Back from the Wild

I have just recovered from a very enthralling safari to the Maasai Mara, it was my first time there and definately a wake up call tha I need to see more of this beautiful country of ours. Despite the fact that the journey was very very loooong we still managed to have loads of fun out in the wild and also experience the magic of the Mara that makes it one of the new 7 wonders of the modern world.
Despirt my initial apprehension about camping and sleeping in a tent it was actually quite comfortable except for the second night when it decided to rain and some water manged to seep in under the tent and combined with the night cold led to me almost having frostbite on my legs, next time will have to choose the spot where to pitch the tent more carefully.
The game drives were splendid and managed to catch most of the big game but for most people in our tour group the highlight was actually getting to catch a couple of lions engaging in some mating action apparently the session lasted only 10 seconds… much for the ‘King of the Jungle’ but apparently they can keep going at it upto 40 times a day. I have put the picture here for the benefit of Xs and other scientists who are interested in the mating habits of different species.

I also got an opportunity to try out my new Camera and was quite happy with the results thought there is definately still alot to learn.

This one is for 3TOC, you can have a ‘little’ bit of luxury while camping!

I have uploaded a few more of the shots on my Flickr page on this set here.


14 Responses

  1. welcome back

    Thanks it was a blast

    great pic – 10 seconds?

  2. Great to hear you guys had a great time at the Mara. The same incident happened to us in Arusha, the leaking in the tents. I wouldn’t wish the cold on anyone!

    Great pic on the lions

    Thanks, was not amused about the rain but everything else was ok

  3. well at 10 seconds its possible to do 40 times!
    Great pics am glad you had fun!

    It totally redefines the concept of quickies!

  4. glad you enjoyed the trip. off to ogle photos in flickr. now that lion…tsk tsk!

    I know I know but this is the wild no time for manners

  5. all I read was “rain seeping into a tent and frostbite”- Camping has been re-thrown out again.

    No Camping! No job! But there were some luxury tents (with plumbing) for softies like you!

  6. I need to put up my pics. Pole sana about the rain kwa hema. You were unfortunate that your side of the tent was messed up.

    Yeah I’ve learnt the hard way- Never pitch your tent under a tree unless you want the tree to drip drip on you all night

  7. nice pics on flickr.
    how comes no one talks about the lioness…how long / often?
    Xs…you wanna answer that?

    Si they are a pair so they go equal rounds, What I don’t know is if she gets satisfied!

  8. Hey….welcome back and hope you are enjoying your leave.

    Great pics

    Thanks! Leave is good not complaining

  9. great pics
    will check out the rest

    You are welcome

  10. What do they call the one minute men of Lion’s world? If the action lasted 10 seconds, you must have been really quick with your clicking!

    I think to myself its a shame that people come all the way from States, Hong Kong and all manner of places to visit the Mara while we sit in pubs in the city and drink ourselves silly not knowing what a beautiful country we have out there in the wild.

  11. Great pics. We need to appreciate that Kenya is indeed magical and we’re not exploring enough. But the mood is changing and the local media is taking up the challenge of marketing Kenya to Kenyans.

    Glad you had fun!

  12. Beautiful photographs..

  13. now when is my next vacation! The appetite is already watered!

    this country definately has much more to offer than we can imagine.

  14. Great post… all of our parks are amazing, but underutlized. Keep up the safaris and keep us updated!

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