For all you that have been Wondering. This is where I live if you zoom in a bit more you can actually see my house therefore no further direction necessary.

Zoom out to see how deep in the wilderness it actually is.

You are all welcome!

View Larger Map


5 Responses

  1. I am first! Then i went and lost my way on that map, found meself in Nairobi, and I CAN SEE MY HOUSE! 😀

    You need to point out that famous Castle to us all

  2. There you are! Then alittle to the right is my former high school 😉

    Ati school what school?

  3. Msituni kabisa.

    Kabisa kabisa!

  4. Its so beautiful and green Wow!

    Its not as green when closeup but I can say it’s peaceful

  5. Embu is a beautiful place. A good % of my inlaws live there, and it is always a delight visiting the place. Though I find the road narrow with some sharp meanderings.

    Right about the road but generally its a very peaceful and safe place to live.

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