All Good Things Must End


Thats it!

Its all over now, to all those I have been bugging by just being idle for the last 5 weeks I would like to announce that this long vacation of mine is over. I can hardly believe it has been that long cos’ it has moved on pretty fast with lots and lots of activities. Of course there were those days that hours dragged especially during the day when most people were at work but it really started coming alive in the evenings and of course on weekends. It has definately given me the opportunity to recharge my mental batteries and get a fresh start for jobo. 5 weeks as many of you say is a long time but for those of us who have live upcountry where alot of the social ammenities we take for granted here in Nairobi are just not there it is too short a time. Coupled with the fact that there were alot of activities around home ensured that there was rarely a dull moment. Some of the activities I was up to include.

  • I was a Bestman at one of my best pals wedding, It was a great experience which took me to Nakuru where I haven’t stopped in a very long time and the ceremony was one of those very small intimate ceremonies where you literally know everybody. Definately the pressure for me to follow suit was there as is in all weddings so I had to engage in a delicate balancing act of ducking relas who inevitably ask “Na yako ni lini?”
  • I got back my reading habits. Its been a while since I’ve had free time to indulge in what used to be one of my biggest hobbies which is reading books. So during my free time during the day I was able to read several books not the ussual thrillers I used to love but this time I tried new authors and biographies and loved them these included , A brief History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, Unbowed by Wangari Maathai (if I knew how I would have done a review for HnH’s Bookworms), Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson and I have also bought 2 of the earlier Kwani Editions to keep me occupied when I get back to work.
  • I got to discover new places to hang out in Nairobi and definately heard a good time in my several nights out therefore next time I am in town I definately know where to hang out.
  • I had the opportunity to visit a childrens home – St. Francis in Langata which was a thoroughly humbling and touching experience it definately reminded me that even the simplest guestures can mean alot to those in need. I will definately be willing to support more of this.
  • I got to meet several of my favourite bloggers during these weeks, this is particularly intersting because when I got into blogging I didn’t expect that it would be possible for me to interact with bloggers one on one due to distance and I worried about whether actually meeting them would in any way change my perception of them but quite pleasantly I was glad to find a close and decent fellowship of individuals who are quite easy to hang around with. It will definately be my pleasure to join in whenever it will be possible in future.

I don’t want to say too much but will definately be back to blogging once I get back to Embu so as to give you the pespective from up there. (At least less phone blogging from there!) For all those I met it was my pleasure and will definately look forward to repeating more of the same. For those I didn’t get a chance to meet especially those who are coming home this month I’m sure there will be a next time.



25 Responses

  1. Fao…AU?

    that was fast congrats

  2. Just making sure…LOL!!!

    5 weeks is not alot…esp. when you are having lots of fun.

    I too would have ducked peeps…that question is too much.
    For how long?

    Ebu rudi embu haraka you bring us tales from those sides. Alafu, do you a hotel called Thuchi River Lodge na hukos?

    I know Thuci River lodge but that is far I haven’t been there yet

    • Hi, could you be having the contacts to thuci river lodge? probably telephone number or email address.

  3. Kweli 5 weeks is not long. Especially when you are having serious mwenjoyo! It’s good you were able to do all that you did. This was a well spent holiday.

    Yes I’ve had my fun now back to the daily grind, It was great finally meeting you

  4. Those 5 weeks just flew by! At least for me. It was nice to meet the man of the mountain or is it…ah well…blogging uendelee…one day i shall be the one on the holiday and you watching at work… 🙂

    I thought you never took holidays:-) Anyway it was fun hanging out with you too na blogging itaendelea

  5. Twas great meeting you 🙂 . Keep blogging from Embu showing us the view from the mountain. Tell your relas to be easy yeako iko njiani LOL.
    All the best and time does fly.

    Time has really flown kweli, twas great meeting you too

  6. Good to know you enjoyed the five weeks. I hope you did rest lakini.

    Safe journey back to work aka Embu.


    a.o.b; I bought “losing my virginity” for a friend of mine for his birthday once and the fellow rang me before he even read first page going,”what?”.
    It is a good read though.
    Journey mercies kwako.

    Hehe I wonder why guys minds ussually dash to the gutter first, yes indeed it was a good read

  7. Aaaaah i wish i could go on holiday! jienjoy job pia bro

    @3ToC, you bought what now? kwani the dude needed to read on how to loose virginity? alafu… let me stop here before plates start flying…

    See what I said about guys heading straight to the gutter LOL!

