Too many Questions, Very few Answers…

This is the longest break I have taken from blogging, at one point I almost ditched the whole thing all together, since the 30th of Dec I have undergone almost every negative emotion that the human mind can fathom, from Shock, Anger, Horror, Despair, Pity, Weariness, Resignation, Devastation, Hopelessness……. you name it because of the political situation in the country. Fortunately I have been spared the first hand experience of the Mayhem that is going on cos of my location it is almost surreal when you try and imagine that what you are seeing on TV every day is happening in your own country.

The first days of the crisis I had to rely very heavily on blogs to get the real picture on what was going on and the emotions running through the country and to be honest they scared me shitless. I never imagined that the aggregator that I normally had scant regard for would become such a vital tool in my search for info. I personally did not feel equiped to blog through this crisis because mainly what I could say was mainly hearsay and secondly I don’t feel inclined to make my blog a political blog so I decided to hold back on posting and rather give any views I have as comments. But now I am back but with alot of hesitation, it is quite hard to come up with anything to post while the current situation persists. 

The dilema is whether to Move on, Stand Still or Retrace our steps back? That question I won’t even attempt to answer. 

How did it ever get to this?

Is there any hope?

I refuse to give up hope even in this most hopeless of situations, the economy is shattered but it can be revived, Communities are divided more than ever but the divisions can heal if the people are willing to rise up and make the change. I don’t see the political leadership making any honest step to resolve this mess that that they wholly created (ALL OF THEM!) but maybe, just maybe a new leader can arise to help Kenya out of this crisis or is it just my dream?


Does any Kenyan want to step up to join this honourable league of leaders?

If not then I give up!


15 Responses

  1. I believe there’s hope! If Rwanda healed then Kenya can do too!
    The reason we feel hopeless is cos we’re still fighting.

    Thats the spirit I like to hear, Its not all hopeless!

  2. “what I could say was mainly hearsay”

    Ehh, 100% dito. Didnt know whether I should blog these things as well, but then it just had to be released…too much pressure inside.

    I know the feeling, I was seething with raw emotion at that point but now I’m glad I held back a bit and can be a bit more rational.

  3. Tried as I could I could not keep away from blogging. My belief is we will ride this one out and restore this country to its former glory.

    Business- not politics will rebuild this country

    It might be a while till we get ‘business as usual’ however but in time perhaps

  4. dude, welcome back. i believe in kenyans. peace!


    Thanx, I trust your belief is well found we are in this all together

  5. something comes to mind here, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.

    I think if everyone in their small ways and big ways did for their country- the only way is UP.

    Well put! I will try and do my small things and try to do my best not to make matters any worse than they already are.

    Welcome back. I had sent out a “wanted” kwa police station.

    LOL! You know I could never run very far from you, Thanx.

  6. Someone somewhere needs to stand up (na sio mimi- am far otherwise…hmmm)


    Kwani when is the last time I was here? couz me (I) have never seen this green!

    Must have been a year ago! LOL just wanted to liven up the scene esp. since its all cold and grey where you are.

  7. I refuse to fight for so-called leaders who clearly care nothing about me, the common mwananchi. As we speak, they’ve already been sworn into parliament, which guarantees that they are on their way to becoming Kenyan millionaires (at our expense). In effect, we the voters, put them in that position, hence giving them the power to walk all over us now and for the next five years. My question is; what are we gonna do about it? What can we do for ourselves?

    Many Kenyans have lost their lives or those of their loved ones, their homes and/or properties, their livelihoods, …., and they continue to suffer as they fight battles for leaders who seem indifferent to their plight. Why should innocent Kenyans, who did their civic (and only) duty by voting peacefully now have to suffer in the name of politics? Politics aside, who will pay for the loss of lives and the damage to private property? Is it all going to be labelled ‘collateral damage’ in the quest for justice and democracy? It seems very unfair to me and I see no justice in it whatsoever.

    We keep hearing about justice, but justice for whom? Everyone is entitled to this justice, regardless of their political (or other) affiliations. I say that we, the wananchi, must stand up and demand justice for ourselves. For those who have incurred losses (physical or material), who will compensate them? If I lost my livelihood or my home as a result of the post-election violence, should I just take it lying down? Why should I have to become a refugee or a beggar in my own country through no fault of my own? If my property or my business was destroyed by hooligans who took advantage of the so-called ‘peace rallies’, should I just accept that we have to make some sacrifices for democracy? NO! NO! NO! Even football clubs are fined and made to pay for any damage caused by the hooliganism of their fans and this compels the clubs to reign in the destructive actions of their fans. Political parties and their leaders must be held accountable for all the damage and losses caused by their supporters. The government must also be held accountable for the damage and losses caused by the state machinery.

