Nairobbery & More!


Just when you are having fun it takes one incident to bring you down to reallity and realize just where you are. This is probably my least postive post but I just needed to get some worries out of my system.
A couple nights back while I was out enjoying myself in the early evening around 8:30 PM I got a call from home asking where I was cos they were hearing gunshots in the neighbourhood that indeed is worrying cos I stay in one of the surburbs not far from Nairobi that is prone to high levels of violent crime especially in the recent past. Seeing that I was still in town and that was quite an early hour I just promised to call as soon as I get near home so that someone can be ready to open the gate for me.

Got home at around 11:00 only to find out that one of our neighbours had been shot dead.
Apparently the thugs had been monitoring him and knew that he comes home early so they waited for him to come home and pounced on him as he was getting in and held him and his family hostage as they demanded money (I wonder how they expect people to keep large amounts of money at home nowadays). Meanwhile one of the employees who was outside managed to escape and rush to the nearby police post which is less than 500M away. For once nobody could complain about the police responce, the police rushed there and managed to shoot dead 2 of the thugs who were outside but probably out of spite the gangsters shot the man of the house as they were making the getaway, one of the cops also got shot on the leg.

This incident whch was too close to home for my comfort has definately brought the realities of insecurity in our neighbourhood and in our country in general. Every time I am going out even last night the thought of whether I will get home safetly is always at the back of the mind and much as I try I can’t help but worry not just for myself but for the people at home. It used to be that thugs ussually struck at late hours of the night but nowadays anytime is possible in fact I’m just about the only person at home who has not been carjacked (knock on wood!) and all those incidences have been before 8:00 PM, just recently one of our neighbours house was broken into after 5:00 AM I heard the alarm go off but on checking the time I dismissed it cos that is basically dawn and you wouldn’t expect any breakins at that time.

That brings me to tbe terrified state most of the people in Nairobi and its surroundings endure every day I find it very stricking how in Embu I am able to sleep soundly throughout the night but when I am here every bark of the dog or sound in the night makes you jump out of sleep with your heart pounding. Every house is a fortress with all manners of gates, burglar proof grills, dogs and alarms. At home we have even installed vibration sensors and motion sensors all over the house but still that doesn’t give you any assurance. I am not optimistic that the situation will change soon despite the capture/elimination of some of the most wanted gangsters. I wish there was something more I could do to help the situation because as much as I live in a safer place there is still the knowledge that people I care about are in danger and that sickens me.

Now onto less grim matters, Yesterday I managed to catch the Kiddum show at Galilleos and what a blast it was. Several bloggers in attendance including the recently landed JM it was definately good to put a face on several of the people who you only knew by their aliases. The ambience and music was terrific some dancing and generally alot of fun for all. Definately a good way to spend my vacation. How I wonder how those who had to go to work in the morning dealt with it.

My rant of the week goes to those wives who complain when you go for drinks with their husbands and come back either very late or the next morning saying you are spoiling their men. They should realise and accept that their husbands are grown up men and are fully responsible for their own actions and not their friends. Washidwe kabisa I am not your husbands keeper!


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  1. Ati?

    Ndivyo hivyo ilivyo!

  2. Pole.. this is Nairobi we are always watching our backs mchana na usiku.
    LMAO On your rant….kwani ulikuja kuharibu wamaume na kuvunja manyumba Nairobi..washidwe kabisa

    Watching your back is not enough you have to watch front, left, right, top and bottom as well. Kama anataka kuhanya ata hanya I cannot and refuse to be responsible for that.

  3. i know how its. After 7 thugs kujad digs 4 with AKs you just never know how secure you are and it does not matter if its day or night.

    Our place has been broken into 3 times in around 5 years and once I was in it was very scary

  4. We take a lot of things for granted., thank God for small mercies. For those women complaining, they should take it up with your husband not you.

    Exactly but it does make one feel very powerless. I feel nothing about those complaints since they are not my responsibilities.

  5. Security is always on my mind in this crazy city of ours…used to live up that way too and the crime rate had gone seems its back with a vengeance…

    Yeah you can’t get too comfortable nowadays

    Now about the wife…how on earth do you spoil a grown up…MARRIED…man? Has she said that statement out loud ajiskize? Total rubbish!

    I also wonder, lakini fortunately she did not tell me to my face I would have laughed out loud.

  6. Maan insecurity Nai is scary. but can we do? ***sighing

    Alafu Kirima, Kwani Mrs ‘Alter ego” complained to you? Rubbish! Kidum tutaenda tena na tena LOL

    LOL sio huyo! lakini pia yeye ajue I will have none of that.

  7. I am not sure when it happened but it did………………life has become so cheap. AND THAT IS SAD.
    I can’t understand…..if you came to steal a car, sii you take the car not the driver’s life.Take anything, just not a life.

    I agree totally with you if you want stuff just take it I can always replace but a life !….

    Kirima is it the wives who are cozing ama it’s their husbands misleading them by saying, “you know how Kirima is, he forced me to go with him”, kumbe dude needed no force infact you found him drinking!

    LOL! You know what? you may be right I know some people use my name to get out of sticky situations cos if they say they were with me it is assumed hakuna maneno! If they only knew.

  8. sorry about your neighbour….
    Its a reality that we have to face in Nairobi…

    Thanx, Make me feel like Embu ain’t bad afterall

  9. Iam now quiet scared of coming to nairobi! there was a time that third world (read eastlands) was the only unsafe place, but now everywhere is unsafe!

    True that!

