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It has been quite a hassle settling back to the daily drudgery otherwise called work but I can’t complain too much cos’ a man has to get something to eat. No big changes however and as I promised I will not disappoint my fans by disappearing on one of those much maligned hiatuses. I have a few questions or observations though.

  • Now that I am back to work why does the weather decide to improve and the sun come out. It bores me when I look out of the window and see the nice weather and then I remember having to confine myself to the house and several layers of clothes when I should have been out enjoying myself. Too late now.
  • When did Nairobi become so liberal? I ask this cos one night (actually early morning) in one of those 24 hour pubs in Nairobi West there were these 2 chicks who were making out in full public view yaani one was literally papasaring her friends boobs plus some very open kissing. I didn’t know that lesbian PDA was the norm nowadays makes you wonder where we are headed to. (We didn’t mind watching though!)
  • Kwani every one in Nairobi has bought a car? The traffic jams I had to endure were trully horrendous maybe this was made worse by the fact that most of the time I was leaving home was when people were going back home from work, but lakini it was a bit too much this time.
  • Is it poetry week out there on KBW yaani everyone is writting poems?
  • How are people able to multitask i.e. to be able to work, blog, chat and email all at the same time or are all bloggers (except me!) employed by google?

There are still a few things I will definately miss out here in Embu though and which will definately see me make a few trips to Nairobi once in a while.

  • Kiddum
  • Park place chicken
  • Bottomless cups of coffee
  • Pizza

Some of you know what I mean!


10 Responses

  1. traffic in Nai is pure mayhem! Something needs to be done asap!

    True that! by I wonder if anyone is doing anything about it!

  2. let me address each issue on its own.

    1. No hiatus allowed for you, everyone is already taking one.

    I’m not applying

    2. Yes weather gets worse as the week goes. here its always sunny monday thru thursday alafu friday comes and its gloomy as hell. I believe it’s God’s way of keeping a lid on our mwenjoyos….

    3. I need the name of the pub, the time you were there and where the action was taking place. when I visit, I will camp there until lezaction has been observed.

    Ti hii! ongea vizuri you shall know its a very obvious place

    4. seem like everyone has a car, aegeus was complaining of the same traffic shidaz.

    5. the easiest way to multitask (work, blog, chat etc) is to have your priorities set in stone. you get to work, check personal emails then work email, then blog kidogo alafu work kidogo etc

    6. I feel like I know what you mean but I really don’t. I just miss nairobi in general.

    now let me get back to the ‘work’ bit

    Will try that Multi tasking thing but wait a minute stupid firewall blocks me from accessing blogs

  3. Am with you on th weather issue…just when am on or off to to work/college, then it POURS conveninetly till when I arrive destination!
    Please take a hiatus from hiatus tafadhali

    Karibu kwangu!, That is called Murphy’s law.

  4. 2-When did Nairobi become so liberal? I ask this cos one night (actually early morning)

    = kusema kweli i envy you .. it should have been me . i just hope those boobs were not sagging.

    They were not!

    3 -Kwani every one in Nairobi has bought a car? The traffic jams I had to endure were trully horrendous maybe

    = I Miss nairobi sana .. infact I am officially begining the count down to december 16th…

    4 Is it poetry week out there on KBW yaani everyone is writting poems?

    =i was also wondering kwani the spirit of poetry was recently released?

    How are people able to multitask i.e. to be able to work, blog, chat and email all at the same time or are all bloggers (except me!) employed by google?
    =I can only speak for myself… core responsibilties are systems overseas ..canada/india So Within this office I have no reason to deal with anyone except the Dir…

    Lucky you I can’t even get Gmail!

  5. get yourself a sidekick – they do all jobo while you are chatting away, blogging, etc LOL

    Traffic in Nai is the only thing that makes not miss Nai! that and Thika road

    Friday njema bro

    Any applications for that sidekick job?

  6. Murphy’s law on that regard. The sun that is…i am not making sense..need coffee..NOW…then traffic is still horrid…at least 1.5 hours last evening…poetry i think its catching i might write one or two….NOT…as for those mamas, ENCORE!…my job involves processing of large files so while the servers are processing jobs i get time to chat and blog, at times it gets hectic though when the jobs have things called postscript errors yaani the cow refuses i may disappear for a day or two off the blogosphere when the job needs all my faculties…

    If I were you I would blog during the traffic interludes 🙂
    So you are basically paid to blog while waiting for the computer to process lucky you I hope then they don’t upgrade to a superfast processer!

  7. Everyone having cars, blame the banks who are hawking loans right left and center.
    The weather is great now,if only joto kidogo at night we would be sorted.
    PDA in nairobi is the norm it happens all the time.
    Multitask eh its called research that is when you are reading blogs, personal mail is mail delivery test and chat is called supporting the customer see it works.
    Glad that you are not going on Hiatus. Then again if work is too demanding you may proceed LOL.
    Soon we shall be at Kenol dancing the night away soon

    Good point I need to polish up my research skills, Kenol bado sijafika but maybe tonight I might peep in.

  8. LESBIAN PDA?!! In Nairobi West? Where exactly? WHEEEERE?!!

    Lakini at this rate we just might end up like Jo’burg or Cape Town where gay PDA is nothing spectacular, mpaka gay parades on the streets and all that. It’s only shocked miros like me who gawk and wonder what the world is coming to. God forbid that Nairobi should take that turn.

    Yes we did enjoy Kidum and Park Place chicken (ahem…although the ngoks had illicit agendas against me)

    The obvious place with wack pizza, actually I was just surprised that they can be so blantantly obvious

  9. just like archer I want ot know where the PDA is Nairobi west is.. thats my hood bana i can refer some of my pals for a hunting mission ……….WAPI? kengeles? ama stage ama wapi ? mosque?.

    Sini pale pale too, anyway I think it was an isolated incident, the real gays hang out in the other West towards kangemi

  10. Lesbian PDA is better than the gay PDA so common down here. Dayyum!

    Multi tasking, have you tried using keyboard shortcuts? Alt + Tab to be more specific.

    I could do that if my comp had internet access and if my job required me to sit at the desk!

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