Movie Time!

I remember by this time last year I was salivating at the prospect of big movies that were being released  for the summer season. There was a lot of buzz around the following movies.

  • Spiderman 3
  • Pirates of the Caribean 3 (At Worlds End) my personal favourite
  • Die Hard 4
  • The Bourne Ultimatum
  • The Transformers
  • 300

I eagerly awaited the release of these movies and watched them at the theatre as soon as they started showing locally. This year however the movie craze has been slow to catch on and nothing yet has inspired me to get a movie ticket. However today is the Worldwide Premier of the 4th Indiana Jones Move titled “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystall Skull“. One of my favourite Movie boxsets that I own is the original Indiana Jones Boxset, despite the fact that the movies were made in the 80’s I still love them to death especially the original one “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

So far the reviews I have read are favourable and I look forward to seeing Harrison Ford reprise the role that made him a star despite the fact that it is over 20 years since the last installment. The movie is being released in Kenya tonight as part of the worldwide release! How I wish I could be in Nairobi this weekend.

Other movies I am looking forward to watching this year include the next installment of the Batman series “The Dark Knight”, Sex and the City – The movie, The next 007 movie “Quantum of Solace” and the Incredible Hulk, There was also talk of Sin City 2 but I’m yet to know when the release date will be.

Onto other matters; After SUCCESSFUL (I’m really trying to avoid gloating this time round!) completion of the the EPL and Championship league I can now switch my focus to other matters such as the upcoming Euro 2008 tournament, I’m still grappling with whether to upgrade my DSTV package for just next month, which is made all the spicier with the French Open and a couple of F1 grand prix races. Coming soon is Wimbeldon is also the Beijing Olympics in August. But my most immediate concern this weekend is the London leg of the IRB sevens series where I hope our Kenyan Boys will continue to do us proud (also so that they can take up Sir Richard Bransons offer of a holiday on his exclusive Caribbean island)

Last night I also got to watch the season finale of American Idol, this is the first time I got to follow almost the entire process and I was glad to see my favourite actually take the top prize, David Cook won me over much earlier on when he did a very memorable rock rendition of Lionel Richie’s – Hello. I can now see how some of the current stars such as Jordan Sparks and Kelly Clarkson were moulded by the Idols process I’m pretty sure we shall be hearing that name in the record stores very soon. Closer to home I’ve been comparing Tusker Project Fame and East & Southern Africa Idols and my conclusion is that TPF is just a marketing  venture by EABL rather than a genuine talent search especially since I can’t recall any trully outstanding performance on any of their weekend shows, it tends to focus more on the ‘soap opera’ like goings on in the Academy rather than development of the singers. Idols on the other hand has some almost breathtaking performances every week and it is very very hard to make a choice on who is better cos they are all good. I would put my money on Idols to produce the next African pop star.


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  1. “TPF is just a marketing venture by EABL rather than a genuine talent search especially since I can’t recall any trully outstanding performance on any of their weekend shows, it tends to focus more on the ’soap opera’ like goings on in the Academy rather than development of the singers. Idols on the other hand has some almost breathtaking performances every week and it is very very hard to make a choice on who is better cos they are all good. I would put my money on Idols to produce the next African pop star.” Once again, you said it all here… even if it is a marketing campaign, pliz EABL, make some reality out of it! Even Christine who got fired first in TPF1 is waaay outstanding on idols!

    On the movies, well, been slow on that this year…

    They should just sell Tusker without totureing us with lame performances lakini I hope they will seriously train the students in the academy

  2. Movies I’m also in for Indy, 007, Dark Knight and Hancock (the Will Smith movie where is a homeless dude with superhero powers).

    Haven’t heard of Hancock but will definately check it out, I didn’t watch I am Legend cos of caustic reviews.

  3. AM waiting for Sex and the City. Yes the sporting season is soo intersting you cant miss on anything. As for David Cook I ended the day two thousand richer from bets Did you watch him when he did Billy Jeans ooh my he just won that day.
    As for TPF@ I have no comments its just wastage of time and idols will conquer.

    I keep telling people that EPL isn’t all there is to sports so glad you agree. I missed that performance but it seems you bet very wisely.

  4. I’m with Nakeel, can’t wait for Sex and the City, it better not turn out to be a disappointment. I also can’t wait for the new Batman: Dark Knight movie. I hope it’s way better than Batman Begins (which I watched twice in theatre).

