Today I’m Relaxed Finally!

After weeks of agony last night was absolute bliss.

The obnoxious bats that have been keeping me awake in the evenings have finally vacated although it had nothing to do with my desperate measures but rather we had to call in a professional exterminator – Rentokill who apparently did some voodoo which had those flying rats vacating the premises. Now that I can get my nights sleep maybe I can get back to regular blogging.

Now this post is a week too late, I had intended to do a write up on the motor show that was held 2 weekends ago but as I explained in my rant I somehow misplaced my camera cable and couldn’t download the photos but fortunately I knew someone with a SonyEricsson mobile phone which also uses the Memory Stick duo so phew!



The famous Hummer that everybody was struggling to touch but I found it abit overhyped


The Camry is one fine car that I would definately aspire to.


Definately what I need for our roads up here in Embu


18″ Rims that was all I could see on this beautiful Chrysler


Subaru Tribeca, Very Popular with the masses but in my opinion not very pretty

but the girls were an added attraction


My type of car!

The show was generally a good day out but I have to rant a bit about the fact that some of the brands I was looking forward to seeing were just not there. How is it possible to have a motorshow without any BMW’s, Audi’s, Volkswagen, Range Rover, Land Rover……. Surely for that ticket price I definitely expected to at least drool at the latest Tourag or X5 but sadly that was not to be.

Now who can tell me that pretty girls in short dresses have to do with selling cars I was just wondering whether the mamasita’s draped over the Subaru Tribeca did more to attract the crowds to the Subaru stand than the car, then there were the ones in hotpants and rollerblades hawking carfreshner I bet there will be very many nice smelling cars on the roads this month.


23 Responses

  1. Love the pics. Am glad tot hear that the bats have found a new home. Loove big cars yet i cant for the heck of me figure out why the hummer doesnt jazz me.

    There was a stampede around the hummer you would think it’s the most important car I think its overhyped.

  2. Enjoy the peace bro!

    Thanks ka-sis!!

  3. Pics not showing….are you using flickr?

    Not flickr just be a bit patient I guess

  4. By the way, the Tourag and X5 are not even worth looking at…..kwanza the Tourag. Looks like a Golf on 4×4….nasty!!!

    Glad to see the bats have vacated. I hope blogging returns to normal.

    I rather like the Toureg or rather the image! I also hope to be back

  5. I can see i didnt miss much! There’s more to see here kwa barabara yaani! These guys love magari mpya mpya tena za nguvu. Lakini Hummer bado ona huku!

    PS: I get a ride to/from office on that Camry…..LOL

    The Camry is hot I was able to overlook the fact that it is a Toyota which are the most generic of cars around here, mine included!

  6. mazee, it’s been a while since i was at the mountain…where to begin?

    bats vamoosed, good on you. kwani rentokil brought in the Joker? okay, bad joke. even nastier one coming up…a black guy died and went to heaven. God gave him wings, he was excited..”so now i’m an angel?”, “No” God replied, “you’re a bat.”

    hummer 2 and 3..naah, give me hummer original, sasa hiyo, kama sio landie, mnipe.

    the ladies are sales gimmicks…sex sells unfortunately…

    cool, good to be back!

    You’re right Bad Joke!! 🙂
    Wewe you need to go for Concours they have some hot Harley Davidsons that would just suit you, si you make it a plot.

  7. I hope they didnt die on the roof ama soon you’ll be needing a mask!
    Nice pics!

    Thanks, I also hope they didn’t die in the roof

  8. Thank God the bats are gone. I was about to miss you.
    Me, I am worried about the driver of the car that is about to do a “back somersault”(pic three).Sii the driver should just buy a ticket for a fun ride.

    Aaaah! So you care?
    The stunts those 4 Wheel drive cars could do were pretty amazing I should also sign up for that 4 wheel drive course, only that first I need to get myself a 4WD

  9. The pics bring me bad Camry was defaced by Hummer driven by some she mburukenge..What to say..what to do?

    But do I say!
    Now! a hummer driving She burukenge did she give you her number? I wouldn’t mind bumping into her either hehehehe!

