Bats out of Hell


Since I got back to Embu I have been literally having sleepless nights because I discovered that my house has been infested by a colony of bats! Yes those creepy flying rats that hang upside down in caves. Now I don’t live in a cave by the way it just happens that alot of the staff houses are undergoing repair especially in the roofs but since mine is relatively new I wasn’t affected. But as they worked on the other houses they managed to chase away the bats that had taken residence in their roofs and where do they all move to? Yes to yours trully so now I have got like 1000 bats in the roof of my house. It sounds ridiculous but if you stand outside the house at dusk they literally fly out in waves its incredible how so many bats can squeeze themselves into such a small space.


What makes it absolutely worse is the fact that they have squeezed themselves in the space between the tiles and the corrugated iron sheets on the roof. (incidentaly putting the iron sheets under the tiles was one of the renovations being carried out in order to keep the bats away) Therefore as they move along the sheets they make a cacophony of scratching noises which can drive the most sane person crazy. In addition to this they make these high pithed screeching noises as night falls. You can now imagine the anguish I have to face every day when I get home and unfortunately these noises can go on all night. Another problem posed is the fact that bat shit smells absolutely horrible and the longer they stay up there the worse it gets one of my neighbours actually had the ceiling of his house cave in with the weight of the guano in his attic and they had to clear 2 wheelbarrow fulls of that stinking bat crap hence the urgency with which I want those critters out of my house.

Despite all the horror movies I have watched the thought of Vampire bats doesn’t scare me – they are only found in South America right? (I hope) but these cousins of Dracula are known to have all sorts of unpleasant side effects such as having fleas, carrying rabies and if the medical news last week is to be believed it has been found that the carrier for the deadly Marburg Fever has been found to be some fruit bats in Uganda.

So next week it will be Operation Bats Out even if it means having to rip the entire roof off and sealing every tiny hole with plaster. Once that is dispensed with the next pest problem is how to keep the pesky baboons away from my house but that is another post all on its own. (Wilderness drama I tell you!)

Despite the problem in my roof Bats are fascinating creatures and I do enjoy watching the way they are able to swoop around silently snatching up tiny insects in the dark and even when you stand where they are emerging it is very unlikely for one to hit you all you hear is the soft flutter as they fly past eerily close to you. My favorite supehero is also Batman especially the last one Batman Begins which sort of redeemed the Batman franchise after the utter disaster that was Batman and Robin.

The title of this post was inspired by an album by Meatloaf called Bat out Hell Vol. II, which contained the song “I will do Anything for Love (But I won’t do that)” which is actually the first Rock song that I trully liked what intrigues me is the ambigous ‘that‘ which he will not do, its still a mystery to me. Do you remember that song Well if you don’t here it is to refresh your memory.

This has got to be one of my longest posts but anything to get out of the house and away from those bats!



For all you that have been Wondering. This is where I live if you zoom in a bit more you can actually see my house therefore no further direction necessary.

Zoom out to see how deep in the wilderness it actually is.

You are all welcome!

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Regular programing

It has been quite a hassle settling back to the daily drudgery otherwise called work but I can’t complain too much cos’ a man has to get something to eat. No big changes however and as I promised I will not disappoint my fans by disappearing on one of those much maligned hiatuses. I have a few questions or observations though.

  • Now that I am back to work why does the weather decide to improve and the sun come out. It bores me when I look out of the window and see the nice weather and then I remember having to confine myself to the house and several layers of clothes when I should have been out enjoying myself. Too late now.
  • When did Nairobi become so liberal? I ask this cos one night (actually early morning) in one of those 24 hour pubs in Nairobi West there were these 2 chicks who were making out in full public view yaani one was literally papasaring her friends boobs plus some very open kissing. I didn’t know that lesbian PDA was the norm nowadays makes you wonder where we are headed to. (We didn’t mind watching though!)
  • Kwani every one in Nairobi has bought a car? The traffic jams I had to endure were trully horrendous maybe this was made worse by the fact that most of the time I was leaving home was when people were going back home from work, but lakini it was a bit too much this time.
  • Is it poetry week out there on KBW yaani everyone is writting poems?
  • How are people able to multitask i.e. to be able to work, blog, chat and email all at the same time or are all bloggers (except me!) employed by google?

