Cabinet Seating Arrangements – A suggestion!


Todays agreement on the Grand Coalition Cabinet has definitely gotten me thinking. I know I should be angry about the grand waste of public funds that will be occasioned by this massive cabinet. Instead I am mildly amused about the sitting arrangement.

If the 17 current ministers filled up the Cabinet room in Harambee house as shown in the picture below, now I wonder which sort of cabinet room can fit in 40 members of  the cabinet around one table.


Photo from Nation media

Following this wouldn’t it be better for the ‘Principles’ to hire a classroom for cabinet meeting with the chairman facing the ‘class’ especially now that they have a prefect ‘PM’. Won’t it be amusing to see who will scrample for the front seats eager to catch the teachers eye and who will be the noisemakers hiding in the back row reading comics under the desk!

Sadly however none of this is amusing at all!