Bouncing Back!

Ok 3TOC you can call off the search party! I do know that I have been away for quite a while it hasn’t quite been a hiatus since I have still been blogging in a micro way so technically I haven’t been away. Nevertheless I have neglected this diggs since Dec. Christmas and New Years came and went without too much fanfare especially since for the first time ever I spent it here in Embu good thing I was able to host all my folks here at my place and considering it was my first large hosting it went pretty well.

Its a whole new year and I won’t go that route of resolutions and over optimism for 2009, I don’t want to get my hopes up too high considering how horrible last year was. I have been quite busy on the personal front with another priority requiring my full attention and this is in a very good way! 🙂 nevertheless it won’t do to neglect the rest of the blogthren but you will forgive me for being mean with the details.

Embu has been pretty quiet this time round and there isn’t really much to say about the going on’s around here and lets not even start about work. Good thing is that the heavens have poured some rains the situation was begining to look very very dire around here especially with the rivers drying up and the government putting restrictions on irrigation the entire horticulture industry is facing another crisis in January. We don’t need another crisis before Valentines

Next week of course all eyes are on the Obama Innauguration on Tuesday, pity I didn’t get to gatecrash the party like our ‘ delegation’ but I will be watching it in the comfort of my house with a nice chilled bottle of white wine as I remember that night in early November when I did not sleep as I watched all the returns until that magical projection when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer made the call that Barrack Obama would be the 44th President of the United States. I will realisitically not be expecting more Ugali on my table because of this but I can draw alot of vital life lessons on what is possible if you put your mind to it.

What would this blog be if I can’t leave you with at least a picture. Here is couple from Uhuru Park I was bored on a Saturday Afternoon and decided to pass by and see what goes on there since I hadn’t been here for ages. funnily enough the character of the park hasn’t changed for decades except for the new improved paddle boats it’s just like I remember it from my childhood.



15 Responses

  1. welcome back. micro blogging tends to take attention of the mainstream blogs, this i have noticed.

    the photographs are magnificent.

    Thanks for the welcome back to wordpress, I know you are also addicted huko.

  2. Karibu sana, all the best with the matters occupying you on the personal front 😀 .

    Thanx 😉

    I’m happy it has rained too. Uhuru park looks heavenly. Or is it the camera?

    I was amazed how clean it is the previous time I was there it was a mess

  3. Werokamu. I thought I would win the trophy for longest holiday. I see I lost.

    thengio! I was enjoying my holiday too much

  4. micro blogging never supports the phone to hand. tried several. Then I saw the plane story from Hudson River and decided a new phone is what I will have for Valentines day…how to drop the hint that roses are old hat and a new i phones is a must have.

    Good luck on your valentine wishes, its definately a plot

  5. Thank goodness you are back! The ‘ I still care’ post stayed too long 🙂

    Welcome back. Uhuru Park looks lovely. I had really missed your nice pics.

    I am around to stay I hope

  6. Uhuru park…now those pics def brought back good memories 🙂

    Much of the character of the park is still the same, saddly the fish pond is dry as they are renovating it

  7. Welcome back! I was really missing your beautiful pictures!


  8. @mama you know the boy really cared until I had to send out more than one search party.

    On the personal front- just give me plenty of notice, I like to dance.


    I have bought a new dress, new shoes and a new “weave” just for next Tuesday…. hehehehe. Now all I need is to get snowed in.

    Glad to see you back.Now do not make me go out there looking for you again!!!!

    Will try, I know the consequences

  9. Karibu sana. Mention of Embu brings me memories of my childhood. I watched the movie tarzan at Emco n I wonder if it still runs. Saturday lunches at Kubukubu. St Micheal! Damn! Nice place I should visit sometime. Now let me get to a comp n see the pics

    You grew up in Embu? interesting! Unfortunately EMCO is no more it was convereted to a church I think. Kubukubu is still there, I’ve been thinking of doing a series of posts on Embu.

  10. Good to have you back. The pics are lovely….


  11. Karibu sana. Now to the next post, si you are back?

  12. That Uhuru Park shot is very lovely. I once tried to take a photo during the Safari Rally and captured the rally car, the boats and a helicopter in one shot.

    Hmmm. Then I pressed the Delete button on the digicam!

    I am still livid upto today.

  13. Welcome back, it’s been a while. The pictures are lovely though you piqued my interest when you said you’d be mean about some details?

  14. Blogging sure seems to be taking a back seat! For me hata hiyo micro I don’t do. But it’s good to know we can congregate here once in a while.

    @Our Kid: Too late for it now, but with the appropriate software you can undelete the image…

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