Updates, Moods and Sports

Sorry to all fans who expected me to update you on the goings on at the office party but that gossip as juicy as it may be is not quite worthy of being exposed on my blog. Lakini I can assure you I do not feature in any negative way in the goings and as you see no hurried leave of absence has been organized.

My mood this week has been one of indifferent boredom mixed with the stress of delayed deadlines but I do hope to catch up before the end of the month. One thing boring me is that tomorrow is a public holiday – Kenyatta day which is quite a waste being on a Saturday but even worse for me is that I will be on duty! Talk of double jeopardy kweli the angels are not looking down on me this month. I definitely need a new life.

On more pleasant manenos the sports events for the weekend are leaving me salivating. First on the Cards is the Rugby World Cup as much as I don’t have great passion for either of the finalists since my favs (New Zealand) were bundled out I will definitely not miss this one so it will be off to Izaac Walton in the evening to catch the game. I will root for South Africa but since I expect a tight low scoring game the game may be decided by Jonny Wilkinsons mean boots.

Second great spectacle will be the Formula One season Finale in Brazil, the first one in a long time with 3 possible champions being a Ferrari damu fan I will be cheering all out for Kimi Raikonnen but I have to admit it will be an uphill task but anything can happen in Formula one just one slip and you are out. But if Lewis Hamilton goes ahead and wins it as expected then all respects to him.

I’m praying for better spirits next week!