Valentine Outlook Not Rosy!


I normally won’t post on money and economic matters and prefer to leave it to the experts such as Bankelele but with each day that the violence and the crisis as a result of the stolen botched elections lasts the effects on the Kenyan economy are getting worse and worse and I feel the need to share the worries in my sector.  I happen to work in the Floriculture industry which is now gearing for its highest peak of the year that is on Valentines Day on 14th February barely 2 weeks away. In the last one month it has been impossible to get farm inputs mainly fertilizers and agrichemicals which are indispensible in flower production but even worse has been the inability to get shipping materials (boxes) due to the work disruption in the factories in Nairobi and the inaccessibility of the Airport due to the roadblock as well as the riots.

Fresh Flowers are highly perishable and timing is everything. Valentines day is the single largest event for Rose growers and can account for over 50% of a flower farms revenue for the entire year. Many a Farm Manager has lost his job for not being able to supply the Valentine demand on time, if your Roses open on the 15th of February no matter how excellent the quality you are completely done. Fortunately for us we don’t do Roses but nevertheless I have to empathise with my colleagues in this industry and in any case our peak is Mothers Day which is in March and not so far away either.

Following the ugly skirmishes in Naivasha over the weekend which happens to the major production locations for Kenyan Roses this industry is facing total collapse unless urgent measures are made to save this vital consignment. Not to forget the 12 months of sheer agony that all the budding Romeos around the world will have to face for the rest of the year for failling to present their lady loves with a bouquet of Fresh (Kenyan) Roses this Valentines day.

For more on the flower crisis read here and here.


Too many Questions, Very few Answers…

This is the longest break I have taken from blogging, at one point I almost ditched the whole thing all together, since the 30th of Dec I have undergone almost every negative emotion that the human mind can fathom, from Shock, Anger, Horror, Despair, Pity, Weariness, Resignation, Devastation, Hopelessness……. you name it because of the political situation in the country. Fortunately I have been spared the first hand experience of the Mayhem that is going on cos of my location it is almost surreal when you try and imagine that what you are seeing on TV every day is happening in your own country.

The first days of the crisis I had to rely very heavily on blogs to get the real picture on what was going on and the emotions running through the country and to be honest they scared me shitless. I never imagined that the aggregator that I normally had scant regard for would become such a vital tool in my search for info. I personally did not feel equiped to blog through this crisis because mainly what I could say was mainly hearsay and secondly I don’t feel inclined to make my blog a political blog so I decided to hold back on posting and rather give any views I have as comments. But now I am back but with alot of hesitation, it is quite hard to come up with anything to post while the current situation persists. 

The dilema is whether to Move on, Stand Still or Retrace our steps back? That question I won’t even attempt to answer. 

How did it ever get to this?

Is there any hope?

I refuse to give up hope even in this most hopeless of situations, the economy is shattered but it can be revived, Communities are divided more than ever but the divisions can heal if the people are willing to rise up and make the change. I don’t see the political leadership making any honest step to resolve this mess that that they wholly created (ALL OF THEM!) but maybe, just maybe a new leader can arise to help Kenya out of this crisis or is it just my dream?


Does any Kenyan want to step up to join this honourable league of leaders?

If not then I give up!