a new phone but can’t make up my mind over the several options available. Coupled with that is the difficulty in commenting on Blogger posts, google need to simplify their interface if I even come across word verification I don’t even bother.

This internetlessness has mad me realise how depedent I am on the web for my day to day interactions, I mean I don’t think I have gone 2 straight days without some sort of web interaction be it email, facebook, twitter or blogs. The only thing I’m not too keen on is chat! There was one weekend the Zain GPRS network was off in Embu and I was literally on edge the whole weekend with the need to check the net for updates. Maybe too many of my friends are on the net rather than those I interact daily but considering the remoteness of my location it’s not a surprise.






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  1. DUDE, do you know how hard it is to say internetlessness. Can’t be making this African woman say hard words. Let me go back and try again.Yes, I read aloud. LOL

  2. Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

    How Would You Like To UNPLUG Your House From Your Electrical Company, Knowing That You Are “100% Powered By Nature” With Renewable Energy?

  3. I’ve been suffering that too. Lost my beloved, reliable k750i to muggers. Now am looking to upgrade to probably P1. Hopefully soon

  4. without gprs you were on edge? that doesn’t sound like a bad thing! yeah was also internetless for a couple of days last week but I really didn’t miss much

  5. internetnlessness is an actual word? the net is addictive, i have a hard time going extended hours without it.

  6. I think losing my net-capable phone to pickpockets forced me to rely less on being online. I think I was overdoing it!

    Lovely photos!

  7. All together now: internetlessness. internetlessness.

    The nets are addictive. I try and try to forgo them over the weekends but I still end up getting tempted. Weekdays there’s no debate I’m online every single day.

  8. i am addicted. that is all i shall say. for now.

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  10. Hi Kirima:
    I stumbled on ur website.
    This is ur buddy from primo, high and college.

    I do live in the states and was wondering how to connect for this years!
    Talk soon.

  11. Internetless plagues me too… mostly because I can’t afford it.

    Have you thought of getting a Safaricom/Zain/Orange modem for your laptop? After all, their netwrks are countrywide.

    I have tagged you, Check my blog for details.

    As for phones, try the N-Series but do not be conned because there are many Chinese Counterfeits. Maybe a Blackberry. Something specifically built with internet use in mind.

  12. 🙂 I also seem lost without internet, especially if I’m stuck in the house because of some work I have exactly on the net 😛

  13. Lovely pictures. Reminds me of my childhood walks in mbeere. And that Itiki is simply…innovative.

  14. Am jealous of your wifi
    Am still on zain gprs and the days it doesnt work feel like torture

  15. Ah! This is great! Thanks for putting to rest a few
    misunderstandings I had seen regarding this recently.

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