The Book or the Movie?

The Bourne Ultimatum is finally out in movie theatres in Nairobi. I haven’t watched the movie yet although I intend to at the first opportunity I get. What has been interesting though is the inevitable debate on whether the movie is better than the book. This debate I guess has been going on since the first movie adaptations of popular books began. Many literature purists will always argue that books are always more superior to movies but this is often said with a hint of superiority complex cos it is often argued that reading is a more intellectual activity that just following an already packaged movie. I wont play down the importance of reading books (which I wholeheartedly support) but I also think that in many cases the movie can be better than the book and may also lead to more people appreciating and understanding the book.

The following is just a sample of some my thoughts on some of the movies that I have in my DVD collection that I have read also read the book from which they were adapted.


  • The Godfather – by Mario Puzo, This is one of the most facinating novels that I read while still in high school the story was so well written and I do believe that this is one of the greatest novels ever written. In this case I valued the book more than the movie, I had to watch the movie a couple of times before I really appreciated it but the movie also added value because whenever you think of Don Corleone Marlon Brando immediately comes to mind. 

    Book ♥♥♥♥♥ / Movie ♥♥♥♥


  • Jurrasic Park -by Michael Chrichton; For this one I first watched the movie before I read the book, I was so enthralled by the movie that I quickly went out looking for the book and quickly went through all the other Michael Crichton books as well, the book was definately more detailed and helped explain much more than the movie, the other Crichton movie adaptations apart from The Lost World and Disclosure such as Time Line, Congo, Sphere were much less interesting than the books. I guess the tech aspects are too detailed for a good cinema experience.

Book ♥♥♥♥♥ / Movie ♥♥♥♥


  • The Bourne Identity/Supremacy by Robert Ludlum; Ludlums books are extremely detailed and intricate and I doubt any movie producer can be able to accurately depict all the things that occur in the books but the Bourne movies are definately a very good attempt to dramatize the books and for that I will give them a goood score but the books are definately better.



  • The Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King; I am a loyal Stephen King Fan and I believe he is the greatest story writer and his characters are always believable unfortunately most of the screen adaptations of Stephen King novels almost always disappoint cos they don’t give enough time to the character development which is always key in the books (before they start being haunted or hacked) Of the older movies I can only reccomend Christine as a good attempt. As for The  Shawshank Redemption which is actually an adaptation of the short novella Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption from his Four Seasons compilation I can trully say that the Movie surpassed the book, I rated Shawshank as one of the greatest movies ever made but the book is also excellent so I give them all top marks. The other two stories in Four Seasons, The Body was also made into a pretty good movie – Stand by Me but Apt Pupil was not good at all.

Book ♥♥♥♥♥ / Movie ♥♥♥♥♥


  • The Constant Gardener by John Le Carre; I only bought the book because it was set in Kenya but after I started reading it I found it quite captivating. I watched the movie after reading the book and in my view the movie script stayed very true to the movie. It is difficult to decide which was better but I will have to back the book since it was much more detailed.

Book♥♥♥♥ / Movie ♥♥♥


  • The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien; I first heard of the Lord of the Rings when The Fellowship of the Ring movie came out I watched the movie first on Video and loved it this inspired me to get the book to read. In the case of the LOTR I will admit that the books at first are definately hard to read but after watching the movie I found it much easier to understand the book but overall I prefer the movie to the book and the 12 disc DVD boxset is the pride of my DVD collection

Book ♥♥♥♥ / Movie ♥♥♥♥♥


  • Queen of the the Damned by Anne Rice; I am a fan of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and Mayfair Witches series which I have read most of however with the movies only Interview with a Vampire starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt was really a good movie, Queen of the damned which was Aaliyahs last movie before her untimely death was not a great movie however the redeeming feature was the excellent visual effects on the scary stuff which I totally loved but overall the book was much much better

Book ♥♥♥♥ / Movie ♥♥

Onto other stuff, I lost my Motorolla SLVR phone fortunately I had just upgraded to another phone but I still needed the second phone for my Safaricom line which I just use for calling only I think murphys law must have come to play to deny me the bragging rights of having two high end phones. Talking of phones multichoice/KBC is launching Mobile TV in Kenya it figures just when I had upgraded my phone with all the features I thought I would ever need! See story here.

ps. Gollum kinda reminds me of this fella.




