Movie Time!

I remember by this time last year I was salivating at the prospect of big movies that were being released  for the summer season. There was a lot of buzz around the following movies.

  • Spiderman 3
  • Pirates of the Caribean 3 (At Worlds End) my personal favourite
  • Die Hard 4
  • The Bourne Ultimatum
  • The Transformers
  • 300

I eagerly awaited the release of these movies and watched them at the theatre as soon as they started showing locally. This year however the movie craze has been slow to catch on and nothing yet has inspired me to get a movie ticket. However today is the Worldwide Premier of the 4th Indiana Jones Move titled “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystall Skull“. One of my favourite Movie boxsets that I own is the original Indiana Jones Boxset, despite the fact that the movies were made in the 80’s I still love them to death especially the original one “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

So far the reviews I have read are favourable and I look forward to seeing Harrison Ford reprise the role that made him a star despite the fact that it is over 20 years since the last installment. The movie is being released in Kenya tonight as part of the worldwide release! How I wish I could be in Nairobi this weekend.

Other movies I am looking forward to watching this year include the next installment of the Batman series “The Dark Knight”, Sex and the City – The movie, The next 007 movie “Quantum of Solace” and the Incredible Hulk, There was also talk of Sin City 2 but I’m yet to know when the release date will be.

Onto other matters; After SUCCESSFUL (I’m really trying to avoid gloating this time round!) completion of the the EPL and Championship league I can now switch my focus to other matters such as the upcoming Euro 2008 tournament, I’m still grappling with whether to upgrade my DSTV package for just next month, which is made all the spicier with the French Open and a couple of F1 grand prix races. Coming soon is Wimbeldon is also the Beijing Olympics in August. But my most immediate concern this weekend is the London leg of the IRB sevens series where I hope our Kenyan Boys will continue to do us proud (also so that they can take up Sir Richard Bransons offer of a holiday on his exclusive Caribbean island)

Last night I also got to watch the season finale of American Idol, this is the first time I got to follow almost the entire process and I was glad to see my favourite actually take the top prize, David Cook won me over much earlier on when he did a very memorable rock rendition of Lionel Richie’s – Hello. I can now see how some of the current stars such as Jordan Sparks and Kelly Clarkson were moulded by the Idols process I’m pretty sure we shall be hearing that name in the record stores very soon. Closer to home I’ve been comparing Tusker Project Fame and East & Southern Africa Idols and my conclusion is that TPF is just a marketing  venture by EABL rather than a genuine talent search especially since I can’t recall any trully outstanding performance on any of their weekend shows, it tends to focus more on the ‘soap opera’ like goings on in the Academy rather than development of the singers. Idols on the other hand has some almost breathtaking performances every week and it is very very hard to make a choice on who is better cos they are all good. I would put my money on Idols to produce the next African pop star.



This post is not my usual cup of tea but just needed to get some divergent opinions on some issues that have been on my mind.

  1. When you are going out with someone when does it become exclusive? is it an agreed moment or is it up to one of them to point out that the relationship is exclusive? Is it when the relationship gets physical? or is it just because you are identified by other people as a couple?
  2. When going out you are technically both single so if you meet someone else and you decide to see him/her before breaking off the other relationship is this considered cheating?

An argument I have heard is that during the single phase you cannot be considered to be cheating because it is assumed that you are still exploring and assesing the suitability of various partners therefore the onset of exclusivity is Marriage or at the very earliest on formal engagement. Reason being before then there is no legal contract or solemn vow. This argument has mainly been advanced by guys.

The other side of the coin is that once you are seeing someone and you have declared yourself as a couple then looking sideways is cheating already. But sometimes I find you can be accused of cheating by someone who you have only shared one coffee outing or one date with if you as much as take another person on an outing.

Caution: here I am not talking about sleeping with another person, just seeing someone else.

I don’t advocate sleeping around but sometimes couples can have very discordant views of exactly what stage they are in a relationship especially in regard to the issue of seeing other people.

What a Sunday!!!

The Cup is ours AGAIN!

My ‘humility’prevents me from bragging and chest thumping 🙂 but by now all and sundry will know what came to pass on the final day of the EPL which definately has put a smile on my face and a slight bounce to my stride which I consider to be adequate compensation for the hours on gnawing tension that have characterized the last agonizing weeks of the premiership and the Championships league. It is not easy being a Man U fan especially with fans of all other fans rooting againist you but that is the price we have to pay for the high standards we are judged againist it. Now I can hardly wait for the game on 21st at Moscow, I pray the Red Devils will put the RED into Red Square!

Ferrari yet again!

This weekend saw the KCB national rally championship come back to my current hometown of Embu after 19 years and this put the town in a festive mood unfortunately for me I couldn’t partake in the excitement as I had to head on to Nairobi for the weekend. I decided to come back early on Sunday if at least to catch the last few hours of the rally but mob delays ensured that I couldn’t make it in time for the finish but nevertheless I managed to get to Izaak Walton Hotel in time to catch the second half of the Turkish Grand Prix. Being a Ferrari fan I had high hopes of Kimi Raikonnen extending his championship lead at Istanbul but brilliant strategy by the Mclaren team saw Lewis Hamilton pip him for second place and close the gap on the championship points but nevertheless I was excited by Felipe Massa’s convincing (hat trick!) win. I think this is for the better for the championship because it ensures that there is real competition and hopefully the thrills will last till the last race just like last year.

Small Town Blues!

On getting to Embu yesterday I realised how the Nairobi crowd can totally overun a small town by the time I got there almost all the beer in town had been emptied by the very thirsty rally enthusiasts and crew which had me quite worried cos I dídn’t relish watching the tension packed EPL season finale without something to calm my nerves I just had to settle for a Whitecap Light which I discovered is not bad at all especially a cold one and after the Man U victory a beer has never tasted so sweet! From what I could gather all the hotels were full and my usual haunt Kenol was jam packed on Saturday.

Traffic Gridlock

My rant this week is the traffic on Thika Road, anyone who used it on Friday night must be seething like me I spent over 3 hours on that road cos a trailler had overturned somehere after Ruaraka at the Allsopps drift, I was literally able to read all my mail on the phone and do some browsing while waiting for the road to be cleared. The absolute worst about this stretch of road is that there is absolutely no option to divert once you are on it unless you somehow can manouvere through Garden Estate onto Kiambu Road. The planners need to know that we need those promised bypasses like by YESTERDAY!


To akina 3TOC and Bomseh, pole for being away for so long but I have been having issues with the internet here at the office coupled with the constant tinkering by WordPress during the upgrade which has been quite offputting lakini I’m still lurking around sio hiatus.