A Strange World!

I was flipping through the channels last night when I came across the Breaking News that Jacob Zuma had beaten Thabo Mbeki in the race for the ANC Presidency by a landslide. I had of course been aware of the controversy behind Zuma that resulted in him being sacked as the South African Deputy President, the corruption allegations and of course that HIV and rape (with shower afterwards) saga. I personally thought that his reputation had been sufficiently tarnished by all that and that he didn’t stand a chance of winning but obviously politics in Africa works on a different wavelength.

The fact that the South African Economy has grown steadily under Thabo Mbeki evidently did not resonate with the masses of African poor who still suffer under exploitation by rich employers enjoying the economic boom. This should be a lesson to leaders here in Kenya that bigger economic growth figures means nothing if it does not result in better living conditions for the poor infact it just creates bigger expectations among the people.

That said I still feel sad when I compare the character of Zuma with Mandela (although it is unfair to compare anyone with Mandela – I don’t think there are many leaders who can measure up) I feel that frustatration with the slow pace of change may have clouded the obvious flaws in Zuma. I find it hard to forgive the ‘rape’ allegations and remarks he has made in the past regarding women. But then again that is Democracy in its raw form – The people have made their choice and it is their burden to carry, I wish them the best however.


10 Days – The Wishlist!

Today is the 15th of Dec and I realize that Christmas is just 10 days away. When did time move so fast? I have been having an extremely busy November and December at work and in the process have kept out of my blog for just a little too long and so I need to dust off a few cobwebs.

I guess many peeps will be closing office next week for Christmas till new years but no such luck for me this is one of the busiest times of the year for us and what makes it ten times worse is that christmas is in the middle of the week so Monday is a working day and Friday is a working day, fortunately election day will prolong the official holiday for one more day. I wonder how many Nairobi people keep to the tradition of travelling upcountry for Christmas Holidays for me I always move againist the traffic buy travelling to the city from upcountry. Office Christmas party is round the corner and as usual will be attended with much caution as we all know what happends during such events.


Now that the season for giving (hint hint!!!) is officially here I just thought I might publish my official 2007 Xmas wishlist.

ps: this is work in progress and is subject to change without notice and all gifts and good wishes will be apprecieated in equal measure.


For a change I’ve had goat, beef, chicken, Turkey but never tried Duck


I still have a sweet tooth despite all my dental agonies.


I need to upgrade soon!


I need to style up.