Monday Reflections

I never thought I thought I would get to say I love Monday but today I actually view today as a relief after a very eventful weekend. Lets just say I had too much fun otherwise how do you explain that I was getting back home at 5:00 PM on sato from Friday afternoon with no sleep in between, I thought I was too old for this but I guess I was wrong.

Now my leave is progressing rather nicely I have managed to catch up with alot of friends I haven’t hanged out with for ages and met a number of cool people being August there were several functions 4 weddings and a funeral (literally! none mine if you are asking)  I am now getting the hang of this wordpress thing discovering new things every day I still need to learn how to put in pictures easily in my posts but I amd sure that will be accomplished soon, will still try to tweak this template some more but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be easy to modify themes in wordpress but so far I am impressed by the experience. I am impressed that I have managed to rope in a few new recruits as well.

Now that Premier League is back with a bang (go Man U- kwani what does Mourinho do when he is training the boys in taking penalties “Aim at the goalie!” hehehe!!!) and BBA is back I need to seriously consider getting myself a dish once I am back at Embu but with the sudden flood of new offers in the market I wouldn’t know what to pick, GTV looks attractive cos of the premiership but that alone cannot make me choose it since I will always prefer watching football in a pub where I can watch the agony on the faces of Arsenal and Chelsea supporters when we hit them. I think the premium package of DSTV is still the best but the price is still not attractive sini I can get GTV and DSTV compact at the same price.

Now the weather is getting better I need to get out of the house more (during the day that is!) but whats there to be done that doesn’t involve spending money since all this activity has seriously dented my savings plus a car that is demanding CV joints, rack ends and assorted bushes!


17 Responses

  1. New Digz! Looks nice.

    I’m first, but do I say?

    Thanx, Karibu Chai

  2. Now your house shall end up looking like that plot on radio hill – the one for Telkom near hapo, Don Bosco. Hehe!!

    Then as for rack ends, etc, that is a result of running along Thika road, mazee they ought to hurry up that road is a mess!! Pole man, as for activites that do not require money,,,i have a few ideas…si you know where to find me…. hehehe!!

    You know how I love to tinker! Thika Road is a real car wrecker and plus I was in Nakuru 2 weeks ago and can report there is absolutely NO ROAD between Gilgil and Naks
    I Love free things! good so nitakutafuta,

  3. I think one jose(phine) maureenwhore does exactly what u said. i can hear him saying…. “you pensioners, aim at cech….” the problem is cech always jumps the other side so they think they are cool…. lakini wapi!!! LOL

    Bro, if you need tips on WP, holla. i may not be an expert but i jua almost all the basics!

    I will definately Hola when I am stuck! That shoot out was hilarious most Chelsea fans left after the Lampard shot was stopped

  4. Kweli you’ve over-enjoyed your vacation!

    DSTV looks very attractive right now, I’m considering strangling a certain mama someone until I find a dish on the roof! Kwanza I missed the premiere of BBA 2. I skia sijui they nyakuad a bouincer from Migori or something?

    Ati bouncer from where?

    “I can watch the agony on the faces of Arsenal and Chelsea supporters when we hit them” for your information, Mau Useless had never (before yesterday) beaten Chelsea in over 2 years!!! Even Arsenal did the home and away against Manure last season!!

    I know my team is crap when it comes to penas. When I saw that about to happen, I knew papo hapo that we’d lose. That Lampard maken*e always shoots in the same direction. SWP is just a short crap player. Pizarro, yake ilikamatwa live live.

    Mourinho needs to style up when it comes to penas.

    Well those 2 years have ended so stop looking back and look forward, and please stop reminding me of Arsenals flukes last year. You know that Kenyans are 50% Arsenal fans and 35% Chelsea so we are always outnumbered and outshouted by the other loudmouths. You are spot on about Mourinho though!!

  5. By the way, nice digz! Relaxed atmosphere, sorta like what mine used to look like before I did the paintjob. Now put in some deadly header photo

    Thanx I will have to learn how to edit the header first

  6. Nice digz, terrible choice in soccer. I have forgiven Lampard on the count that he will help us keep ManUseless chasing us the whole season.

    Now I feel fortunate for missing that game, from what Archer explains of the Pena, I would be shopping for a new tv this morning.

    I will follow keenly to see if your teams luck will improve later on

  7. I think I will also be moving to word press!!!!

    You will be most welcome too

  8. you are not alone
    For I am here agreeing with your makendes
    Though we’re far apart
    you got to have the strength to carry on
    monday will come to pass..

    ujienjoy ..

    Nitajaribu kujienjoy kabisa

  9. Yaani ata season ijanza offially and we have to put up with matusi…sawa tu.!
    Holiday inaisha kirima ..what you gonna do? You going back to jobo my dear!

    What Matusi? Sini it was your guys shooting at the goalie!
    Yaani you people are already tired of me!! don’t worry I will still be shooting from up there as well

  10. Soccer is back so let the rivalry begin. Hope that you are still enjoying the holiday and i still don’t like Mondays

    I am still enjoying it, Mondays are the best! I just sleep in till 11:00, hehehe! I know it will end soon but till then…..

  11. When it comes to penas chelsea should just sit down and concede.

    GTV nje. There’s only so much soccer that you can watch. The full DSTV is just what the doctor ordered. Movies, Series, Cartoons, History Channel, National Geographic ….

    In fact they should have a ka-offer where you pick the channels you want, each like 100 or 150 a month, minimum 10. Sales would go thru the roof!

    I am also hopping they can be flexible with their packages, unfortunately the other packages, Compact and Family are bila discovery and history channel and I still love my Rugby and Tennis

  12. Community Shield or not….we got our own back from the last defeat. This will motivate us to look forward to out games together….can’t wait.

    If you want tips for WP, I aint no expert, but I can help.

    Definately got our won back! Thanx for the offer!

  13. I see you switched to wordpress! You attach photos when creating a new post. If you scroll down, beyond the typing area, you will see a section for uploading photos.
    I’ve found it hope to use it soon
    am laughing at the lack of a road between gilgil and naks. Those are my exact sentiments, at least the last time I travelled that road. It was so dusty that cars could collide, and then Kenyan drivers don’t switch on lights when visibility is poor!

    You are right that diversion is just a mess the damage it is doing to cars is legendary at least the renovated section is almost complete

  14. yeah i got recruited too I penda the whole layout thing, its really nice. and thanks for the note.

    Thank you too for visiting

  15. why is my earlier comment not here?? *sigh*

    Woieee! even me I don’t know I have even checked the spam catcher and there is nothing there, just try again

  16. Archer Archer Archer (shaking head)
    Nice DigZ…………….
    Si I hear even nation will be showing the games?

    Thanks, Hebu Tell Archer he will be in for more of that whipping, NTV I think will only show one game per week I think

  17. Mwariwadavid has an idea lakini WP can be slow at times. I suggest you use flickr and upload the pictures as a url while writing up your post. Holla if you need help.

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