I Wish!

Let me close my eyes and make a wish!

Here goes ………………………………..


I’m in a good mood tonight, Tomorrow I get a little bit older, a little bit bolder and a little less sober (I hope!)

So now I’m open to receiving hugs and kisses from the gals and booze from the guys.

Off to Kenol till later…….


24 Responses

  1. As in your Birthday?..if yes, then happy birthday man..may you live to be more sober..

  2. Happy Bday mountain. Kesho, Arsenali are going down. Mambo ni Utd.

  3. Here’s some sugar-kiss. Jienjoi and have a happy ‘Bathday’

  4. Happy Birthday Kirish – and here are some honey-laced kisses :-* * *

  5. Enjoy the day. Remember cake and beer don’t go well together! Chaste kisses hapo kwa cheek. 🙂

  6. ((((Kirish)))
    May all ur dreams be Fulfilled..
    Happy B/day

  7. Happy birthday bwana Kirish.

    I have sent the jersey your way but just in case it doesn’t get there on time consider it still on the way.

    avoid staying sober and enjoy your brithday.

  8. Happy bassdei kizeeiya!

    Alafu Arsenal have just managed to squeeze a draw….Pole.

  9. Happy birthday, belatedly…!

  10. Hope your weekend was good and you had a carzy birthday- with all the alcohol you could drink.

  11. many happy returns na kissi mwaki mwaki

  12. I guess your wish was granted huh! All the same many happy returns and blessings in the new year.

  13. Belated Warmest Hugs and Kisses from London!!!

    Hope you had a fab day!

  14. Hppy belated bday!!

  15. Happy belated born day a guy, all the best in the new year, mingi blessings!! 🙂


  17. Happy (very belated) birthday!

  18. yeah, happy very very belated birthday! hope it was awesome.

  19. So how many bottles went down? Do we have a more (un)sober Kirish?

  20. happy b day..shika moja!! wait unaenda kenol? hope not to consume jet fuel right? hehehe…

  21. happy belated birthday ((((hugs))) and kissess******

  22. happy belated wishes ((((bry))))))!!!!!

    are you now as old as the mountains:)

  23. dude, eish happy belated birthday…many you have many more less sober ones.

  24. i ENJOYED that cake immensely 🙂 many more, Monte!

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