Its been a while

Its been a while since I put up a post on the blog this has been due to a few things I needed to catch up at work and of course the distractions due to the Easter Holidays.

First off I thoroughly enjoyed the Easter Weekend, I initially didn’t have very high expectations or plans and that it fell on the wrong time of the month I still managed to enjoy myself and relax with some friends, I also ventured to a Mugithi night somewhere in Central, its been a while since I did that but it was thoroughly enjoyable, the company was also great.

Sports wise the weekend was also great with my Formula one team Ferrari back to winning ways after that fiasco in the Australian Grand Prix it was a relief for me to see Kimi Raikonnen win in Malaysia I expect a very tough season this year especially with Lewis Hamilton expected to mature a little bit more and the lack of traction control and computerized driving aids will definitely add to the excitement. Onto Football this year my cheering for Man U has been muted on this blog due to the up and down nature of the league but after the great weekend I can fully don my red jersey and make some noise. The league is not yet won but at this stage it feels good to be in pole position.

On the geek computer side I am still learning the ropes of Ubuntu on my computer, I have now installed more memory on the system which has vastly improved the perfomance of the computer and I can happily report that I don’t see myself going back to MS Windows anytime soon. To help with the transition I installed the Wine application which enables me to install and run Windows apps this is quite a help since I still need to access some office files and I don’t want to tamper with the formats. Additionally I have also installed the KDE desktop which allows me to log into a Kubuntu session so I am now currently comparing which desktop environment I would prefer to use permantently.

Otherwise for those who have been missing the posts from the mountainside now I am back.