Making a Mountain out of a Molehill + A Blogversary Celebration!

Apparently voyeurism go hand in hand with blogging otherwise where did all this tagging business have to do with blogging. Anyway since I was tagged by Half and Half and I hate to be unsportly despite the fact that I have already obliged a number of tags in the past I will attempt to do the neadfull and get it over with quickly. (oh and thanks to Modo for reminding me that a Mountain cannot lie low otherwise I had decided to totally ignore this post)

 The Rules:

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  1. I cannot resist Choclate Eclairs: this little tofee sweets with milk choclate centers have been the total ruin of me. I keep a stash that is not so secret in my car at most times.
  2. I cannot wear a shirt untucked: Even in the house and I am alone it just feels awkward and don’t get me started on wearing pants without a belt.
  3. I hate shopping for shoes: Strange as it seems I find shoe shopping an entirely complicated affair and will avoid it until my soles are falling off. (this will sound completely strange to some of the bloggers out there who know themselves)
  4. I can’t shout: I find it terribly difficult to get loud even when when I am angry or scared, I just can’t
  5. I am addicted to caffeine: If I don’t get my daily fix of caffeine at least  cups of coffee by 10:00 am at all cost avoid me for I will be very cranky. I keep a few cans of Red Bull in the house for emergencies.
  6. I am loyal to my barber: I’d rather let my hair grow wild than experiment with just any Kinyozi I have been going to the same barber for the last 6 years .

I will tag the following just to go with the flow so sorry to:

Most other people are already tagged so that will be enough for now.


Onto other intersting matters, I was scrolling my blog and realised that I have been blogging for exactly one year now so yippee its MY ANNIVERSARY. I can honestly say I am surprised that I have stayed the course for so long from that Friday evening in February last year when I was in the office and just on the spur of the moment decided to start a blog and joined KBW one day later. I hadn’t read many blogs then I didn’t understand a lot of the little nuances that go along with blogging but true to my nature of relishing challenges I learnt a lot along the way, interacted with alot of interesting folks both back here at home and in the diaspora, reconnected with some long lost friends and most of all had lots of fun.

It would be extremely difficult to mention all the good people who have enriched my blogging experience all through the year and made such a big difference in my life. I promise to continue blogging for as long as the interest holds me (yeah I know I have been a little bit out of action in the last 2 months).

So to all you my dear blogthren I bid you Cheers!


Mount Ubuntu!

After weeks of Trial and Error I have finally managed to erase Microsoft Windows from my laptop and replace it with the Linux Based Ubuntu operating system. I will be the first to admit that I am not a computer geek but several problems with viruses and missing drivers had made my laptop all but useless resulting in my decision to plunge into the world of the unknown.

Armed with only an Ubuntu Live CD and several hours of browsing the documentation on the web I decided to take the plunge and just get rid of Windows all together, I had first considered partitioning the hard disk but then on second thought realised that the hard disk was too small for that and it seemed like such a complicated procedure. The second hurdle was the lack of enough memory on my system to run live CD since I couldn’t get my hands on additonal RAM I had to consider the other option of getting the software and that was by Downloading the Alternate-CD from the Ubuntu website which is no mean task since we are talking about 700 Megabytes. Fortunately in the office there are very few internet users after work so one evening after spending 3 hours downloading the entire CD image file and a CD image file burner I was ready to go.

I had already backed up all the useful files on my office desktop so after taking a deep breath and waving Bill Gates goodbye I put in the CD and rebooted the computer after a few questions and less than an hour later I was the proud owner of an brand new Ubuntu powered machine.

No doubt I face a steep learning curve since I have never used any other OS other that MS Windows but 2 days later I think I can hack it, still getting the hang of all these APT, Terminal and SUDO stuff so you will bear with me as this migration is taking almost all my free computing minutes. Todays task was getting MP3 and DVD playback operational.

I hear there is some tagging manenos going on out there in blogosphere so I will lie low as I contemplate the implications.