I Care!


For all those whom I knew

Those I’m yet to know

For those who are left behind

Lets all take care!


Off Season!

Lately I have been skipping the blogging scene, not for lack of interest but rather for lack of time. I am only able to zip through the latest posts and leave some quick incoherent remarks on some of your pages. What strikes me particularly about KBW at this time is the extraordinary number of election posts on the aggeregator every day I know elections only come every 5 years but seriously we should have more interesting stuff  (especially now that Mwalimu Xs has taken his maneno of pale pale on hiatus) maybe thats why I am not feeling the Christmas vibe yet which should be kicking in about now.

I don’t mind peeps debating political issues in all the media including their blogs but what I can absolutely not stand are all those email forwards going around (some of them with viruses!) masquarading as support for so and so but inactual fact are just hate mail and slander. I don’t get how I am supposed to make an informed choice when someone just decides to send scandalous allegations, doctored docuements and photoshoped pictures to mudsling someone they don’t agree with. My position on this is to delete all such emails without opening, I absolutely NEVER forward such emails.

The Election fever has also had a major impact on the TV  with almost all the stations competing to bring us live footage of every launch and relaunch of campaigns, manifestos and all that. Add onto that the various discussion programs, call in shows and debates daily on TV which incidentally feature the same old ‘experts’ and ‘political commentators’ and you realize that there is very little option on TV. I have tried to keep myself busy with movies and reading a book here and there cos every time I switch on the TV all I get is people argueing and news fo people fighting over petty issues which is depressing! Don’t get me wrong I know it is important for people to be informed in order to make a wise decision but for me I have had more than enough of it to know that the real issues have been totally forgotten and what matters today are just regional politics and I am not likely to be easily swayed by all those promises being bandied around. (Feel free to call me a sceptic but I have to see to believe! I have been dissappointed before.)

On less depressing matters I have managed to get two movies I have been eagerly awaiting. I missed their theatrical release earlier in the year and I had to wait for the DVD release in October. I don’t buy those bootleg – camera copy- 9 in one DVD’s sold in the streets for movies which I consider to be keepers since for me there is no point in investing in a good home theatre system then resorting to watch grainy poor pictures and extremely poor sound.



Since I watched Sin City I have been hooked to Frank Millers stories and was very sad when the movie run ended before I could watch it on the big screen. When I watched in on DVD I wasn’t dissappointed at all, some critics have said that the director sacrificied the characterization in favour of the special effects but for me I say its all good because when you are watching a movie adapted from a graphic novel what you want is the action. The story however was also very powerful as well, I particulary liked the Spartan one liners which made what should be a very dark and gory movie actually quite funny as well like when the Spartans are asked to lay down their weapons by the Persians and Leonidas tell to “Come and get them”. The movie doesn’t have a fairy tell happy ending but that is because it is actually based on true tale.

The effects were out of this world I couldn’t get over how fit all the men looked with all those tight abs and prominent 6 packs. Having been shot almost entirely againist a Blue screen the backgrounds were all computer generated which helped give the movie an ancient look and appeal. The relentless battle scenes especially the slow motion sword fights were a delight to watch I don’t normally like excess violence but this one was done in an artistic and it was almost like a vicious dance.

I wouldn’t hesitate watching this movie over and over again and it has me eagerly awaiting Sin City 2 which is due for release next year.

Die Hard 4.0 – Live Free or Die Hard.


I have been waiting to watch this movie since EGM reviewed it earlier in the year being a big fan of John Mclane since the days of the first Die Hard at the na Nakatomi plaza. The brutal violence coupled with the witty humour of Bruce Willis definatly provides a pleasant mix that will leave even non actions movie fans quite happy. I was surprissed when I heard that Bruce was going to reprise the role and don the dirty vest once again after so much years and this made me quite sceptical since I couldn’t believe  that he could still pull of an intense action role. I was pleasantly surprised however by the great reviews the movie got and after watching it I can confirm it is one hell of a cracker.

I am also keenly watching my mailbox for two more movies that I have already ordered, the first I have already watched Pirates of the Caribean 3 but being a total fan I just wanted to complete my collection and have all three. The second is The Bourne Ultimatum which is due for DVD release on Dec. 10 so I have to wait a bit longer but since it doesn’t look like I will be able to catch it in the theatres before the run closes.

As I mentioned earlier the state of local TV is quite boring and may remain so until after elections so I decided to make a long delayed move and get DSTV for my digs albeit only the compact package but with the current offer its quite a good dea and after evaluating what GTV has to offer which is not much apart from Premier League Football which is always much better to watch in a pub despite the loud Arsenal fans who have colonized them so  I don’t have to suffer flipping channels in the evening to look for one that doesn’t have a talk show. Maybe when the Champions league seasons heats up, Formula one, Tennis and Euro 2008 start next year I may be tempted to switch to the premium package.

So with all these movies plus 33 new channels and the blog pals who are not on the campaign trail I just might be able to survive this Holiday/Campaign period without dying of boredom.

I Wish!

Let me close my eyes and make a wish!

Here goes ………………………………..


I’m in a good mood tonight, Tomorrow I get a little bit older, a little bit bolder and a little less sober (I hope!)

So now I’m open to receiving hugs and kisses from the gals and booze from the guys.

Off to Kenol till later…….