10 Days – The Wishlist!

Today is the 15th of Dec and I realize that Christmas is just 10 days away. When did time move so fast? I have been having an extremely busy November and December at work and in the process have kept out of my blog for just a little too long and so I need to dust off a few cobwebs.

I guess many peeps will be closing office next week for Christmas till new years but no such luck for me this is one of the busiest times of the year for us and what makes it ten times worse is that christmas is in the middle of the week so Monday is a working day and Friday is a working day, fortunately election day will prolong the official holiday for one more day. I wonder how many Nairobi people keep to the tradition of travelling upcountry for Christmas Holidays for me I always move againist the traffic buy travelling to the city from upcountry. Office Christmas party is round the corner and as usual will be attended with much caution as we all know what happends during such events.


Now that the season for giving (hint hint!!!) is officially here I just thought I might publish my official 2007 Xmas wishlist.

ps: this is work in progress and is subject to change without notice and all gifts and good wishes will be apprecieated in equal measure.


For a change I’ve had goat, beef, chicken, Turkey but never tried Duck


I still have a sweet tooth despite all my dental agonies.


I need to upgrade soon!


I need to style up.


10 Responses

  1. need to style up hehehe

    I guy can wish!

  2. I was gonna get the ferrora Rocher but someone claimed they’d eat them before they even leave UK…Will wait till I see you then.
    Merry christmas

    Name the culprit!!!, Thanks

  3. and I have no idea who that someone Farmgal is talking about is.

    wewe, Santa asked me to tell you that “he doesn’t like short notice like this”- with all the people who HAVE ALREADY bought me the ferrero rocher- you think there are any left………..hehehehe, I hope you believe in miracles.

    I do!

    Unless you work at the stable where Jesus is about to be born, ebu tell your boss to “ease up on workload afterall these are just worldy things, we leave them all behind.” Lakini when he fires you for uttering such nonsense………I was never here.

    We have to work so that all those homes in Europe can look pretty so its for a good cause

  4. As I rule, I avoid shopping around this time of the year and have conditioned my family not to expect gifts from me now. I am usually very generous in the year so they are ok with it.

    So forgive me for not buying you one of the above…eh but that suit!!

    But its nice to wish all the same! I gives me something to work for next year.

  5. Like you am not feeling chrismassy at all work is at its best/worst and the pressure is mounting. Will be at work or stressing about it this year as usual. Anyway am with you on the macbook.

    Maybe the mood will kick in next week! Do try and enjoy yourself

  6. Enjoy ur Hols & Have fun

    Thanks Klara

  7. i have talked to santa and he says you haven’t been that good this year aso ati you slash some of those items in that list 🙂

    Wewe!! I have been a very good boy ask around.

  8. eissh that ibook is off the hook!

    i know it’s not on your wish list (that’s why they call it that, you wish!) but tembelea kenol and isaak walton, have a few on ‘sant’s’ tab. heheeh….

  9. that is some list!! and when and if you get that hot suit..we’re going for dinner lol.

    merry xmas dear..from baby mama and baby lol.

  10. that suti enyewe…i might just…nay! perish the thought!! no one gets presents this year…things is tight!!

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