I Care!


For all those whom I knew

Those I’m yet to know

For those who are left behind

Lets all take care!


21 Responses

  1. i care too….

    what do u wish people on this day? Happy Aids Day? sounds wrong…

    Nice Aids Day? aaa, noo

    Safe Aids Day.. I will go with this one

    Yeah! you are right keep safe!

  2. i will go with everyone take care, its for real.

    Too real! I have seen its effects first hand

  3. Go get checked!! It is important to play safe..if you love, wear the glove

    Very true, otherwise stick to the B-Train

  4. I hear you

    Now you’ve heard spread the word

  5. Amen!


  6. Pamoja!


  7. Pamoja Pia

    Ndio Ndio!!

  8. Keep Safe– -the threat is REAL!

    You’re back? Welcome!
    I intend to keep safe

  9. planning on taking the test but am scared shitless! i need something..prayers/phyche/will

    Our company is planning one of those VCT drives and I will definately take it.

  10. Know your status! save lives

    True that!

  11. Condomize those situations.

    First you need to get into the situation right! then use the glove.

  12. Be safe..thanks for caring as well!

    Be safe as well!

  13. hey, i pitiad ur previos post.. about those movies, i have watched some, like the bourne ultimatum, guys usually get the movies pirated on dvd even before they hit the big screen…

    I know people who watched American Gangster even before it was released in states but often the quality of those DVD’s takes you back to the era before video tapes, improved technology should result in improved quality is my opinion.

    world aids day here was marked with a walk in the rain ( it was a we and cold day…) and some speeches to attend the vct center at the skul hospital

    i can’t believe i know some poeple who said they’d never go for vct, they’d rather not know their status… and these are the ones in campo, waht about those inthe village? God help us all

    Indeed God help us if the educated can have such shallow thoughts! Haibagui elimu

  14. have a safe day…cheers!

    Errrr! What about Tomorrow?
    You catch my drift keep safe as well!

  15. Safety in numbers. Caring by Sharing is a good thing. Glad to share the care.

    I care too.



  16. AIDS IS REAL everyone needs to be on a 25hours a day alert. Always CARE

    Good Spirit there Jamvi.

  17. True that

    Good you agree.

  18. Lets keep the promise. How is his Highness?

    Will Keep! Very fine Thank you.

  19. Thanks for the reminder on this issue. The battle goes on.

    Youre welcome!

  20. now do you care to update!

    LOL! in a little while.

  21. […] been a whole year since this last post my thoughts remain the same so no harm in repeating, but still the struggle continues […]

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