I Have Temporarily Left The Mountain


Another year has passed a bit too quickly and I find myself on leave yet again, I don’t know why people find it odd that I have 5 weeks of continuous leave but when you live 11 months of the year deep in shags where there are not many creature conforts or interaction with people other than workmates then it is too short a time. This week is being spent acclimatizing i.e. in bed! But I have a camping tour at the end of the week to the Maasai mara courtesy of the good guys at Bunduz this is my first time to use their services but I hae gotten some good recommendations from blogger pals who have used them in the recent past. The other 4 weeks are taken up by a series of personal projects and generally catching up with long lost pals. Also some movie watching is lined up and top of my list is the new Batman movie The Dark Knight which has been getting great reviews and breaking box office records, will probably post a review when I do watch it.

New Gadget

By now most of you who read this blog know I am a gadget freak well my latest acquisition is a Nikon digital SLR the Nikon D40 after my previous camera was permanently borrowed at a public function I have been surviving on the generous mercies of friends and colleagues to take photos, I have one of those 35mm film gadgets but trust me nothing can motivate me to use it. After admiring the intimidating gadget that EGM carries around I got interested in dSLR’s primarily because you can get more control out of them and it could be an asset at work where I deal with small little critters that you either can’t approach closely or won’t sit still and pose for a photo. Of course the brand debate kicked in (Nikon vs Canon), the specs   (Megapixels etc), accessories (Zoom lenses) and I finally settled on the Nikon D40 or the Canon 400D which are both entry level dSLR’s for non professional consumers and hobbyists, I settled for the Nikon D40 primarily cos of price and the fact that I was able to get a bundle offer with a kit lens (18-55mm) and a Zoom (55-200mm) at a very attractive price this is enough to get me started and I believe with a bit more practice I may decide to upgrade and get a better lens preferably upto 300mm and with Vibration Reduction(VR) for those long distance nature shots.

Here are a few Day 1 shots I managed to take it took ages trying to downloading despite compressing them and cropping, the birds were particularly had to take with the zoom lens but i trust I will learn the art of tracking moving objects.

ps:  to Xs The geese are not gay but I am attempted to bring in another female and see if we can get a menage a trois going!


18 Responses

  1. LOL. Dont put another female…. add a male geese!

    Ok you are the expert!

    Nice pictures! Ok, now i need me a decent camera!

  2. i feel the same way on vacation, being far away from Nai and then not getting enough time (3 weeks only). Enjoy yours to the max.

    I intend to maximize on mine thanks

    those pics are Great! I am looking at the prices for a better digital camera, mine takes near horrible pics.

    Thanx I feel more in control of what shots I take

  3. Lovely pics!…I need me some sun and nature…flowers and birds…lol @ the gay geese bit!

    Thanx I also love nature pics will work on my technique some more

  4. have a nice trip. oh how i wish I had 5 weeks leave

    I intend to 5 weeks continous seems like alot to most people it seems

  5. EGM watch out! Enjoy your leave

    EGM ni Mwalimu, Have you seen the equipment he operates?

  6. dude, first day? wacha, i like the shots! focus on the birds among the leaves and tree branches is a little hard!

    Its because also the birds were very small and very far away anytime I tried to close the distance they would just fly off, pretty subjects but not cooperative at all

    waiting eagerly for more!

  7. Hey Enjoy your leave! 5 weeks is really precious.

    From one who only gets 3 days of leave at a time.

    Thanx, 3 days is tough but we have to put the bread on the table

  8. How I am praying EGM does NOT fika hapa. I have lost my pay rise, forget pay rise, I have lost that job. Yaani, you have rendered me redundant just like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now you blame who? didn’t you rule out camping in total

    Yes, Dark Knight is out but so is Mama Mia, “me I” am just sharing.

    Mama Mia? Haven’t heard of it will google it later

    Off to distract EGM asifike hapa.

    @3N- ever heard the one of the bad work man blaming his tools- I am just saying.

  9. 5 weeks, I envy u… getting even 3 days here is an issue with the people I work with. Enjoy!

    Whats with 3 days haven’t your employers read the labour laws minimum is 21 days and any reductions have to be with employees approval or so I thought

  10. Enjoy your leave. I am sure we will be seeing much of you now in the city.

    Will definately try and be available

  11. OOh and those pictures are beautiful, i am not going to delve into the “gay geese”

    Thanx, The gay geese expert is Xs you can get more details there

  12. 3ToC, too late! Yaani I saw these pictures and was sold! So this trip to the Mara is just a formality. On Sunday I should know what the renumeration package to Bob’s owner is going to be 🙂

    HnH, I am not afraid. Just happy. More of us means the work is spread out!

    Monte, excellent pics those! Let’s gear up for Mara and great pics from there.

    I’m eagerly waiting to catch the scenes there it will be a great first outing for BOB

  13. Great pics. Will come to borrow 🙂

    I won’t say any more about the Dark Knight. Enda ukajionee!

  14. I do not very good feelings towards this mountain and my feelings towards EGM are even worse. Can I sue or something?
    Surely refuse to employ me because I am allergic to camping falls in the same category as refusing to employ me because I am a woman ama?

  15. I once heard someone call the other a gay cayote. If you come across any, kindly share the scene!

    That gadget must have cost a fortune. I am sooo into sony. The one I have currently has nice shots though its not a professional as the canon I lost with the P.E.V in Jan

    Good work on the shots.

    About the birds, the yellow one what did you guys call it in your hood? Kwetu its called ‘thojo’ coz it used to make lots on noise. A friend tells me the first one is called muthuku. I have seen it but I dont know. Kindly ‘learn us’

  16. I feel like taking up photography too, can I be your assistant? Will read later…

  17. I love the pics..good for you to be back

  18. Yeah I love the pics too, good shots!!

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