Why am I blogging on a Sunday evening?


photo: bbc.co.uk

Update: There seems to be an investigation on BMW and Williams cars for using cooler fuel which if they are penalized or disqualified could see Hamilton leapfrog to 4th and win the championship but that would kill the moment I believe!

I’m giddy with excitement after a fantastic Brazilian Grand Prix, I had expected the season finale would be a great race but this was beyond my wildest expectations, for the last few months it has been hard being a Ferrari supporter what with Lewis Hamilton stealing all the limelight and being projected as being the first rookie to carry the championship. With todays result and the victory by Kimi Raikonnen then that dream was shattered, to be honest I really feel for Hamilton fans the kid has been spectacular all season and has been a great inspiration. The championship however I believe was not won on the basis of individual skill or brilliance but on strategy and teamwork unfortunately for McLaren both these aspects were missing, the constant bickering between Alonso and Lewis definitely undermined the possibility of them working together to win the title which was all they could count on having been kicked out of the constructors championship (for cheating) I strongly suspect (entirely my speculation!) that Ferrari’s Felipe Massa may have sacrificed the opportunity to win at his home grand prix for the greater good of the team winning the championship. Of course McLaren would have won 2 weeks ago in Shanghai were it not for the poor strategy which saw them leaving Lewis to race with completely bald tyres and even today’s race showed some problems with their technical team how could Hamiltons car suffer such massive gear failure?

Anyway that said and done for the sport it portends bigger rivalry next year and I believe Hamilton will have matured a bit more (That boo boo at the first corner exposed his inexperience cos all he needed was to hang in there and finish in the top 5) but for tonight all cheers to Ferrari for running an absolutely flawless race to win both the drivers and constructors championship and to Kimi Raikonnen (aka the Iceman!) for making us believe in Miracles.

This has been a weekend of British Luck (or rather lack of it) first with the loss in the Rugby World cup finals and Hamiltons failure in Brazil I was rooting for the Springboks although admittedly not very passionately cos I still don’t understand how an African team can hardly have any Africans playing for it. Together with Manchester Uniteds 4-1 demolition of Aston Villa I can now confirm that my spirits are now back up and I am looking forward to a great week. (you see 3TOC my prayers do work!)


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  1. the iceman had to hop around for joy after he clinched the title. he indeed drove a consistent season, at least the last three races i have watched. am i now officially an f1 fan?

    Welcome to the fan club, The tension in the last race was too much I was with a bunch of Ferrari fans and believe me we had kazad ourselves kabisa but we couldn’t believe our luck in the end.

  2. about Rugby … me thinks as long as they are good enough to make the team I couldn’t care what colour a player is. I just have a feeling though that when politics and race starts to interfere in the sport it’s all going to go to rat sh!t. Still I hope it works out for them.

    Well done the Springboks, !

    Its just that I expected after 8 years they would have done more to integrate the Black majority into the game but them being the only african team they had to have my support though.

  3. Ok, about the Grand prix, I must admit that the only thing I know about it is Michael Schummacker (sp) and Ferrari, but at least I have heard of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton…so no comment.

    I feel u on the SA Springboks issue of majority being blacks but that is besides the point (look at the French National Soccer team)….so just be happy they thrashed England…

    LOL! at least you have heard something, BTW Lewis Hamilton has definately radically changed the race watching demographics with a lot of young women drawn into the sport by his dashing good looks but if the picture on Archers post on Kimis girlfriend there was already a female fanbase

  4. great season and a chess finale (three drivers with 100+ points) . Massa did his part, at the start and Ferrari showed teamwork to win, something which Mclaren has lacked in the second half of the season as the bickering between the two drivers, allowed Kimi to leapfrog them by the smallest margin.

    Yes it was supreme teamwork by Ferrari, I told people it was McLaren who lLOST! the championship they need to look at their strategies and aim for more harmony in the team maybe they can do this now that Alonzo is leaving.

