An Ordinary Weekend

As you may have guessed already my life revolves around getting through the week so that I can live on the weekend. But what to do when the weekend is all but ordinary yaani just bland nothing to blog write about.  Yep, you guessed it I had one those, it probably had more to do with the status of my wallet being midmonth and no plots forthcoming from my various friends.

The events of Friday may have had a part to play since I have been hosting a colleague from a neighbouring country in my house for the last 2 weeks we decided to have a polite party for him which ended up not being polite as we literally stripped the ka-local of all the decent lagers (leading brand in this part of the country is Senator-Keg which is really not an option for me!) which made me resort to my stash (sorry Betty but a couple of those bottles are missing in action). The only regret from this episode is that it caused me to imbibe a sorry cocktail or assorted liquors which without fail produced the mother of all hangovers on Sato morning. So even as I was bidding my visitor goodbye the only thought on my mind was alka seltzer. Lesson learnt is “Don’t ever mix grain and grape” but surely some lessons are meant to be forgotten.

After a few more hours of tossing and turning in bed and at the risk of overdosing on Panadol Extra I managed to drag myself down to Nairobi whereby I was unable to meetup with my pals or even watch the Rugby Worldcup game of England vs Samoa that I so wanted to watch. So an early night it was.

Sunday as usual was just travelling back to Embu and window shopping for a phone (I,m so fed up with this bloody moto). I made it to Kenol just in time to watch the ManU-Chelsea game but I will desist from rubbing it in for the Chelsea fan but I will surely miss miss the gaffa – Jose the pleasure would have been infinately more sublime if he were still the manager. That said if it was possible the Chelsea fans should put pressure for Abramovich to quit England his Mafia type of management is quite dim in my view.

Have a pleasant week! I’m pretty sure next weekend will be much better (End month in sight!) and with the Concour’s d’elegance it should be even better!


19 Responses

  1. let me secure this position, then I will be back.

  2. I am coming to visit you, atii you throw a party when visitors are leaving.. Entering Embu on my intinerary

    That is a compulsory stopover

  3. and that was “itinerary”


  4. yes yes 6TOC (kip 07) we’ve seen you ran here to mark positions..

    Kirish..for the sake of world peace please specify just how many botis are M.I.A.!!

    You will have to come over and find out

    haha pole for the deadly hangover..sounds like you lived thru it though 🙂

    I live! Barely

  5. the cocktail hangover lesson must be one taught most. Slow weekend helps you appreciate busy ones. good week ahead.

    Lets just say I learnt what not to mix next time.

  6. Vile Gish amesema bout slow weekend helping one appreciate fast ones…

    Especially where kuku is involved

  7. Slow wknds….been hving one of those n they r not the best….
    Hope u r ok.

    I’m very ok just in need of some excitement

  8. Thanks for not whipping chelsea fans. We’re depressed at the moment. Miss Jose!

    You will get over him I guess but you just had to rub in our humiliation by coventry last night!

  9. oh well as for mine the weekend was……….

    May you have a better one too

  10. You did not miss much on the Eng/Samoa game. I expected Samoa to put up a better fight- okay even beat those poms! But they laid down quietly and even passed the Vaseline to England!

    I am definitely going for Concours with my kids. See you there!


    PS. Say that you bakishad angalao one bottle of wine..



    I read you were looking for this CD. Until you find it….enjoy listening to it here.

    Thanks will listen when I can get to a multimedia comp

  12. Oooppsss…pole, it aint the CD but a track!!!

  13. i are coming to Embu…but on the weekend..shall we have a party? do you have neighbours that the racket shall sumbua? 😀

    Ati Neighbours on weekends this place is a ghost town, the only dudes the racket will sumbua are the baboons

  14. visitors? from transylvannia? just curious with the bats and all…haha…vampires.

    yep, slow weekends are important once in a while…if i can just have one of those…so it look unanimous, embu tunakuja…so make sure that kastash is stocked well….since i won’t be on pinkypinky nitaexpect kupata kavodoski…sio?

    enjoy dude!

    Why not? We wan’t pinki pinki so that vodo can be unleashed

  15. you see Kirish, by the time am reading this weekend is already hear and the wallet is not soo cold.

    enjoy Concour’s d’elegance

  16. Interesting manenos.. ive never been to embu or meru ..furthest ive gone is nyeri.. But my one of my best pal in college was one dude called mugane . from embu.. eiish that guy pendad ass… excess..

  17. End Month is here! Haleluyah!

  18. I am reminded that we have a date to Embu

  19. oh yes! been long since i was hia.

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