Open For Business

After much thought I have finally decided to finally open up my WordPress Blog page. I have had this page for a while but have been too busy to attempt the migration but cos of the problems I have been having with Blogger lately at my other blog I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and migrate. So Friends welcome to the new mountain top.



24 Responses

  1. Karibu in the neighbourhood. i’ll be the naughty jirani wa kupiga makelele saa zote! LOL
    Even your excess kelele is welcome
    Sasa tunataka party

    Ati Party namna gani? What are you starting now?

  2. So when is the party. Loving the new diggz. what do we bring?
    Thanx, what to bring? just your self!

  3. I will keep visiting even though you have moved to the suburbs.

    Ati the surbubs, LOL I live in the budus lakini welcome again and again

  4. Wewe Get back home!!!! LOL

    This is home now 🙂
    Lakini this is a nice place too!!


  5. Again…..karibu WP!

    Its dope aint it?

    Lovin it!

  6. From the other post…..that is the beauty of WP as you will discover the more you use it.

    I found out coz you left a comment when logged on to your WP account. I just clicked your name and it brought me to your new home. So technically, I am your first mgeni….WOOO HOOOO! 😀

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now what prize can I give you? an e-kiss will have to suffice :-*

  7. Karibu new digz! Now for that house warming…

    Thanx, apparently you are the appointed papparazzi

  8. Nice place. Very beutiful. I hope am invited for house warming.

    Thanx, everyone is welcome

  9. was it something I said………………..everyone’s moving.

    You are welcome to say anything you want over here

    Where, when ,what house warming?

    Ti hi Same question I ask myself

  10. unauza mayai hapa?

    Ndio pamoja na chapo LOL!

  11. Lovely home. Tunabeba nini?

    Asante, Just bring all your opinions 🙂

  12. “”””…will keep visiting even though you have moved to the suburbs…””

    Actually its the sticks

    muchama ati amemove to the suburbs LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Thats too funny…. dude tokad innner city huh? as for me and my makendes nitabaki kwa blogger( ((am bila patience to learn new things ))))

    kila mutu na haki yake blogger is still good

  13. House warming ni ya lini…..

    Uhmmmm! Now?

    Am still stuck na blogger…

    I had no problem with blogger until it started misbehaving and locking me out of my own blog.

  14. Welcome to the dark side. Muahahahaha!!

    Oooh! The mystery I can’t wait to delve into these mysterious depths, Thanx

  15. unlike popular belief…kumbe mountains move…karibu huku…yep, like gish said…blog-warming?

    LOL! This is an unstable mountain and it was bound to erupt in WP , Didn’t you feel the tremors?

  16. I like this a lot. I am in the process of deciding of whether to make the switch also.


  17. Kirima you see I don’t need mob inspiration to move. Check out kesho, it should be up and running

    @moca, I will require a lot of help with the widgings and thingies on WP

    Mwalimu unaskia?

    no more mambo of @ nani

    Hats off a true man of his word! Yes I visited and it is up and running congrats

  18. Why am I not surprised to see a lot of tree up here? Na sasa mandizi hukubeba ama Riakanau walitoa carrier? Na miraa? Karibu WP hata empty handed it’s fine. At least the posts will keep coming, n’est ce pas?

    LOL! There had to be trees yenyewe! I’ll be back to posting once I get all the ropes and do a few tweaks here and there

  19. Welcome home man! Huku where the sun always shines! 🙂

    Thanx, let me start basking then 🙂

  20. hata mimi meshikwa na thr wordpress virus.


    Wow!!! That was fast

  21. loving it, loving it, LOVING IT!!

    Thanks baby mama!

    am soon gonna fuata your nyayo.Am waiting for the invite even me!

    Hata wewe? I knew you couldn’t stand being apart LOL!

  22. jienjoyi na wordpress!

    Asante sana

  23. thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiird….n that could explain why i have been somehow unable to comment on your blog bro…now am back at you like………welcome!al def. be back

    Sometimes blogger refuses like that, Karibu tena na tena!

  24. nguginick….drop me an email.

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