There are still a few things I will definately miss out here in Embu though and which will definately see me make a few trips to Nairobi once in a while.

  • Kiddum
  • Park place chicken
  • Bottomless cups of coffee
  • Pizza

Some of you know what I mean!

All Good Things Must End


Thats it!

Its all over now, to all those I have been bugging by just being idle for the last 5 weeks I would like to announce that this long vacation of mine is over. I can hardly believe it has been that long cos’ it has moved on pretty fast with lots and lots of activities. Of course there were those days that hours dragged especially during the day when most people were at work but it really started coming alive in the evenings and of course on weekends. It has definately given me the opportunity to recharge my mental batteries and get a fresh start for jobo. 5 weeks as many of you say is a long time but for those of us who have live upcountry where alot of the social ammenities we take for granted here in Nairobi are just not there it is too short a time. Coupled with the fact that there were alot of activities around home ensured that there was rarely a dull moment. Some of the activities I was up to include.

  • I was a Bestman at one of my best pals wedding, It was a great experience which took me to Nakuru where I haven’t stopped in a very long time and the ceremony was one of those very small intimate ceremonies where you literally know everybody. Definately the pressure for me to follow suit was there as is in all weddings so I had to engage in a delicate balancing act of ducking relas who inevitably ask “Na yako ni lini?”
  • I got back my reading habits. Its been a while since I’ve had free time to indulge in what used to be one of my biggest hobbies which is reading books. So during my free time during the day I was able to read several books not the ussual thrillers I used to love but this time I tried new authors and biographies and loved them these included , A brief History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, Unbowed by Wangari Maathai (if I knew how I would have done a review for HnH’s Bookworms), Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson and I have also bought 2 of the earlier Kwani Editions to keep me occupied when I get back to work.
  • I got to discover new places to hang out in Nairobi and definately heard a good time in my several nights out therefore next time I am in town I definately know where to hang out.
  • I had the opportunity to visit a childrens home – St. Francis in Langata which was a thoroughly humbling and touching experience it definately reminded me that even the simplest guestures can mean alot to those in need. I will definately be willing to support more of this.
  • I got to meet several of my favourite bloggers during these weeks, this is particularly intersting because when I got into blogging I didn’t expect that it would be possible for me to interact with bloggers one on one due to distance and I worried about whether actually meeting them would in any way change my perception of them but quite pleasantly I was glad to find a close and decent fellowship of individuals who are quite easy to hang around with. It will definately be my pleasure to join in whenever it will be possible in future.

I don’t want to say too much but will definately be back to blogging once I get back to Embu so as to give you the pespective from up there. (At least less phone blogging from there!) For all those I met it was my pleasure and will definately look forward to repeating more of the same. For those I didn’t get a chance to meet especially those who are coming home this month I’m sure there will be a next time.


Nairobbery & More!


Just when you are having fun it takes one incident to bring you down to reallity and realize just where you are. This is probably my least postive post but I just needed to get some worries out of my system.
A couple nights back while I was out enjoying myself in the early evening around 8:30 PM I got a call from home asking where I was cos they were hearing gunshots in the neighbourhood that indeed is worrying cos I stay in one of the surburbs not far from Nairobi that is prone to high levels of violent crime especially in the recent past. Seeing that I was still in town and that was quite an early hour I just promised to call as soon as I get near home so that someone can be ready to open the gate for me.

Got home at around 11:00 only to find out that one of our neighbours had been shot dead.
Apparently the thugs had been monitoring him and knew that he comes home early so they waited for him to come home and pounced on him as he was getting in and held him and his family hostage as they demanded money (I wonder how they expect people to keep large amounts of money at home nowadays). Meanwhile one of the employees who was outside managed to escape and rush to the nearby police post which is less than 500M away. For once nobody could complain about the police responce, the police rushed there and managed to shoot dead 2 of the thugs who were outside but probably out of spite the gangsters shot the man of the house as they were making the getaway, one of the cops also got shot on the leg.

