I am still there!

Its been a while since I put up a post actually last week is the first time I have gone over a week without posting and its not that I have been on a hiatus or anything like that its just that I have been plain lazy to write up anything, I have just contented myself by going around making comments on other peeps blogs. So 3TOC no the bats didn’t consume me and apparently they are still there and are threatening to keep Baby Mama perpetually away. Since this is not a post in the true sense of the word I will go back to the drawing board and put up something later in the week. For now I leave you with a few random numbers on my mind.

  • 5 – Bottles of wine in the house 
  • 12 – an important milestone I am marking this month
  • 42 – I finally figured out the answer to EGM’s blog title.
  • 079174 – My cars odometer reading
  • – The number of fine legs I have witnessed lately

My rant of the week goes to Sony, why o why did they have to design a digital camera with a propriety cable, my old camera had a simple mini-usb connection and I could use the same cable as my phone and it was easy to share with others, now I forgot the cable at home and I am now stuck with several great photos of lovely cars I will never own that I took at the motorshow last weekend. Too bad and I though I would share. Why can’t all manufacturers use the same connector wouldn’t the world be better if all phones just used the Nokia charger and all laptops used the Toshiba Charger? (Actually I read that argument from an article on PC magazine) would save us the agony of carrying a laptop bag full of assorted comm/sync cables and chargers for all the gadgets devices we acquire in our short lifetimes


20 Responses

  1. first, off to re-read. atii the bats HAVE consumed you!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe.


  2. huh? there is what on Egm’s blog title? off to check and let me find hehas not updated……………”he will see me!”(say that in swa)


  3. eh I have been to Egm’s blog, eeeeeeeerrrrrrrr you figured the answer to what? I didn’t find a question. Alaafu dude has not updated…..let me find him.

    Three types of comments!!
    Yes I found the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything, its an insider joke you have to have read a certain book or watched a certain movie to get it, lakini I will let EGM explain himself if he can.

  4. hello kirima. douglas adams have anything to do with this epiphany? alafu izo fikra apo chini…how we all wish…siku moja..ivi karibuni your wishes shall come true…DORIE ninino tatu…zote zako…umeamka na dabo!! 🙂

    Well read you are! Sini ata wewe uko na gadgets na cables kama 50 in the house? so you understand

  5. Maybe the post title should have been..”am still here”. The current title means you are somewhere else.

    You know, you have raised curiosity on the 12 number. Child number 12? 12 years of marriage? 12 in the B-train?

    Ti hehehe! you got me there! Wrong on all 3 counts most definately

  6. * 5 – Bottles of wine in the house
    Ah the baileys on the mountain LOL and friends?
    * 12 – an important milestone I am marking this month
    the number of ???
    * 42 – I finally figured out the answer to EGM’s blog title.
    Blonde moment right here!
    * 079174 – My cars odometer reading
    and counting always great hanging out with you.
    * ∞ – The number of fine legs I have witnessed lately
    sisemi kitu mimi LOL

    The way some things are one size fits all then there should be a charger thats also a connector that i support.
    Now 12 is?

    I forgot to mention the Baileys, Amarula, Vat69, Famous and 1/2 a bottle of Viceroy!! but again thats not wine LOL!
    Number 12 I am not telling!

  7. Invite me to ur digs – No. of bottles will be reading 0 yaani ZERO! LOL

    Of that I have no doubt whatsoever LOL

    12…..mmmmmm yap definately years on BT!

    Kwenda Huko I aint no Monk!!!

    LMAO at infinity number of fine legs….does a certain hill where people go to chill have anything to do with it..?

    Not quite this relates to more recent matters

  8. 5 bottles of wine? are they empty? are they full? if yes, do you want them emptied? hit my inbox 😀

    Full! 3 Red, 2 White for real, They shall be emptied 😉

  9. Yenywe it’s been Long! Hizo 5 bottles si uniwekee kamoja tu!!

    Moja tu kweli? LOL

  10. Came to check that you are still with us!

    Indeed I never left!

  11. A brother with Keroro is a brother indeed..spare me a sip bru..

    You know where I am come on over

  12. If ANY OF YOU (Kirima you are so included) touches any of those wine bottles…the Apocalypse will be real!!

    Oooh! I shudder at the thought!!!

  13. congrats on the 12

    Hmmm! Is it a good thing I wonder

  14. 42 is the answer, but the real mystery is, the answer to what? Douglas Adams rocks major! I still insist, read the book. Utacheka usahau what it’s like not to laugh.

    Can I really hack it that book looks as big as a bible

    As for Sony, I have major gripes with them! When they switched from the standard USB cable to their proprietary one, that just angered me major. It meant I couldn’t use old cables with new cameras. Or download pictures on the new camera if I didn’t have the cable with me. Not only that, but the batteries too. it seems that for each now camera type they have different batteries. Why couldn’t they just have the one standard battery for all? Arrghh!! Just a way to make more money out of people as they force them to buythe newer stuff. Crazy!

    True that about Sony every series of their cameras uses a different type of battery so woe unto you if you leave your bulky charger home aaaargh!

  15. Remember that you owe us a baboon post. Sijasahau.

    Sahau kidogo bana hehehe! Lakini don’t worry ita come.

  16. so will u be telling the number 12? ama ur birthday in on the 12th?

    seems like I am giving u compe in number of wine bottles– I have 8 ;), which will increase by Saturday morning, and be gone several hours in the afternoon after we are done with the party we are throwing :). Wait till I post the pics of the Heineken keg we got 😉

    Keg we have to see this hebu post haraka, Wine bottles should decrease not increase unless you are planning on having a cellar

  17. So you have 5 bottles of wine in your house—if you ever need help drinking them i’d be glad to come over=)

    Welcome sini I’m just next door!!LOL

  18. ati babooon post?? Bomseh what are you encouraging now!! more babooons?? noooooo…


  19. Its over a week already! LOL

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