    I also have hopes for Dark Knight, I loved Batman Begins and bought the DVD it definitely resurrected the Batman franchise which was assassinated by Batman and Robin which must rate as the worst movie ever made.

  5. Sex and the City is out here and it’s not calling me to the cinema just yet. Then again I never watched the series on telly, yes, because it was called sex and the city.I thought just how much is there to say about sex and I have never watched anyone. I will await a review of the film off you before I make my way to the cinema.

    LOOOL! Ati you have never watched anyone…… don’t worry you won’t have to watch anyone will tell you when I watch but it isn’t one of the ones I willl dash to watch in a hurry I am more of an adventure movie fan.

  6. yeah can’t wait for indiana, I think after that the next one I want to see is Batman but that one premieres towards the end of July. Sex and the city? I’ll pass.

    This weekend? si its a long weekend.

    Yeah David Cook like so totally rocks dude! he’s like awesome. For a second there I thought the other David would get it but the best man won.

    TPF2 is a drag the weekend shows are dull and uninpsiring, the only singer who has any umph is Wendy and Ian looks like he has a problem with her. Missed it last night due to the great national blackout, though I guess I didn’t miss much. Idols is much more entertaining.

    I’m not as humble as you are lots of gloating about Man U on my blog.

    Lakini you closed comments why? Afraid of hate mail.

  7. i agree that TPF2 is down in comparison with Idols, after all, where the heck is Valerie, the winner of tPF1?

    but i watched the show last night, and i agree with Gifts, Ian has problems with Wendy, i think coz he likes that Ug chick Esther…

    Ian has a problem period.

  8. the movies i’d like to watch this year are stuff like No Country For Old men, but am not really waiting for new movies either… the movie i waited for most was The Da Vinci Code, coz i had read the book, but it disappointed me big time, i guess u all know a movie can never be as good as the book it is adopted from..

    Haven’t watched No Country For Old Men, have tried to look for the DVD but I guess those who bring DVD’s into the country don’t go for that type of movie which by the way reminds me how difficult it is to get dramatic movies in the local (jua kali) market I guess they assume kenyans are only interested in Action Movies, 24 and Prison Break. I already had that Books or movie debate here

  9. i has somethings to says but i forgottens. ah well. i hear you on the TPF and idols thing, idols has way superior talent, when seasons mentioned something about the politits in TPF that did answer a few questions as regards the lack of talent in the house.

    Somepeople I note prefer the drama/politics but I prefer singing!

  10. hehehehe, I meant I have never watch any one of the sex and the city thingies not watched anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOL

    Your clarification is highly welcome!!!!!! 😮

  11. tintirinti tintiri….okay i’m humming the indiana jones song…hehhehehehe…indian jones here we come…weekendi kuna vile.

    sex and the city…er….next


    savvy if you (dare) watch ‘no country for old men’, please tell me what was cutting…i’ve never slept watching a movie like i did for that one…yeeesh!

    Its a loooong weekend so yeah kuna vile……..

  12. you changed the look, kool! hmmm, never noticed that ‘kool’ is ‘look’…

    I also love the avatar wordpress has genenerated for you, Its so you!!! 😮

  13. Hey,

    I also have beef with blogger. I’ve made a logo for my blog and the thing wont upload! Actually it uploads and even gives me options to save and then view blog. But when I go to view the damn thing is just the same old same old. I’ve given up on it!! Plus a a lot of other little irritations with blogger – error 404s and stuff.

    You have noticed also the grief it takes to comment on blogger!

    I think I’ll follow your example. Sample wordpress and let me know how it is please. For me I have beef also with my blog name. wanjiku unlimited maaan! I need to soften it a bit in the process.

    David Cook is good – I love that sexy gruffness in his voice. The other David has a good voice but is just too young for the title. I watched him on Larry King after the show and the guy was just giggling through out the show! He needs another few years to mature. For sure in future he can make a career out of music.

    I also think little David requires more time to mature as an artist. David Cook is ripe and ready for a mega career if he can get a good producer.

  14. Taking notes( I Dont know much about movies.)

  15. Just watched Indiana Jones and the Crsytal Something.

    That movie is a big sufuria of boiled cabbage.

    – Steve

  16. Indiana Jones was just ok. I want to watch Sex and the City and also The jet li and jackie chan collabo.

    As for TPF2 its a dissapointment compared to idols. Kwani in the auditions how do they choose coz they are the same people who tried out for both? The contestants in Idols perform like seasoned artistes. As for TPF2…very wanting indeed! Its just for entertainment.

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