  5. Wait I cry first then I’ll be back to comment.

    Here, have some tissue.

  6. i too feel you on that part of a whole african team having very few africans. maybe racisim still lives on even if they claim to have abolished it..or could that seventy something jailed english geneticists be correct..on the intelligence of africans and whites? that africans are far less intelligent than white? i think this stands to be proved.

    I hope the SA authorities are working on changing that anomally.
    That claim is just not right!

  7. man am saddest..

    More tissue? Look on the bright side next year he will still be there if he isn’t ruined by the british media, and the supermodel girlfriends he is definately going to have.

  8. I’m still in tears! kwanza this has been the worst week to be a Brit! We lost to Russia and then the weekend wah!
    off to borrow some of arher’s tissues…sniff sniff

    I’m running out of tissue. Yeah the British luck is worse than the british weather last week!

  9. now you are calling spirits prayers ama prayers spirits? I repeat ebu draw a picture na wewe

    Hmmm! now you’ve got me confused!

  10. Aki…this was the worst weekend for british sport in my opinion. I was supporting England in Rugby just for the very reason you gave up there. Until that situation changes…..no matter how bad they are, I might as well continued to support Namibia than SA…..as that was the only other african team in the world cup.

    That disallowed try…..I am convinced it was a try!!! Robbed I tell ya! Robbed!!!

    Alafu F1…..nuff said.

    That decision to deny the try definately sealed Englands fate but I’m sure the video ref must have checked very thoroughly, I would definately have preferred to see a try by whichever team it always more convincing than winning with kicks only.

  11. I’m back now. As you’ve correctly said, the title was there for McLaren to take, but their flaws in strategy was exposed, thus allowing Kimi and Ferrari to win. Kimi deserved to win. He’s driven consistently throughout the season and won more races than either Alonso or Hamilton. I’m glad that he won it instead of Alonso.

    Yeah Kimi had it a long time coming, I loved watching the Ferrari strategy and team work come to play but was sad that they had to sacrifice Massa’s home victory by allowing Kimi to run 2 laps with a lighter tank and hence overtake Massa at the second pit stop.

    I think it’d be an unfair victory for Hamilton if indeed McLaren won the appeal. The title should be won on the track, and not settled by the race authorities. Good thing Hamilton sees that too. That being said, let’s look forward to the coming seasons which I believe will be highly competitive.

    I agree it would live a very sour taste in the mouth. I will watch Hamiltons carrer with interest lets hope he doesn’t turn out to be a disappointment like other young drivers remember how Montoya was pitched to be the next Schumi?

    About rugby, I wasn’t really supporting England, I just wasn’t supporting South Africa. There are a lot of things that I can say about the team but I choose not to. But don’t be fooled, the Webb Ellis trophy is NOT in Africa.

    I understand your reasons.

  12. Ferrrari Shmerrari! 😛 1 measly point! bald tyres. Anyway he’s young and will ive to fight another day. I was supporting SA but when the game ended I wasn’t so happy, but I had hoped for a closer game- do we really want video refs in football?

    Pity the try was denied I think it would have raised the tempo of the game, I wouldn’t mind video refs in football

  13. Sema Kirish, I read the post above in whole and did not mind the story lakini I am a dotter when it comes to any kind of Formula’s. It must be thrilling though coz it’s caught on vibaya with Kenyans.

    It takes a great sportsman to develop interest in a sport for me it was Schumi who got me interested in F1 and for a whole new generation Hamilton will be the main attraction for the sport.

  14. I agree most chicks get drawn to sports coz of cute sportsmen…now am joining the Hamilton fan club..let me go and sign up
    Hey, si u also upload ur foto..I could be ur fan

    LOL! how honest. You only need to trawl the archives.

  15. I can see you are trying to confuse me. Have you re-arranged furniture ama it’s my comp?

    Just a little spring cleaning to make it easier to read on the cellphone. BTW your page is difficult to read on a cellphone.

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