What a Sunday!!!

The Cup is ours AGAIN!

My ‘humility’prevents me from bragging and chest thumping 🙂 but by now all and sundry will know what came to pass on the final day of the EPL which definately has put a smile on my face and a slight bounce to my stride which I consider to be adequate compensation for the hours on gnawing tension that have characterized the last agonizing weeks of the premiership and the Championships league. It is not easy being a Man U fan especially with fans of all other fans rooting againist you but that is the price we have to pay for the high standards we are judged againist it. Now I can hardly wait for the game on 21st at Moscow, I pray the Red Devils will put the RED into Red Square!

Ferrari yet again!

This weekend saw the KCB national rally championship come back to my current hometown of Embu after 19 years and this put the town in a festive mood unfortunately for me I couldn’t partake in the excitement as I had to head on to Nairobi for the weekend. I decided to come back early on Sunday if at least to catch the last few hours of the rally but mob delays ensured that I couldn’t make it in time for the finish but nevertheless I managed to get to Izaak Walton Hotel in time to catch the second half of the Turkish Grand Prix. Being a Ferrari fan I had high hopes of Kimi Raikonnen extending his championship lead at Istanbul but brilliant strategy by the Mclaren team saw Lewis Hamilton pip him for second place and close the gap on the championship points but nevertheless I was excited by Felipe Massa’s convincing (hat trick!) win. I think this is for the better for the championship because it ensures that there is real competition and hopefully the thrills will last till the last race just like last year.

Small Town Blues!

On getting to Embu yesterday I realised how the Nairobi crowd can totally overun a small town by the time I got there almost all the beer in town had been emptied by the very thirsty rally enthusiasts and crew which had me quite worried cos I dídn’t relish watching the tension packed EPL season finale without something to calm my nerves I just had to settle for a Whitecap Light which I discovered is not bad at all especially a cold one and after the Man U victory a beer has never tasted so sweet! From what I could gather all the hotels were full and my usual haunt Kenol was jam packed on Saturday.

Traffic Gridlock

My rant this week is the traffic on Thika Road, anyone who used it on Friday night must be seething like me I spent over 3 hours on that road cos a trailler had overturned somehere after Ruaraka at the Allsopps drift, I was literally able to read all my mail on the phone and do some browsing while waiting for the road to be cleared. The absolute worst about this stretch of road is that there is absolutely no option to divert once you are on it unless you somehow can manouvere through Garden Estate onto Kiambu Road. The planners need to know that we need those promised bypasses like by YESTERDAY!


To akina 3TOC and Bomseh, pole for being away for so long but I have been having issues with the internet here at the office coupled with the constant tinkering by WordPress during the upgrade which has been quite offputting lakini I’m still lurking around sio hiatus.


14 Responses

  1. Welcome back.

    I think it’s a firstie, I’ll read then comment.


  2. That was quite a weekend, but, me, I’m Arsenal. I’ll just leave it there.
    But I miss those Kenyan rallies, but then it was Juha Kankunen, Sheka Mehta, Joginder Singh and our own Njiru?

    Embu is Patrick Njiru’s hometown and I believe he was instrumental in bringing the rally here.

  3. hello! welcome back! that was one eventful weekend! I heard about the accident on thika road on friday and i was cock sure that would be agony for unfortunate souls who would be on that road on the day. sorry about that.

    This soul’s agony is yet to abate, I find traffic jams absolute waste of time, I couldn’t even divert to the nearest watering hole

  4. wooohooooo! not for man u, but for the ‘activity’ at the mountainside.

    ah, so ni poa sikuja hii weekendi. attending the rally was one of the plots for the weekend. sasa ningekuwa vodo ingeisha…..heehehhehehe…don’t we love small towns.

    So when do you fika here at the mountainside even if there is no vodo we can brew something for you!

    wacha tuone moscow, hope mshindwe….LOL!

    Just wait 🙂

    weokam mbak!

  5. At least the jam brought you back from your hiatus, ama u didn’t think of this post sitting in traffic? Welcome back.

    Apart from this post I also thought about world peace and ending hunger in this world, aki its so frustrating.

  6. first of all: you forgot to add AGAIN in your title
    Second: woooo hoooo

    Oops my bad! will correct the oversight 🙂

    I remember thika road, and miss the jams! I cant wait to come back to it!

    I’m finding this remark very very strange!!!!!

  7. Hey Kirima, Speaking of Embu, I’ve just watched on KTN the cyclists, lorries, matatus, small cars and pedestrians who were dangerously close to the road. Kwani these rally cars got quieter? Back in the day in the village we could hear rally cars approaching a whole half hour away. It’s good nobody got hurt in Embu but maan that was close!

    It was a hectic mess I must admit, Embu is really a very small town but with alot of people, in future they need to completely close the competitive road sections to all traffic including cows and goats. Karibu here.

  8. Kirima, my hat off to you but quickly thereafter to be ready for Moscow! I can’t wait to see ManU loose…can’t WAIT!

    I CAN WAIT while I savour our victory

  9. Yes it was a weekend full of fun and my prayers 21 we paint Moscow red.
    Was coming for rally but changed mind. The drivers been complaining about the dangers they encountered so it may not happen again there.

    It would be a pity if they don’t come back again the enthusiasm of the spectators was overwhelming but I agree that safety must come first at all times, with some education and strict enforcement it might work

    @Maua Patrick Njiru does very little to rally nowadays it was a way of KCB to market their branch and attract more customers. The last time I saw Patrick around rally eeh so long they retired for good with kina Jonathan.

  10. Waiting for the blues to get bluer on 21st. Goal difference kitu gani- 2 points!

    Very very proud of the boys! 🙂

  11. Am commenting just to comment. I still don’t get soccer and the fanatical support you guys have for it.

    I just cant get my pals using phrases like ‘we beat you guys’ when they are in Kenya. That never happens in any other sport. Listen to rugby/cricket/volleyball/ insert-any- other- sport- other -than -soccer supporters talk about their favourite teams..you will never hear ‘we’ and ‘you guys’ Nuff said.

    Thats so true, I don’t even know or understand how I became so attached to Man U, I watch many other sports and I have favourite teams and players but still the urge to belong was not as strong. I have been a fan for ages even before the current EPL craze before that I was a Jordan-Chicago Bulls fan but that is so 90’s

    Good to see you blogging again

    Thanx I wasn’t really away was just lurking. or isn’t lurking part of blogging?

  12. Dude i fl u on the Thika rd madness! I ws on tht jam 4 3 freakn hrz at nyt after chilln 4 a mat in tao 4 forever! Twz the worst nyt ever! Damn that road!

    We should form a support group for Thika Road Traffic Jam Trauma sufferers!

  13. @Nakeel, I’ve not heard of Patrick Njiru for a long time, but he was a safari rally mono when I used to go out and watch those rallies, 70s and 80s. I remember going to KICC, (I think it was KCC before). Being Kenyan, he got all the huuhaas from VoK then. But I remember Kankunen and Mike Kirkland, Mehta and Singh.

  14. Definately one of my favorite sundays. I couldnt help laughing at my pal Haig when he signed that KSH. 10,000 cheque for me. It was a worth bet. Stakes are even higher for Moscow…

    Yikes, I love my team but I wouldn’t lay my money on the line for them!

    Traffic is just a mess man, if I leave my house at 645am, i actually get stuck in the traffic right outside the gate where I stay somewhere in Southy. we could really use that 24 hour economy… so that we can work in shifts and reduce the obviousness of all of us rushing 2 work at the same hour…

    The one advantage of huku shags is the total lack of jam, I leave the house 5 mminutes before office time 🙂

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