Cabinet Seating Arrangements – A suggestion!


Todays agreement on the Grand Coalition Cabinet has definitely gotten me thinking. I know I should be angry about the grand waste of public funds that will be occasioned by this massive cabinet. Instead I am mildly amused about the sitting arrangement.

If the 17 current ministers filled up the Cabinet room in Harambee house as shown in the picture below, now I wonder which sort of cabinet room can fit in 40 members of  the cabinet around one table.


Photo from Nation media

Following this wouldn’t it be better for the ‘Principles’ to hire a classroom for cabinet meeting with the chairman facing the ‘class’ especially now that they have a prefect ‘PM’. Won’t it be amusing to see who will scrample for the front seats eager to catch the teachers eye and who will be the noisemakers hiding in the back row reading comics under the desk!

Sadly however none of this is amusing at all!


20 Responses

  1. haahhahahah, and two teachers? then can we be the discipline masters?

    Actually we are the ones paying the fees!

  2. haha, i agree with u totally.but dont you think they will instead use our funds to do this?

    They are definately going to use our funds + more

  3. 40!!!
    that is indeed like a classroom…
    How will anything ever get done if there are 40 ministers? This is just a big joke…

    I doubt if you are laughing cos the joke is on us.

  4. It would be Backs is the teacher and Raila is the prefect, right?
    i can bet money on it Ruto would be a back bencher but loudest. And Michuki will have to seat the farthest possible distance from odm clique.

    but it would be a bad class with only a few chilez. can you imagine the compe for the few chilez, they would be pampered vibaya.

    LOL! That will be something worth watching.

  5. I hope they’re taking a pay cut while they’re at it!

    That is highly unlikely

  6. Smart solutions!

    There is another solution – Expel the whole lot!

  7. just thank school right now and learning something like civics ama politics- cn you imagine having to know the names of the ministers and their ministries?
    40 KWELI? So what happens, ministry of internal affairs becomes two ministries- minstry of internal and ministry of affairs?

    Yeah I remember how we could name all the ministers in school I doubt if any of the kids today can name even half the cabinet portfolios, I hear there is a Ministry of Vision 2030? How now?

  8. Man 3TOC, am in the media, so I have my next assignment set out for me: memorizing who is the minister for Internal and the minister for Affairs! 😦

    I don’t envy you

    The classroom setting is certainly the best now, they sure will need a prefect too 🙂

    List of Noise-makers will be 2 pages long

  9. Smart solution… But dont imagine they will all attend class. Ruto will be truant and Michuki will never allow anyone to touch his desk.

    I expect lots of hecklers and eager teachers pets (Kimunya?)

  10. Hmmm, can i ever be allowed to ‘teach’ that particular class?

    I doubt they will listen to what you have to say I guess its in their nature.

  11. The proposed sitting arrangement might be the best option! It’s like a school where nobody’s in control.
    I can’t believe how many ministers and assistant ministers they plan to have in the cabinet.

  12. Those desks will give them a reason to skive. Too hard for their butts…

  13. you get the leaders you deserve my fellow kenyans .. for one i will never forget the grand theft by the MP of othaya on the 29th of december 2008 in camera … the chicken will surely come home to roost for the duly elected ….

    I loath that man.

  14. my my…your blog oh mountain is da bomb. I am thinking the class idea would be fun….then obaki can be asking them questions and the ministers would raise hands saying me….me…me…teacher me i know the answer

  15. kwani you went off to make the benches/chairs ama desks? ebu update. is this class in session?

  16. that was a sad day for Kenya. And then jana 10 parliamentary commissioners were named. And guess what? Their allowance is just as much as the ministers. I thought Kimunya wanted more money to fund ministries…. maze Kenya is a trip. This is the largest cabinet in the world… u better believe it! its for real. Meanwhile, thousands of IDPs, and thousands more of Kenyans are expected to go hungry this year! WHAT?

  17. It breaks my heart.

  18. One month later, a new post is required ama we do what we did hukoooooo! Yes, it is a threat.

  19. How long is the noise makers list so far?
    If one appears on the list more than twice, his salary is deducted by, say 10k. But will that make them any better? Worth trying.

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