Why am I blogging on a Sunday evening?



Update: There seems to be an investigation on BMW and Williams cars for using cooler fuel which if they are penalized or disqualified could see Hamilton leapfrog to 4th and win the championship but that would kill the moment I believe!

I’m giddy with excitement after a fantastic Brazilian Grand Prix, I had expected the season finale would be a great race but this was beyond my wildest expectations, for the last few months it has been hard being a Ferrari supporter what with Lewis Hamilton stealing all the limelight and being projected as being the first rookie to carry the championship. With todays result and the victory by Kimi Raikonnen then that dream was shattered, to be honest I really feel for Hamilton fans the kid has been spectacular all season and has been a great inspiration. The championship however I believe was not won on the basis of individual skill or brilliance but on strategy and teamwork unfortunately for McLaren both these aspects were missing, the constant bickering between Alonso and Lewis definitely undermined the possibility of them working together to win the title which was all they could count on having been kicked out of the constructors championship (for cheating) I strongly suspect (entirely my speculation!) that Ferrari’s Felipe Massa may have sacrificed the opportunity to win at his home grand prix for the greater good of the team winning the championship. Of course McLaren would have won 2 weeks ago in Shanghai were it not for the poor strategy which saw them leaving Lewis to race with completely bald tyres and even today’s race showed some problems with their technical team how could Hamiltons car suffer such massive gear failure?

Anyway that said and done for the sport it portends bigger rivalry next year and I believe Hamilton will have matured a bit more (That boo boo at the first corner exposed his inexperience cos all he needed was to hang in there and finish in the top 5) but for tonight all cheers to Ferrari for running an absolutely flawless race to win both the drivers and constructors championship and to Kimi Raikonnen (aka the Iceman!) for making us believe in Miracles.

This has been a weekend of British Luck (or rather lack of it) first with the loss in the Rugby World cup finals and Hamiltons failure in Brazil I was rooting for the Springboks although admittedly not very passionately cos I still don’t understand how an African team can hardly have any Africans playing for it. Together with Manchester Uniteds 4-1 demolition of Aston Villa I can now confirm that my spirits are now back up and I am looking forward to a great week. (you see 3TOC my prayers do work!)

Updates, Moods and Sports

Sorry to all fans who expected me to update you on the goings on at the office party but that gossip as juicy as it may be is not quite worthy of being exposed on my blog. Lakini I can assure you I do not feature in any negative way in the goings and as you see no hurried leave of absence has been organized.

My mood this week has been one of indifferent boredom mixed with the stress of delayed deadlines but I do hope to catch up before the end of the month. One thing boring me is that tomorrow is a public holiday – Kenyatta day which is quite a waste being on a Saturday but even worse for me is that I will be on duty! Talk of double jeopardy kweli the angels are not looking down on me this month. I definitely need a new life.

On more pleasant manenos the sports events for the weekend are leaving me salivating. First on the Cards is the Rugby World Cup as much as I don’t have great passion for either of the finalists since my favs (New Zealand) were bundled out I will definitely not miss this one so it will be off to Izaac Walton in the evening to catch the game. I will root for South Africa but since I expect a tight low scoring game the game may be decided by Jonny Wilkinsons mean boots.

Second great spectacle will be the Formula One season Finale in Brazil, the first one in a long time with 3 possible champions being a Ferrari damu fan I will be cheering all out for Kimi Raikonnen but I have to admit it will be an uphill task but anything can happen in Formula one just one slip and you are out. But if Lewis Hamilton goes ahead and wins it as expected then all respects to him.

I’m praying for better spirits next week!

Off To Party!!!