  10. the hummer is way way overrated and I can’t believe they don’t bring BMW 7 series and jaguars and the like.

    check out the porsche Kanyeni (cayenne), now that’s a deadly moti. i bet i could get the gals from the tribeca with a kanyeni.

    Seeing the BMW 7 series which I have had so many good things about was one of the main reasons for going for motorshow, I have seen the the Cayenne – Deadly!!

  11. good that the bats have vamoosed..modo…no words…this motorshow was indeed lacking in some aspects as you mentioned…then on sunday…lets just say i attempted to leave on sunday at 4pm when the rain started…i got home close to 8 pm traffic was a nightmare and then we were parked in the field..guys were getting stuck left right and time i am parking hukoooo where they make furniture and walking back.

    Pole on the traffic but there were a few good things though

  12. lol, found one bat in the house, yes one bat. I was up late, had to wake up one of the guys to get rid of it. No more for me and you both.

    Camry is a pretty popular car with Kenyans over here. Once they make a little more money, they graduate to a Lexus. Well, the latest Avalon isn’t shabby.

    Hummer– a very obnoxious car if you ask me.

    If you lived in Kenya you would be positively sickened by the hype around the Hummer, Pole on the Bat scare

  13. The bats are finally gone>>>Yahoooo!!!

    Now like you I feel the Tuareg,,great car. The Chrysler is great for floss-mode but am not in that age of flossing. I still love my 328- cant bring myself to sell it.

    Great pics

    What wouldn’t I do for the Touareg? You can still floss I believe

  14. I wanted to fika the motor show on Sunday, but when I heard that there was no Land Rover (ndio niione LR3, Range Sport na Range kubwa) or BMW (new X5) then I didn’t think it was worth going for.

    Hummer – definitely over-rated. Kana ssio H1, forget it!

    Toyota Camry – too deadly!

    Subaru B9 Tribeca – this controversial (and honestly, quite ugly) car was designed by a former Alfa Romeo designer who defected to Subaru (notice the similar styling cues around the grille and the headlights) but due to public demand, the whole front end has been completely re-designed for the 2008 model.

    I’d defnintely have loved to see the facelifted Touareg, BMW 7 series and the all new X5, the Range Sport, Range Rover budaa and the LR3.

    Haiya, Kirish, forget that Land Cruiser, I’ve got just the car for you. They call it the Tomcat Land Rover Defender.

  15. so the bats are gone, huh? that’s awesome, for sure i give you props for waiting that long to get rid of them. ningehama.

    nice pics, and i totally agree with you. what’s a car show without some luxury or sports cars that are way out of your league to drool over? as for the chicks…well, maybe the guys can explain that one.

  16. Bats are creepy creatures, I’d be up at night too if I had any at my place.
    Hummers are ugly looking cars, I think they’re too bulky and way over-hyped. The Camry looks good.

    I guess the hummer is definately not a ladies car! the Camry is very hot indeed

  17. The Bats be gone????? yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay X40
    am moving back …:D

    We await your return 🙂

    that Subaru is not pretty,the Camry is pretty and that blue car is i see them on the road all the time..ama si hizo?they look like that! those other fat cars with big legs are scary..those ones can eat the potholes!
    Lovely pic of the hummer you took.

  18. Me, I just want a Scion TC. Has the profile of a Lexus GS, but costs a fraction of it. And with the engine of the Camry in it, but with a smaller body, it means greater umpf! Too bad Toyota did not have it on display at the show.

    Like everyone else, I think the Hummer is waaaay overated. And like Archer and Modo, if I am to get one it would have to be the original. And that would be under much duress, seeing how little regard I hold for American vehicles.

    Good about the bats vamoosing!

    Lexus is way overy my league but I also wish Toyota would launch it in Kenya so I can also ogle it up close

  19. i might rock up there…if jade can hook some homie with complimentaries…LOL!

  20. interesting.

  21. Am glad someone can finally sleep well, those bats must have been so scary..
    What do I know abouts motors?? LOL, Bt the hummer is definitely overrated!
    Great Week!

    Yeah sleep is back, No body loves the hummer?

  22. Hummer…very overrated. That Toyota Camry…Very dedly moti there, I would definitely go for it. Seriously how do you do a motor show bila BMW 7Series!

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