Time for THAT ONE! and other stuff

One more night before we know whether That One! will win the US presidential election, I don’t know whether it will be possible to sleep on that night as the results start trickling since I’m sure that the results will be known by 10 am Wednesday.

I have avoided making too much noise about the US campaign because after all its an American election and even if That One is of Kenyan origin (actually abandoned by his Kenyan daddy) I really doubt that it will change too much about what is on my plate here at home. What I cannot suppress is the overwhelming sense of pride at having a Black Man sitting in the oval office, it may be a frivolous or racial choice but it can’t still erase the fact that by having a man on colour taking over the official mantle of the most powerful person on earth will make it possible for all people of colour to hold their heads high and say yes we can! That aside I have always followed the US elections and have always supported the Democrats since the days of Walter Mondate, Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry. The biggest disappointment for me was when Al Gore lost to Bush in the scandalous 2000 election, he is a man I respect tremendously especially for championing environmental causes which has caused him so much riducule in the US but has gained him respect worldwide.

Yesterday was a day of mixed feeling for me being my Birthday eve I was able to share a delightful afternoon with friends and enjoyed some delicious Kuku Choma and Cake. I was very much grateful for those who took there time to send me wishes, at times I think that it is high time I stopped celebrating and making a fuss over birthdays but everytime someone remembers me and sends his/her wishes it always warms the heart.

The evening however tempered my emotions when Lewis Hamilton won the F1 championship at the season finale Brazilian Grand Prix, although the guy I was rooting for Felipe Maasa won his home race and took the honours for Ferarri in the constructors championship it was the brilliant last lap from Lewis that crowned his season which took my breath away. Although I don’t support his team I take off my heart to Lewis Hamilton who has proved that a young man of colour can excel in a sport that has traditionally been the preserve of the rich elite. Next season however I hope Ferarri can iron out the mechanical and pit lane disasters that ruined their season because overall Felipe won more races but had to retire a couple of times due to purely technical and not racing reasons.


12 Responses

  1. hapee birthday my friend.

    many many many more blessed ones must be had.

    Thanks dude!

  2. How about belated wishes,are they accepted?

    Actually they are not belated today is my Birthday yesterday was just the party, Thanks anyway!

    Happy belated birthday…….! Be blessed and may you be wiser and wiser!
    Gowwsh……am not a keen follower of Formule 1,ferrari and the stuff,but I must say that Alonzo is cute and good in his thing……..and very young to…that adds to his appeal.

    that he may be but let not some people hear you say that, after the sour grapes he pulled on Hamilton last season he may have lost himself alot of fans.

  3. A happy belated birthday to you.

    We wish that one the very best!

    Thanks actually you are spot on time

  4. Omera, that one will sssually find himself in White House! Happy bday & pole I couldn’t make it to demolish kuku choma & cake. Lewis Hamilton is the future of F1!!

    Your absence was duly noted by the abundance of chicken on the platter

    @Carol: I’m watching you. Ati Alonso??

    Carol you were warned haya!!!

  5. Happy birthday. Many many more blessed years ahead.
    where is my piece of cake?

    did I forget to mention the salad was off the hook? 🙂

    I want Obama to win- why? becoz he is cute and he kind of looks like Denzel Washington. Those are my two very VALID points as to why dude should win.

    OK! No arguments here

  6. Happy B-day! Just wondering what type of kuku you had for your kuku choma. I prefer the local breeds, so juicy, but a bit difficult sometimes to get here in Nairobi. Around the Mountain you must have some pretty good ones?

    This was around Nairobi but at that particular joint on Magadi Road they make very very good kuku choma, Thanks

  7. Happy belated birthday.

    Thank you!

    I’m not enjoying the fact that everyone is talking about F1 ! Cuz I didn’t watch it. Kinda feeling left out. 😦 .

    Omera better clinch that seat. Am not sure how and whether am gonna benefit from that, but hey!

    We get internationa bragging rights thats enough for now

  8. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Kirima
    Happy birthday to you.

    And may that one win.

    Thank you!

  9. I’m with you on That One making history. In my mind, he already has and however this election goes, he has written history. I admire the energy he has. His speeches sound as fresh as they did on day 1 of the campaigns. No actually as fresh as The Audacity Of Hope speech.

    What worries me though is if he wins, he has the hopes of not just America but the whole world to fulfill in ‘Change We Can Believe In’. Tall order that is, even for The One.

    I think he will be up to it considering all he challenges he has surmounted so far

    Happy belated birthday!! Is there some cake still? Si you can send it over the sphere?

    thanks for the wishes, actually it was devoured entirely on the road to Rongai you should have stopped by 🙂

  10. I am with 3toc. Dude is super handsome. Me likey…

    Not gonna argue with that!

    If you think growing old is hard, i always say trying growing younger!

  11. Lucky Americans. A hot president! They get looks and brains combined.

  12. That One won…

    Lewis Hamilton won (am a fan) though I also like Alonso..the name just rolls off the tongue..

    And Happy Birthday.

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