Phone blogging 101

As many of you know I have limited access to the internet in the office and this has ensured that my blogging experience is basically a labour of love since once addicted it is extremely difficult to ignore. Being in a deep rural area has also added to the challenge for there is no luxury of home internet or cybercafes at all.

Forfunately in the last couple of years the mobile phone companies Celtel and Safaricom have rolled out GPRS throughout the country and EDGE in major towns this development has enabled many people in remote places have at least some access to the internet. Since I managed to acquire a GPRS enabled phone I have been able to keep with blogs and even make comments with some practice courtesy of the Opera mini browser and the Gmail app. I was also able to connect the phone to a laptop and use it as a modem but this has to be done sparingly and you have to turn of pictures and streaming media lest your credit vapourizes within seconds.

After that success with the GPRS phone I naturally started hungering for more! I wanted more speed and features and my texting thumb was already sore with fatigue. To solve the dilema I started window shopping for a gadget that could satisfy my complex demands so through a website – and advice from friends I was able to find the phone of my dreams.
The phone I settled for is Nokia E70 which for me is quite a departure cos I have been resolutely anti-Nokia but after plenty of review I have to admit that their smartphones are pretty nifty and with this handy gadget I find that I am now able to text email and blog with ease. Partly as a challenge to myself and also to test the capabilities of the phone I decided to do this entire post on the phone, hence the lack of fancy formats,links or pictures.
Hopfully now I will be able to post more often (that should keep 3 types of crazy happy!)


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  1. Am googling Nokia E70….. Its retailing at how much?
    try www for great reviews. it costs good money!

  2. LOL! Pole about the hassle, dude thx for being online anyways. So you like the E70? I heard some ppl complaining about it. Why not the E60/61i?
    I really digg the keyboard on both phones – the T9 solution on my N95 isn’t that good. How’s battery runtime?

    The major selling point for me with the E70 is the butterfly form factor and QWERTY keyboard texting has never been easier, The E61i has almost identical features and is also a damn good phone but I find the size too intimidating
    I can’t give an accurate measure of battery life cos where I stay the signal is very weak and hence noMatterWhat I charge the phone daily.

  3. i had a glimpse of the phone at the concours and its a nifty phone…will check out more of its features online…kudos! i used to post from my SE p910i about a year or so ago…with the cost of the credit i used to vaporise i decided to get an infinet connection which i share with my neighbours via wi-fi to lower the monthly charge…i appreciate that you are huko in the bundus and signal as well as lack of cybers and the like..i hope they boost the signal in your area soon! 🙂

    One trick I have learnt is to use Operamini instead of the Nokia Browser the Version 4.0 Beta is actually pretty good and with that I have been able to save quit a few megabytes. Also gmail app and yahoo go work very well on it what I need is a reliable RSS feed reader for the blogs and I will be good to go.





    Who do I thank? Nokia who?

    I can hear you loud and clear LOL! you can thank my reckless spending and love of gadgets

  5. Congrats on the post (by phone) . I use a simple Nokia and limit my browsing to checking email, makutano, BBC, sports scores etc.

    It was quite a feat but I’m glad I could do it, my other options for browsing are limited so I use the phone alot.

  6. Hmm am right behind you in the acquisition of a new phone mine is ok with regards to browsing, blogging and commenting. Its just that i need to download e-books in pdf so am shopping, though am leaning towards E61i from experience at least. Now you have no excuse blog on.

    Yeah thats good even mine can open pdf’s but the E61i has a bigger screen so should be easier to read with.

  7. LOL….now the p.s. on 3TOC’s latest post makes sense.

    Na hii ndio maendeleo!!!

    Maendeleo kweli! Asante.

  8. eish happy are thou. there’s a day i tried a post on phone…then network kept hepaing and eventually so did the post, na nikasema wahca ikae.

    i’m delaying putting GPRS settings on my phone, coz i’ll be on it every two seconds…temptations.

    endelea hivyo vivyo!

    Blame it on Safaricom, to avoid drama and frustration I use Celtel for browsing its a much smoother service and I am not sure Safaricom have rolled out EDGE in Embu yet.

  9. Good for you on the phone. Yup, the E61i is intimidating in size, and is bigger than any phone I would ever have fathomed buying, but it’s capabilities more than make up for that shortcoming. I just recently figured out how to print from it, which is another plus to it. I’ll be blogging about that soon.

    Fact is I work in the field alot so its quite difficult to lug around such a large phone, at first I was aprehensive about a phone with a folding mechanism cos of durability issues but when you see the build of the E70 it si actually quite solid. I think I also have those features but still alot to learn so blog away.

  10. Hmm, ok I think we really need to find the perfect surfstation that has GSM (GPRS). I initially thought the Nokia N800 tablet might be a solution but afaik it does not have a GSM module, only Wi-Fi.
    As for the N95 at least, it’s far from being a good phone. Yeah that S60 browser you mentioned on the Nokia is irritating. Did you try widsets? (.com)

    No I haven’t but will check it out I have been trying out alot of Java apps especially for chat and I really need a good RSS Feed reader.

  11. Happy blogging! I know whom to turn to if and when I start blogging from my mogorio.

  12. hey hiyo ni mandeleo … maze me ive got a cheap ass phone that cant even send more than 2 sms’s ( yaani one long one) without the modafaka hanging….. it was one of those offers FREE phone manenos… kumbe kweli its free..!!for a good reason..

    do such things exist in ? someone re-educate my makendes….

  13. Kip tuko pamoja kama ninios. My N3310 is strictly for data calls (read sms) and voice calls only. OK, it is also my watch cum alarm. I’m still in the city but when the craving strikes, I know where to turn for assistance kirish.

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