This incident whch was too close to home for my comfort has definately brought the realities of insecurity in our neighbourhood and in our country in general. Every time I am going out even last night the thought of whether I will get home safetly is always at the back of the mind and much as I try I can’t help but worry not just for myself but for the people at home. It used to be that thugs ussually struck at late hours of the night but nowadays anytime is possible in fact I’m just about the only person at home who has not been carjacked (knock on wood!) and all those incidences have been before 8:00 PM, just recently one of our neighbours house was broken into after 5:00 AM I heard the alarm go off but on checking the time I dismissed it cos that is basically dawn and you wouldn’t expect any breakins at that time.

That brings me to tbe terrified state most of the people in Nairobi and its surroundings endure every day I find it very stricking how in Embu I am able to sleep soundly throughout the night but when I am here every bark of the dog or sound in the night makes you jump out of sleep with your heart pounding. Every house is a fortress with all manners of gates, burglar proof grills, dogs and alarms. At home we have even installed vibration sensors and motion sensors all over the house but still that doesn’t give you any assurance. I am not optimistic that the situation will change soon despite the capture/elimination of some of the most wanted gangsters. I wish there was something more I could do to help the situation because as much as I live in a safer place there is still the knowledge that people I care about are in danger and that sickens me.

Now onto less grim matters, Yesterday I managed to catch the Kiddum show at Galilleos and what a blast it was. Several bloggers in attendance including the recently landed JM it was definately good to put a face on several of the people who you only knew by their aliases. The ambience and music was terrific some dancing and generally alot of fun for all. Definately a good way to spend my vacation. How I wonder how those who had to go to work in the morning dealt with it.

My rant of the week goes to those wives who complain when you go for drinks with their husbands and come back either very late or the next morning saying you are spoiling their men. They should realise and accept that their husbands are grown up men and are fully responsible for their own actions and not their friends. Washidwe kabisa I am not your husbands keeper!

Monday Reflections

I never thought I thought I would get to say I love Monday but today I actually view today as a relief after a very eventful weekend. Lets just say I had too much fun otherwise how do you explain that I was getting back home at 5:00 PM on sato from Friday afternoon with no sleep in between, I thought I was too old for this but I guess I was wrong.

Now my leave is progressing rather nicely I have managed to catch up with alot of friends I haven’t hanged out with for ages and met a number of cool people being August there were several functions 4 weddings and a funeral (literally! none mine if you are asking)  I am now getting the hang of this wordpress thing discovering new things every day I still need to learn how to put in pictures easily in my posts but I amd sure that will be accomplished soon, will still try to tweak this template some more but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be easy to modify themes in wordpress but so far I am impressed by the experience. I am impressed that I have managed to rope in a few new recruits as well.

Now that Premier League is back with a bang (go Man U- kwani what does Mourinho do when he is training the boys in taking penalties “Aim at the goalie!” hehehe!!!) and BBA is back I need to seriously consider getting myself a dish once I am back at Embu but with the sudden flood of new offers in the market I wouldn’t know what to pick, GTV looks attractive cos of the premiership but that alone cannot make me choose it since I will always prefer watching football in a pub where I can watch the agony on the faces of Arsenal and Chelsea supporters when we hit them. I think the premium package of DSTV is still the best but the price is still not attractive sini I can get GTV and DSTV compact at the same price.

Now the weather is getting better I need to get out of the house more (during the day that is!) but whats there to be done that doesn’t involve spending money since all this activity has seriously dented my savings plus a car that is demanding CV joints, rack ends and assorted bushes!

Open For Business

After much thought I have finally decided to finally open up my WordPress Blog page. I have had this page for a while but have been too busy to attempt the migration but cos of the problems I have been having with Blogger lately at my other blog I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and migrate. So Friends welcome to the new mountain top.