To Bee or not to Bee

Ok this weekend I was bored at home with nothing much to do since I wasn’t at work so other than just lazing around the house……and I will avoid discussing that game especially with Archer!……. so what better to do than whip out BOB and do some shots around the house, this time I set my sights on getting some clear shots of some bugs using only the manual settings. So after several discarded shots these are a few of the clear shots I managed to get.


Happy Viewing!


Tough Week!

I’m glad this this past week is finally over!

It began with on a rather sour note which despite having a rather lucky or fortunate ending leaves me with a car that is almost likely to be written off but looking on a brighter side I am in good health and with the current fuel prices I will be saving a ton of cash by joining the “foot-subishi” brigade (EGM 2007). This weekend has also been miserty for the teams I support Man U played a lousy game and were rightly beaten by Liverpool for the first time in the Rafa reign I know that Anfield is probably the most intimidating venue in the EPL but in the past few years Man U has enjoyed the pride as being the team that doesn’t respect that ground. But since we are still the English Premier League Champions and European Champions League Champions we cand still hold our heads up.

On Formula one the Formula one team that I support- Ferrari was expected to do well at the home Italian Grand Prix and Monza especially with the phenominal Lewis Hamilton breathing down our backs Ferarri was expected to pull all stops to win the race but it seems it wasn’t to be the race was won by a certain Sebastian Vettel from the smaller Toro Rosso Ferarri team, oh well at least it is a Ferarri as well. It looks like that the F1 Championship will go down to the wire like last year only that the challenge is between Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa, fortunately it all ends in  Brazil where Massa should enjoy some home advantage.

On the gadget front I am now begining to get a hang of using the manual features on my Camera, I realised that I was depending too much on the auto and semiauto settings which often weren’t giving me the results I want I still have a long way to go before I get competent in handling he manual settings but I am certainly having fun.



Fly on a Temite Mound

Colourful Kingfisher

Gerbera Seeds

Gerbera Flower

My Baboon Neighbours from afar

Finally for those who I chat with on email may have noticed an increase in my internet activity well this is because after a long time of struggling with a shared internet computer in the office the bosses were generous enough to extend internet connections to our houses so now I can boast of a fast VSAT connection in the house with a wireless access point so now I can literally blog in bed. This is bliss after after struggling for over a year with mobile connections and opera mini to blog. Currently I am securing my laptop by installing the necessary antiviruses and firewalls since I am now using Windows to connect, this is because I have had trouble configuring the wireless connection on my Ubuntu installation but since I have a dual boot on my system I can still use Ubuntu with the wired connection. 

I am also loving the new Google Chrome Browser I don’t know whether it is just me but it definately seems faster. Now they only need to release a Linux version and I will be completely sold.