Bats out of Hell


Since I got back to Embu I have been literally having sleepless nights because I discovered that my house has been infested by a colony of bats! Yes those creepy flying rats that hang upside down in caves. Now I don’t live in a cave by the way it just happens that alot of the staff houses are undergoing repair especially in the roofs but since mine is relatively new I wasn’t affected. But as they worked on the other houses they managed to chase away the bats that had taken residence in their roofs and where do they all move to? Yes to yours trully so now I have got like 1000 bats in the roof of my house. It sounds ridiculous but if you stand outside the house at dusk they literally fly out in waves its incredible how so many bats can squeeze themselves into such a small space.


What makes it absolutely worse is the fact that they have squeezed themselves in the space between the tiles and the corrugated iron sheets on the roof. (incidentaly putting the iron sheets under the tiles was one of the renovations being carried out in order to keep the bats away) Therefore as they move along the sheets they make a cacophony of scratching noises which can drive the most sane person crazy. In addition to this they make these high pithed screeching noises as night falls. You can now imagine the anguish I have to face every day when I get home and unfortunately these noises can go on all night. Another problem posed is the fact that bat shit smells absolutely horrible and the longer they stay up there the worse it gets one of my neighbours actually had the ceiling of his house cave in with the weight of the guano in his attic and they had to clear 2 wheelbarrow fulls of that stinking bat crap hence the urgency with which I want those critters out of my house.

Despite all the horror movies I have watched the thought of Vampire bats doesn’t scare me – they are only found in South America right? (I hope) but these cousins of Dracula are known to have all sorts of unpleasant side effects such as having fleas, carrying rabies and if the medical news last week is to be believed it has been found that the carrier for the deadly Marburg Fever has been found to be some fruit bats in Uganda.

So next week it will be Operation Bats Out even if it means having to rip the entire roof off and sealing every tiny hole with plaster. Once that is dispensed with the next pest problem is how to keep the pesky baboons away from my house but that is another post all on its own. (Wilderness drama I tell you!)

Despite the problem in my roof Bats are fascinating creatures and I do enjoy watching the way they are able to swoop around silently snatching up tiny insects in the dark and even when you stand where they are emerging it is very unlikely for one to hit you all you hear is the soft flutter as they fly past eerily close to you. My favorite supehero is also Batman especially the last one Batman Begins which sort of redeemed the Batman franchise after the utter disaster that was Batman and Robin.

The title of this post was inspired by an album by Meatloaf called Bat out Hell Vol. II, which contained the song “I will do Anything for Love (But I won’t do that)” which is actually the first Rock song that I trully liked what intrigues me is the ambigous ‘that‘ which he will not do, its still a mystery to me. Do you remember that song Well if you don’t here it is to refresh your memory.

This has got to be one of my longest posts but anything to get out of the house and away from those bats!


26 Responses

  1. Hey Pole man. This story reminds me of picture of a bat i saw somewhere. Wacha nitafute and do a post on it….

    Chomoa hio post!

  2. Brrrrrrh! Am Batistophobic 😀 …Whats that crawling on my arm? BRRRRHHHH

    I think its called chiroptophobia I am actually not afraid of Bats just annoyed by them

  3. sii you put a flourescent light in the area that i neing habitated by the bats and leave the light on.

    YOU DID A POST ON A WEEKEND. (thank you to the bats, I owe you one!)

    The space between the tiles and roofing sheets is only like 1 inch thick so that won’t help.
    Actually I did 2 posts if you didn’t notice so there should be twice the love 🙂

  4. weka light

    I’m afraid that won’t help

  5. You do know that bats have rabies?

    Yes I know and thats reason number one I want them out of here!
    Are you back already? so welcome home then

  6. Now Kirish you see the mambo ya kuishi in the mountains. I’ve never known anyone to have Bat problems, but that magic chalk at Nakumatt kills all dudus dead, and other rodents too. Ama jaribu rat-n-rat. Si bats are cousins to rats and mice?

    Actually bats eats insects I doubt they would be interested in the baits, and I don’t want to kill them I just want them out of my house

    Now what did the baboons do? Got to be funny I know. Unleash the baboon post.

