Valentine Outlook Not Rosy!


I normally won’t post on money and economic matters and prefer to leave it to the experts such as Bankelele but with each day that the violence and the crisis as a result of the stolen botched elections lasts the effects on the Kenyan economy are getting worse and worse and I feel the need to share the worries in my sector.  I happen to work in the Floriculture industry which is now gearing for its highest peak of the year that is on Valentines Day on 14th February barely 2 weeks away. In the last one month it has been impossible to get farm inputs mainly fertilizers and agrichemicals which are indispensible in flower production but even worse has been the inability to get shipping materials (boxes) due to the work disruption in the factories in Nairobi and the inaccessibility of the Airport due to the roadblock as well as the riots.

Fresh Flowers are highly perishable and timing is everything. Valentines day is the single largest event for Rose growers and can account for over 50% of a flower farms revenue for the entire year. Many a Farm Manager has lost his job for not being able to supply the Valentine demand on time, if your Roses open on the 15th of February no matter how excellent the quality you are completely done. Fortunately for us we don’t do Roses but nevertheless I have to empathise with my colleagues in this industry and in any case our peak is Mothers Day which is in March and not so far away either.

Following the ugly skirmishes in Naivasha over the weekend which happens to the major production locations for Kenyan Roses this industry is facing total collapse unless urgent measures are made to save this vital consignment. Not to forget the 12 months of sheer agony that all the budding Romeos around the world will have to face for the rest of the year for failling to present their lady loves with a bouquet of Fresh (Kenyan) Roses this Valentines day.

For more on the flower crisis read here and here.


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  1. I think I heard about this on capital. Navaisha guys can use Eld aiport or something like that.
    I pray our economy doesn’t collapse.

  2. It just keeps getting more worrisome each day. I think our economy has already taken a dent that will take at least a full fiscal year to get out of — that is if political solutions are agreed in the next few weeks and violence ends immediately.

    I am with farmgal praying that our country does not collapse.

  3. Let’s hope that Annan executes a miracle well before the 14th of Feb. Meanwhile we keep praying

  4. i understand some leaders are going to the grassroots to talk to the people door to door. how i wish this was done before the worst of it. i am still hopeful though.

  5. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed. We need action NOW

  6. Is it true that we are in danger of being blacklisted by the Europe market?

  7. nikubaya.i hope RO and MK do something before valentines.maybe then we can convert that day to a national Love-your-neighbour-as-thyself-day and give each othe roses not as a sign as of frugality of human life but as a sign of love and promise(for better/good days)

  8. Like Aegeus above, I wonder why it took this long for leaders to do as they are purpoted to be doing now: going door to door at the grassroots level and urging peace instead of violence. I join everyone else in praying and hoping for a quick resolution to the mess we are in.

  9. first of all- love the pun on the title. It’s sad that your industry is affected. Things aren’t much better in the airline industry- tough times ahead!

  10. it’s a sad state of affairs i must say. kwanza huko naivasha…

    eish…hata sijui niseme, just hope things will be order in time for mother’s day.

    the last line made me laugh, yaani our situation is affecting indeed everyone…

  11. Sad situation in Kenya. Hoping for a solution soonest. In the meantime, This year all the Juliets shud elewa the situation if they don’t receive flowers.

  12. You mean my name is an industry by itself?

    In the wedding industry, we’ve opted to go plastic for now until the ‘sad state of affairs’ is rectified.

  13. These hard times need to go. Kenya was totally different two months ago…the shilling was strong, the economy was good…..then post-election ruins everything!! If i don’t get a bouquet of red roses ‘Made-in-Kenya’ in vals am gonna be really sad….

  14. On my way to work I saw many flower tracks from airport. I hope the roses are going as expected.

  15. this too shall pass.

  16. valentine is when next thursday…. sina bahati .. kazi ya mlami

  17. a bouquet of roses at 600 bob, romeos will have to dig deeper to make their Juliets happy la sivyo it will be a very long year. Anyway there is hope now as things are, we need to keep praying.

  18. This year plastic will clearly be in!

  19. Shows how Kenya is indeed two nations in one
    (i) in one half of the nation, guys there are talking of red roses and valentine and worried about flowers
    (ii) in the other half of kenya, there is blood (red i suppose, just like the roses) and guns and life in an IDP camp


  20. imagine I did! its fun, visit mine

  21. […] Embu has been pretty quiet this time round and there isn’t really much to say about the going on’s around here and lets not even start about work. Good thing is that the heavens have poured some rains the situation was begining to look very very dire around here especially with the rivers drying up and the government putting restrictions on irrigation the entire horticulture industry is facing another crisis in January. We don’t need another crisis before Valentines.  […]

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