Tomorrow the company I work for is having an annual company picnic party which has been set out to bring all the employees together with the management to have fun, eat and make merry together. The intention is always noble, to encourage a sense of team spirit and appreciation for a job well done throughout the year. That said the sideshows almost always end up overshadowing the real motive of the day and instead of a company party being remembered for all the routine things that go with it e.g. the inter-departmental competitions, silly party games and long winded speeches from the CEO and company, what will be talked about most certainly will be the assorted episodes and spectacles mainly from the drink and dance phase of the party.

Is it just in my organization or what is it about office parties that brings out all those hidden romances to the fore, for example you may have been eyeing that cute new receptionist all year and have not managed to talk to her all year except to ask for a stapler but during the all night disco you finally pluck up the courage and shortly you are deeply ensconsed in a corner forgetting that your boss who also had an eye on her is starring at your unappprovingly from the other end of the room. Quite a lot of secret romances have blown out in the open during these parties.

Often enough the inducement is the loads of free alcohol provided at company expense which will make even the lowliest messenger brave enough to engage the CEO in deep conversation (often involving the most intense boot licking sycophancy possible like “You know Boss, since you took over the management of this company we all love you very much”) Its always a shock on Monday when the bootlicking employee thinking he has made a new friend and rushes to greet the boss ati “Hi Bob!” and is promptly put back in his place with a haughty dismissal to fetch him some coffee. Free alcohol almost always brings out the worst in all the people involved almost always ending up in all sorts of scenes from uncoordinated dancing to heated arguments and if matters get worse its not unusual to witness a drunken fist fight – almost always over a woman.

The scandals that come to fore during these parties are also the stuff of legends normally involving other peoples spouses or being caught with the tea-girl in a dark corner somewhere. Often these incidences are so scandalous that the involved parties will either avoid eye contact with all there colleagues the following week or may have to hurriedly organize some leave until the matter blows over. Which brings me to the official gossipers whose sole role in these events is to sit at a corner and make observations of who danced with whom, who was too drunk to stand, Which boss was groping all the girls and who left at what time and with whom did they leave with. These meticulously recorded to be shared in the coming week at the water cooler.

That being said I am looking forward to having a splendid time if the weather permits as we enjoy ourselves all day and all night.

ps. Due to the large number of employees we are slaughtering 4 bulls and several goats and chicken so you know I will be well sorted out.

Enjoy this footnote on the goings during in our last Picnic!

For the last departmental picnic, management had decided that, due to Liability issues, we could have alcohol, but only one (1) drink per Person.


I was almost fired for ordering the cups.

Phone blogging 101

As many of you know I have limited access to the internet in the office and this has ensured that my blogging experience is basically a labour of love since once addicted it is extremely difficult to ignore. Being in a deep rural area has also added to the challenge for there is no luxury of home internet or cybercafes at all.

Forfunately in the last couple of years the mobile phone companies Celtel and Safaricom have rolled out GPRS throughout the country and EDGE in major towns this development has enabled many people in remote places have at least some access to the internet. Since I managed to acquire a GPRS enabled phone I have been able to keep with blogs and even make comments with some practice courtesy of the Opera mini browser and the Gmail app. I was also able to connect the phone to a laptop and use it as a modem but this has to be done sparingly and you have to turn of pictures and streaming media lest your credit vapourizes within seconds.

After that success with the GPRS phone I naturally started hungering for more! I wanted more speed and features and my texting thumb was already sore with fatigue. To solve the dilema I started window shopping for a gadget that could satisfy my complex demands so through a website – and advice from friends I was able to find the phone of my dreams.
The phone I settled for is Nokia E70 which for me is quite a departure cos I have been resolutely anti-Nokia but after plenty of review I have to admit that their smartphones are pretty nifty and with this handy gadget I find that I am now able to text email and blog with ease. Partly as a challenge to myself and also to test the capabilities of the phone I decided to do this entire post on the phone, hence the lack of fancy formats,links or pictures.
Hopfully now I will be able to post more often (that should keep 3 types of crazy happy!)