  8. ooooh, its that virginity!! Drat!

    Hehehe! Now you get it!

  9. Did you enjoy reading Richard Branson’s book? I loved it. My hubby bought ‘Unbowed’ by Wangari Maathai’s but i am yet to open it. I feel like I already know so much about her…but i will soon after i ran out of books to read

    I thoroughly enjoyed it and read it in 2 days flat definately a very good book. Unbowed is also a good book I had to take extra care of the one I read since it was my mums personally autographed copy – she once worked with Wangari

  10. Bill Bryson rocks! I have read just about all his books. I was curious about ‘the History’ since I’d previously only read his travel books (the one on Australia is v. funny). It didn’t disappoint.
    Richard Branson is on my list too (I make mental lists of books I want to read, but when i get to the bookstore, like the compulsive shopper that I am, an interesting/quirky/shiny/silly cover or title draws my attention…then I get home and remember I didn’t even look for any of the books on my list…one day, i will see and buy the Richard Branson!)

    I have seen the travel books but haven’t read any but I will try one soon, History of nearly everything is a very entertaining natural history lesson if you can lay your hand on the illustrated edition its even better.

  11. I Hope you enjoyed the break. Was lovely to hang around you and keep more coming from Embu. I hope we get to escort Betty on the EGEP/Kenol meet up.

    Thanks, you know the more the merrier 🙂

  12. Time flies. 5 weeks is quite short when you’re enjoying yourself. It’s good you did.
    Now jienjoy uko uko kazini tuu… LOL

    True it just flew by, now how do I enjoy work? hehe!

  13. thats sawa, so you read, im currently reading the LONG GRAY LINE by Rick Atkinson.

    Yes I do read, haven’t come across Rick Atkinson yet though.

  14. which edition of kwani do you have? i have 03 and cant wait to lay my hands on 4.have a great view and time from Embu.

    I have edition 01 and 03 which I intend to soma pole pole then catch up with the rest later
    Kumbe ni wewe! karibu tena lakini

  15. sounds like you had fun on your vacation, it’s always nice to refresh the mind.

    Yeah now I’m quite fresh, Thanks for visiting Wambui No.2

  16. Holiday ndefu is over eh? came here saw new house almost thought i was in the wrong neighbourhood 🙂 looking very spruced up, your new home! sasa mimi nije embu lini kutembea? see i am inviting myself by force 🙂 tihihihi

    What force my dear there is absolutely no resistance, just come on over 🙂

  17. AW fantastic time we had around you too. you’s a hilarious dude. Thanks. na embu tunakuja vibaya sana…kenol tudunde. maybe you can hook me up with a few flowers for…..

    i’ve noted those tumabooks…and i will find me some time and read them too…

    yeah, so yako iko lini? LOL!

    Yeah fantastic time indeed but ati mi hillarious thats an overstatement compared to you :-),
    Na yako pia ni lini?

  18. Kirish, glad you had a fab holiday and enuff rest to give you psyche for jobo again!! Too bad i missed that holiday of ures but no worries, modo and i have invited ourselves to Embu as you see.

    No psyche yet! This Embu place will be choke full of bloggers I wonder if it can handle it. Lakini you are welcome

  19. oh KIRISH na BOYO..Kwani4 you want? talk to me nicely..i know people in the right places!!

    I ALWAYS talk nicely to you

  20. passing by, just stripped off ideas on how to kill time on my leave as well. cheers

    Welcome and do enjoy your leave

  21. Cheers mzee. Nice meeting you!

    Pleasure all mine

  22. Seems I am the only blogger who hasn’t met another one, YET. Time will come lakini.

    Did you travel Riakanau or 4NT? Keep blogging.

    Don’t worry if you ever fika Nairobi you will meet plenty of them till you’ll be running

  23. LMAOO @ bomseh @ Riakanau

    lakini kirima do those tu buses still exist? i.e riakanau ? i onced boarded the mothafuka fron thika( wietheithie ) to Nairobi … FKK that bus took a whole freaking 2 hours…. stoping at every stage do that some vaite kan alight… never again

    Those buses are no longer on the road unfortunately they were essential for comic relief but some people really believed in them

  24. Glad u had fun!

    Loads of it thanks

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