    Baboon post will come up shortly

    Ati what is the phobia for bats again Shamza? Google doesn’t know hiyo yako. Kirima the phobia expert hebu saidia.
    Already answered above

  7. Mambo ya bats tena? Kweli ni bundus. In my shaggs the problem is nduturas, pidgeons are the problem, and they can be loud while chilling out huko kwa ceiling then as you say the fleas, woi, then i am allergic to them, so sorry about that my friend, i hope they are exterminated soon!

    Sini Pigeons you can eat so whats th problem?

  8. You are courageous i would have by now sought refuge as far away as possible. Hope they go away soonest.

    They should be the ones running away not me!

  9. Bat infestation? Now that’s new. How on earth does one get rid of all those bats? You’re brave to even stay there one more minute. And your poor neighbor…what happened to him now that he has no roof over his head?

    Hope your problem doesn’t become that big. Happy Monday 🙂

    Apparently the only way is exclusion which involves sealing each and evey hole, I have actually read the only other thing that can keep them away is naphthalene (moth balls) so next time in the supermarket I shall be looking for a big box of mothballs.
    Na Karibu kwangu!

  10. I have a personal bat story to share

    Just last week I am sitting in my living area watching US men’s basketball team humiliate Virgin Island when I saw some kind of flying object zoom to the other corner of the room.

    I do not know if I am Batistophobic (thx shamza) but I know that I fear anyTHING that flies and does not have an engine.

    Yaani I grabbed a big maasai shuka and for the next 30 minutes I shooo shood the idiot bat from one corner to the other until it found out the exit.

    It was quite a scene and a workout too.

    Careful 3N I have actually read somewhere that many people have fallen off ladders in an effort to escape from ‘vicious’ bats actually most of them are actually harmless apart from the issue of fleas, rabies and ebola like diseases

  11. Post is up – feel free to confirm….eeeh…the fact…

    Ahem I have seen IT enuff said!

  12. POle Kirish yaani reminds me of my mum and her bat battles she used to paka mafuta taa and grease at the entrances to their hididng places when that worked for a time she introduced her cat to the sweet meal. Ati she will pandisha the paka huko juu to eat the bats and that finally finished them. There is another dawa but you will need to move for a while. Hope zitakufa.

    Problem is I can’t stand cats either

  13. Eh mjamaa.. Pole for the bats. I am not a friend to anything that is not domestic, or human. So just one bat would have made me shift from that place a looooooong time ago. Kweli you’re courageous.

    Ama you do like nakeel’s mum

    @ nakeel.. Cats actually eat bats?? Surprise surprise

    If only they kept quiet and didn’t stink I wouldn’t worry too much. There are worse creatures out here believe me!

  14. Seriously!! and the way those bats scare me! Pole aki si u hama

    Maybe move in with you ama? LOL!

  15. The way I hate bats arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh….they are noisy and scare the living daylights outta me 😦
    Pole…hope you find a solution

    I must find a solution before I get crazy here

  16. are bats blind? nd if so how do they know what and where to chill out .in this case your ka hao?

    Not all bats are blind but they use echo location to hunt in the dark. I don’t know why they picked my house lakini

  17. Anytime! But remember u were in Nai & u never hollad…..

    Next time I’ll hola for sure

  18. Bat story..eishhh no comment; just a wonder- kwani where do you live?

    The song was great and very long. I loved meatloaf’s music.

    See previous post to see where I live

  19. I cant imagine getting any sleep things crawling above my head. i hope you can have it sorted asap!

    True about the sleeping bit it can be quite frustrating

  20. kwani the bats have consumed you!!!!!!

    probably! but will be back soon

  21. Pole sana for the bats. Have you managed to sort them out by now?

    Since we sealed most of the gaps they have reduced kidogo

  22. Pole sana about that. The last tyme i saw a bat was as a kid n i wldnt mind getting 2 c 1000 of them!!

    Really? You are welcome to have them if you want

  23. I have never seen a live bat, and I am sure I would get fricked out if one showed up in my house!

    They arent too scary ony a nuisance when in the house.

  24. Time to update!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pressure 🙂

  25. Until the bats, babooons ,snakes and sijui geckos are and our baby are coming nowhere close to you!!

    Sob! Sob! I am inconsolable, Can I come live with you and the baby?

  26. so you can carry gecko eggs in your bags and shirts?? NOOOOOO

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