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Last weekend I decided to laze around at a calm place here at the farm. We have this large water reservoir where there one can sit at the bank and watch the sun go down while appreciating a cool breeze. There are several wild ducks, Herons and Ibises but what what caught my fancy was the wide diversity of Dragonflies in all sorts of sizes and colours. Therefore I whipped out my Camera and tried to take pictures. anyone who has tried to take pictues of these insects must know how fast they are so you have to be very patient and use a long zoom lens but after alot of patience was able to make a few really cool shots after shuffling with various settings.
What I find really cool with this shot is the drop of water hanging at the end of the dragonfly’s abdomen.

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  1. Cool, I see the drop.

    I have a question…….Young .Africans know how to sit and just let time pass by?I must try this one day. Sounds peaceful.

    LOL @ young africans kwani what do young europeans do to chill out? Yes you should try it soon!

  2. Wow, impressive! Any idea which species it is? If you ever publish a photo book with these beautiful creatures, I will be one of the first people to buy a copy.

    I don’t know the species come to think of it I have no idea about the taxonomy of dragonflies, there are very many varied species with different colours, I will try capture those I can but the patience required………………

  3. Am with Rafiki! I hope that book idea is in the pipeline cuz these pics are way too cool. You make me want to invest in a camera and click away!

    Book would be too ambitious but I think you can follow the link to my flickr page. Thanx

  4. I echo three question, and add another, were the bars closed?

    Yes the bar was closed (note the use of singular!)

    EXCELLENT picture


  5. must be a carls zeis lens.

    Actually its a Nikkor Lens (for Nikon)

    i love it, as i ROTFLMAO @ 1/2s question.
    do you have a collection we look and comment?

    Thanx, click on link to flickr or go to the photoblog

  6. Man I envy your longanimity on capturing this one. Thats one hell of a gadget that I would ngeta someone for!

    Thanx, now tell me the details of your hood so that I can avoid it 🙂

  7. that is one spectacular photograph a guy, wah!.

    HnH wacha siasa, these ones are not species found at the bar, i think.

    Thanx, all this Bar talk is making me thirsty its been long since I had a cold one

  8. Wewe, siasa gani?
    Si me (am) just asking and as you can see there is only one bar hukos!

    SUMMIT 🙂

    Summit kitu gani? here you are more likely to get the original Keroche killer brews

  9. I want to come there. I want that Camera too.

    Seriously mountainous you’re a top notch photographer. You remind me of Steve Parish.

    Thanx but I’m only just trying, Steve Parish ni nani? off to google him

  10. Oh and the book too I want one when it comes around. Books, Diaries, Greeting cards.

    Like now I’m looking for bulk corporate Season’s greetings cards without all the sweet bells and ribbons. I hope to be your customer for the same some time soon? I used to get some from Kenya Wildlife Service but they seem to have stopped selling. At least where am at.

    Currently I only do this for fun, I will occassionally print a few photos for people who ask for them but haven’t given much serious thought on taking the hobby any further.

  11. Its the courage… some of the things you take pics of.. would send me scampering.


    I mean.. dont people catch sleeping sickness from some of these things. Unless, you are he positivist who thinks that is a cure for insomnia.

    LOL! They are very harmless actually more scared of you than the other way round

    Top pics, though. And courage to you.


  12. Nice shot. I also tried capturing nature when I happened upon two mating doves but they flew away at the spur of the shot and I scored a blank. One minute birds.

    LOL on the one minute birds, that would have been a fantastic shot I admit

  13. Monte…lovely pics!

    Aki you have the nice weather to take stunning pics. Huku its always overccast mpaka your mood feels the same.

    I need to get my mojo back…..FAST!

    Thanks Mocha! It’s true the weather is great for photos but unlike 3TOC thinks I don’t nearly get as much time as I would like to get the shots I love

  14. That is a GREAT picture. And yes, dragon flies are very fascinating insects, but also very difficult to capture. As you say, patience is key. Now I need to go off and capture some myself!

    Thanks, Now that its’s all green here there are so many varied types of Dragonflies that I always wish I could have my Camera on me everytime I’m walking around.

  15. This fascination with bugs, I do not get. Great shot of a bug though 🙂

    Bugs are my profession actually and some are quite pretty

  16. I think Our Kid confuses the dragon fly for a Tsetse fly. Kafai I dont see this as a bug fascination, I see it as an amazing shot that is almost impossible to capture. It takes time patience practice, talent and a great gadget. Photography can turn to some sort of therapy when done as good as this one was. To read the depth of this picture, you should view it in a 17 inch or larger CRT monitor. Mountee why dont you publish some of your work or probably organize an exhibition? As kids we used to call this fly HELICOPTER

    Publishing on the blog will do for now! I agree on the photo therapy thing one has to remember that for every good shot there are around 100 other not so good shots so patience is the key.
    see http://www.flickr.com/photos/mountkirima/

  17. […] am also thinking to get my photography mojo back on track. After seeing these pics and many others, I need to pull up my socks. After all, that Uni portfolio won’t fall down […]

  18. Wow! Like all the other photos I’ve seen here.
    I know it’s for fun and stuff, lakini what if I still insist to buy printed / mounted ones?

    Let me know if it’s possible and the cost on email.

    Halafu, I envy the fact that you live in a place with a lake and all. Is it possible to get stressed in such a work place?

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