    My ideas of peaceful protests against injustice do not include getting killed or maimed by bullets or batons. They would, among other things, involve filing lawsuits against the ‘giants’ who have put us in the situation we are right now. Many thought that giants like ‘Big Tobacco’ companies could never be successfully taken on by ‘common wananchi’. But it happened. Even colonial powers have been successfully taken on by small communities that were oppressed by them. We Kenyans have to stand up for themselves if we’re ever going to break the pattern of impunity by our so-called leaders. A lot has been said about the inefficiency of our judiciary system but they are not the only courts in the world. Serious crimes against humanity have been committed against Kenyans in the recent past and we would not be short of courts that would be willing to justly hear and try such cases. I’m sure there’s a lot that we can do for ourselves but we’ve got to stop being victims and pawns in a game that we’ll always lose in. We’ve got to start thinking of ways to help ourselves because it’s nonsensical to continue dying and suffering for so-called leaders who don’t even know (or care) that we exist.

    Well thought out Comment (post?) Ray. I agree that we need to make the correct choices despite the situation, Violence is the wrong choice for sure. I also intend to make my contribution to peace by refusing to be used for violence by either of the 2 sides. We can preach all day about peace but untill people start making personal choices to do the right thing we shall just be making empty noise.

  8. The fundamental question to you is how would you assess what is good in the new beginning for Kenya when we are at crossroads? Put in a different context, how do we evaluate opinions and political dispensation in general without compromising general connectedness in Toto to reality in the ground i.e. Kibaki rigging in the ECK tallying center on 27th December to Raila’s alledged win in the ballot box ?

    I would love to give you a satisfactory answer but in this polarized situation the question of whether you are pro or againist is always bound to arise.

    Deep inside.. i believe no lie can live for ever…. nope

    Here I agree with you completely, The truth should be known as a nation we just cannot let the root causes of this mess be forgotten. There were people in postions of responsibility who let the country down by allowing themselves to be agents of deciet and they need to be exposed, shamed and punished (legally)

  9. i refuse to give up hope.over the weekend i travelled to rift valley to give our contribution and you’d be amazed at how much hope this people have,and me like them I’ll hold on to hope and like toc says lets each do our own bit aand make a diffrence.

    Congrats for making a positive contribution, I think even a small gesture such as telling you neighbour that you are not his enemy is a positive move, it is the little things we all do that matter rather than the big mediation talks with superstar mediators jetting back and forth that will heal the country. The mediation talks up there will just heal the leaders not the people.

  10. Finally I’m able to access your blog without being asked for passwords. Or is it because you were painting that there was restricted access? Anyway, welcome back. Let’s all hope and work for peace, uum, and pray too.

    Sorry for the padlock but it was just a temporary measure while I healed myself. Yeap we shall be working for peace so that when you come back you can find a good place to call home. Prayers will continue.

  11. Like you, I have found it hard to do any posts. While I would like to continue sharing pictures I have taken, I wondered how appropriate that would be given the current situation. But I figure now I need to just keep on doing so, while not forgetting what is happening around me. The beauty of Kenya needs to be shown to the world, especially at this point in time.

    Reminding us of the beauty of our country should go a distance in reminding us what we stand to loose if we dont stop this fighting. So I say good on you and keep the pics coming.

  12. our hope is the strongest that all will be well, but yeah true it starts with you and i. as a pal of mine told me over the weekend U ‘N’ I have to come together to have UNITY!

    welcome back dude! keep posting, i seem to have fallen into the abyss too…

    Abyss or Gutter? LOL I’m back hopefully for long

  13. It’s going to take a long time to get out of this mess, involving all of us not just the leaders- after all the voters did vote along tribal lines. first we need truth to be established then justice, then and only then can we have true reconciliation. There is hope as long as we look in the right direction- it may be impossible with man but with God all things are possible. I’m not giving up just yet though sometimes the situation gets frustrating.

    Very tought times calls for very tough people, we need to get tougher yet

  14. ‘Is there any hope? Time for the dotcom generation to start shooting up. It’s time for democracy to be born in Africa, esp Kenya.

    Of course there’s hope. Look up to God, that is where our Help is.

    Will be looking up Welcome here Maua.

  15. My torch for hope is still burning. Finally have got in this house after being asked for passwaords like I dont know when.

    Keep it burning Nakeel.
    Pole for the restricted access but I wasn’t in the mood to blog then.

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