    LOOOL on the rant! but wives think their husband take advantage of saying they were with you to meet up with chick like me! LOOL:)

    LOL How true but ebu they leave me out of their dome’s

  10. Pole sana n only God can protect u.
    In our family we have been thru HELL with thugs and last year but one they tried 2 hijack me with my mum’s car but smehow God was with me. Long story might actually blog about it.

    Dont go home same tyme of the night.
    Call in advance for the gate 2 be opened.
    Do stop without hesitation when the gangsters order u n cooperate! They shoot pple who try 2 look at them. Look down n hands where they can c them.
    U’ll be ok.

    Thanx for your concern and tips, I have almost been carjacked once by a car that was trailling me and tried to force me off the road but fortunately I was able to move fast and get away but I was scared shitless nowadays I drive very defensively at night but if actually caught up I will follow your advice

  11. Pole about your jirani, I know how Scary that can be, Believe me we were once attacked at night @ my couzos place by those gun trotting bastards! I have never been so scared in my Life so I know what u feel!
    That’s Just Nairobi, Insecurity is alarming!!
    About those Wives who whine, If I were in there shoes I would deal with the guy himself coz he’s old enough to make independent choices
    Great Wknd!!

    Pole on your experience its shocking how everyone has a personal experience. Good to hear you wouldn’t go around blaming the boys. Thanks I had a great weekend

  12. You are spoiling women’s husbands now? Siendi kunywa nawewe.

    Hebu tell us you became whose husband?

  13. such tragic events are a reminder to everyone of the importance to remain vigilant and prepared for possible violent incidents such as carjacking ama thugs with guns…

    this four actions will significantly decrease your risk of injury during the initial stage of a carjacking
    1Put your hands up
    2Do not make any sudden movements, which could be perceived as confrontational;
    3If they indicate they could kill you – acknowledge it; and Show you do not intend to drive away.
    4 Inform them of all your needs and actions and do not make eye contact

    Thats very good advide that I hope I will never need to use!

  14. Pole on the scare and your nieghbour’s death at the hands of the thugs. It’s things like these that make me second guess my coming home. I just might decide to settle at some place like Embu. But that won’t take the problem away. Those in Nairobi will still be under the clutch of this madness. I do hope the powers that be deal with this menace quick.

    Nairobi is a great place to live but the insecurity paints a very bad picture of the city I hope that it doesn’t scare you too much though

  15. Pole Bro, unfortunately the insecurity has reached the extent that wa accept it as part of the price of living in an urban area. On the other hand, you could move to eastlands, thieves don’t steal from themselves 🙂
    Was great meeting you at Kidum, and you sure suprised me at the end, Thanks for the deed, made my birthday even better. Hugs.

    …blushes… Thanx, LOL on the Eastlands angle so indeed there is ‘honour among thieves’

  16. Pole about your neighbour and I agree with you on the insecurity issue.

    I have been car jacked and it is the most traumatic experience I have ever had to endure.

    As for your rant, How can one influence an adult?

    Carjacking is one experience I would like to miss out in life maybe I should make my car as conspicous as possible to make it unattractive to thugs

  17. Pole about your neighbor, I know what you mean about waking up when the dog barks,when I was in Kenya our neighborhood was always getting robbed. I like your new home

    Thanx, Having a good nights sleep is a dream around here.

  18. scary!anyone who has ever had the ugly muzzle of an ak47 will tell u its not n let live…

    Kweli, Have you seen that ugly muzzle? if so pole

  19. @ boy flani .loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool thats too funny ……. me my makendes have once been a mat that has been hijacked hukos na outering… fakk i was sure my makendes were going to kufa kwanza when one of the thugs semad ‘ …ingia kijinjioo.. ” and the damn dere made a major swerve to that road entering buru I was like This is it.. its been a life well lived…………

    That yenyewe sounds scary I can only imagine what goes through someones mind during such and attack, lakini ulifika poa.

  20. Hapo umenipata. I haven’t become anyone’s husband, YET!

    Nilijua, but when you do don’t allow pals like me to derail you then.

  21. @Half
    Actually you might find that eastlands is far much more safer than other parts of nairobi

    In my view nowhere is safe anymore even the leafy surburbs are just as bad

  22. I know that scary feeling. Less than 1 hour after arriving home, two people were stabbed on the street. Not forgetting, our house has been almost broken into while we were watching TV.


    Looks like prayer may be the only option out there for most of us

  23. Pole about the death of your neighbour. My hope is that things change for the better, sooner than later.

    Thanx for your good wishes

  24. sii you update before work calls you back.

  25. Nairobbery is still crazy like that. We need to be given guns to protect ourselves. Coz M-16 I would get for sure.

  26. man, kirima, pole saana. i remember you talked about it but the whole thing is just nasty. sijui what can be done, but ssomething has got to give..hatuwezi shinda daily tuko na uwoga like that. pole about your neighbour.

    as for the rant…trudat!…si ako na ID? sio mtoto…

  27. did i say what i had to say? he gat me again…akismet! as usual

  28. Aiiii!! Pole sana… That is nairobi for you, I have been made to sit down at kimathi street with a gun on mi head, just to give a phone n some very little cash… I know the trauma aki… Aii Pole

  29. Its crazy! in Nairobi we have to be in constant watch of our backs. we have lost too many people in crime incidents. As for husbands being spoilt, i say nothing. anyway people always have a choice on what they want to do. But don’t husbands too say their wives are being spoilt? HI kiddum gitu gani? lol

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