Off To Party!!!

Tomorrow the company I work for is having an annual company picnic party which has been set out to bring all the employees together with the management to have fun, eat and make merry together. The intention is always noble, to encourage a sense of team spirit and appreciation for a job well done throughout the year. That said the sideshows almost always end up overshadowing the real motive of the day and instead of a company party being remembered for all the routine things that go with it e.g. the inter-departmental competitions, silly party games and long winded speeches from the CEO and company, what will be talked about most certainly will be the assorted episodes and spectacles mainly from the drink and dance phase of the party.

Is it just in my organization or what is it about office parties that brings out all those hidden romances to the fore, for example you may have been eyeing that cute new receptionist all year and have not managed to talk to her all year except to ask for a stapler but during the all night disco you finally pluck up the courage and shortly you are deeply ensconsed in a corner forgetting that your boss who also had an eye on her is starring at your unappprovingly from the other end of the room. Quite a lot of secret romances have blown out in the open during these parties.

Often enough the inducement is the loads of free alcohol provided at company expense which will make even the lowliest messenger brave enough to engage the CEO in deep conversation (often involving the most intense boot licking sycophancy possible like “You know Boss, since you took over the management of this company we all love you very much”) Its always a shock on Monday when the bootlicking employee thinking he has made a new friend and rushes to greet the boss ati “Hi Bob!” and is promptly put back in his place with a haughty dismissal to fetch him some coffee. Free alcohol almost always brings out the worst in all the people involved almost always ending up in all sorts of scenes from uncoordinated dancing to heated arguments and if matters get worse its not unusual to witness a drunken fist fight – almost always over a woman.

The scandals that come to fore during these parties are also the stuff of legends normally involving other peoples spouses or being caught with the tea-girl in a dark corner somewhere. Often these incidences are so scandalous that the involved parties will either avoid eye contact with all there colleagues the following week or may have to hurriedly organize some leave until the matter blows over. Which brings me to the official gossipers whose sole role in these events is to sit at a corner and make observations of who danced with whom, who was too drunk to stand, Which boss was groping all the girls and who left at what time and with whom did they leave with. These meticulously recorded to be shared in the coming week at the water cooler.

That being said I am looking forward to having a splendid time if the weather permits as we enjoy ourselves all day and all night.

ps. Due to the large number of employees we are slaughtering 4 bulls and several goats and chicken so you know I will be well sorted out.

Enjoy this footnote on the goings during in our last Picnic!

For the last departmental picnic, management had decided that, due to Liability issues, we could have alcohol, but only one (1) drink per Person.


I was almost fired for ordering the cups.


21 Responses

  1. first! those cups enyewe..i am surprised haukufutwa wask….let me go read properly….

    You have to stay one step ahead hehe!

  2. do have fun at the may proceed and dart that..yes, just chunga coz she is the side dish of your immediate mdosi, who shall at the time be palming the MD’s assistants posterior “assests”…LOL…

    Fortunately I didn’t fall prey those types of designs otherwise I may be posting my CV

  3. LOL at the size of the cups. Could you post some to the people off whom I buy my icecream?

    Enjoy your day kesho lakini make sure there is NOTHING to say about you on Monday.

    Nilienjoy! I haven’t heard anything…..Yet!

  4. I just want pics in our kausual maskan!!! Sawa?


    I only have pics of the safe stuff during the day, Photos strictly not allowed for nocturnal activities, lawsuits might abound!

  5. Enjoy your weekend that you are slaughtering that many cows. Teremsha na mbili za baridi na mbili za moto. And yes, pics.

    I definately ate and drank to my fill lakini

  6. oh yes, the often scandalous office parties. eish! we once had one where the mdosi when the night was still young and his wallet sweating (company accountant would be on his case on monday) si he decided to funga the bar…karibu achapwe, and by those lowly ones by the way…

    so will others be hearing of your escapades on monday?

    My escapades? Sorry I generally play it safe to avoid drama I don’t know how some people handle scandals in the office

  7. LOL..Are those real cups??
    Jienjoyi lakini…

    Ti hi! Imagine how much wine you could have with that!

  8. I agree with you. These office parties are quite interesting, especially where alcohol and romance are involved. and the rumor mills working overtime. i’m sure you’re gonna have fun, but don’t be the victim…keep your drinking cup to a manageable size and you won’t be the one arranging last minute vacation next week. have a good weekend 🙂

    I am not going on vacation so that should tell you all was well, I also don’t feature in the rumour train so its all good.

  9. eheeee pics…tell us how it went, it’s Monday yeeeeiii!!!

    aki Kirish those cups loooooool…you juad, one drink? lol that’s gallons right there.

    It went well, but pics for the evening are bilas so you just have to imagine,

  10. I hope the party went well.

    I have one rule about office parties; Leave early as soon as the CEO finishes his speech. That way, you will not know what happens after folks imbibe.

    Now that am the CEO, I keep the speeches short and always leave early after my ahem..short speech

    LOL! where is the fun in that? at least you give the employees space to enjoy themselves then, and I guess they won’t be calling you Bob in the morning.

  11. lol at the pic..hope the party went well though!

    Went very well

  12. hope you enjoyed the party? What I never fathom is why people takes things too far to the extent of making fools of themselves in such parties.

    I guess it is not often in most places that co-workers get to socialize freely but then again I think the free alcohol also has a part to play

  13. dude kwani you are waiting for people to unleash your story (what you got up at the party) before you update………………I like

    I’m still waiting and have heard nothing

  14. Jeez! Are those cups i’m seeing or did you do some computer tricks? LOL! Cant stop laughing. As for the office romances..funny how a guy finally has the guts to talk to a workmate he has been eyeing for months in these so called company parties…well at least the parties serve another purpose..yeah? Nice blog.

    Thanks for the visit Miss E
    Often enough you end up regreting those intimate confessions so its quite risky

  15. Free booze the ultimate excuse for stuff done while under influence. MY office has one too many parties that offenders are known and its expected. Glad you had fun.

    If the booze wasn’t free I doubt there would be any fun it would be just work as usual

  16. I read about this party where some who had imbibed too much took the CEO’s very expensive car and had some Fast and Furious type moments with it on the streets before crashing it. Needless to say, that was the end of staff parties at that company.

    That one took it way too far, if anyone tried that here it would be safe to say he would be out of a job before monday.

  17. loooooooooooooooool ati you were almost fired for ordering the cups!!LMAO!!!

    The devil is always in the details they said one drink but not how big.

  18. love the cups? so u on vacation?

    No vacation for me its working with hangover

  19. hope u enjoyed ur weekend..what with the sizes of those ‘cups’ from the previous party…

    Karibu Frankie, Nilijienjoy kabisa

  20. LOL at those vikombes.

    update blog Kirish.

    will do!

  21. […] office party went well this year I guess because I made sure to attend the party with someone to keep me on a […]

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