Contrary to a certain popular serial story I am very much still alive and blogging. I have now enjoyed one week of my vacation and I am begining to feel refreshed enough to blog. Of course the biggest hurdle is how to get internet connection I have been trying to do it from the house using GPRS but as you can imagine this is not kind to my cellphone credit but at least it allows me to read posts and with some patience put up a few comments.
The major predominant factor that has been influencing my activity is the cold and man has it been cold this has not been helped that there was some activity on the homefront that required me to spend many hours at night outdoors but fortunately that is now over. This cold has been inhibiting my movement and activities since I am now aclimitized to a warmer environ.
There is quite alot to catch up on the blogosphere it seems that our GuestBlogger has been extending his Collabos all over with the latest being at Milo’s, For his shennanigance (sp) over at Unyc’s it will be my mission to ensure that his name changes from ‘Guest blogger’ to ‘Ghost Blogger’. JM is yet to update us with what happens when I bring the BT down to a grinding halt alot of the boys and some girls are awaiting this episode with alot of anticipation but since I have been consigned to the netherworld words won’t hurt me so bring them on. By the way I was touched by Three Types of Crazy who is organizing a harambee for my departed soul (LOL) just make sure that baby mama gets the chums alright. Thanx alot girls!

There was the issue of the meetup. Mocha has been requesting, nay demanding that someone posts something on the meetup. My contribution was just too brief to make up a substancial review all the same I enjoyed the brief minutes I spent there. I checked in at around 10:30 wich was quite an effort since at 8:00 PM I was still in Embu I was able to drive quite safetly trees nonewithstanding. It was my first time at Alehouse but locating it was not too difficult, the only worry I had was how to recognize the group since I didn’t know anyone except Inexes who I had met in Embu the week before. Fortunately the first face I bumbed into was Inexes on the dance floor with a bevy of damsels. After some quick introductions I was able to meet some of my Blog Hero’s and Heroines including one of the pair responsible for my untimely demise. My revenge was not forthcoming yet. But all said and done I had quite a nice time despite the personal circumstances that were prevailing on that day. I hope someone who was there longer can be able to do justice and tell us more of what happened earlier and later that night. So for those who finally got to meet the reclusive mountain I thank you for your warm welcome. BTW I was in the company of two other bloggers from my family (this one and this one)who were also happy to make your acquintances. It is such a pity I missed the famous dancing I was so looking forward to seeing this, therefore there has to be a next time, ama?
I am yet to get the hang of blogging from a cyber hence the rush to finish and the lack of links but as the weeks run along I am sure I will get the hang of it.


17 Responses

  1. Fao??

  2. Klara wacha!

    I am first! Hehehe!!

    Hello Mountanious. It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you very much for attending. GPRS sucks! 🙂 It is cold. I am very good friends with my heater i wish i could take it into bed with me…hehehe!!

    The Gust blogger will soon be history…watch the space on my blog..his days are numbered…he is going down…one way or the other!

  3. yaani you stepped on the gas to mak ethe meet-up? But at least you blogged kidogo about it. Jienjoyi na baridi na earthquakes!

  4. and my comment is being “refused” entry kwanini?

    You are back………kwani you got the kiss of life?

    will be back to suma vizuri that post. you are like Jesus, you rose again- after how many days?

  5. @Klara, Yes you are first, Hebu rudi haraka!
    @Aegeus, The pleasure was all mine, we still have to chat you tell me how to connect my laptop to the office internet (discreetly) hehehe.
    @Farmgal, Well I had to come back to Nairobi but regardless of how tired I was I just had to make an appearance and it was worth it.
    @3TC, Pole I was editing – the post did not meet my quality standards, Yes I am back na bado!!!!

  6. Did you say na bado? Haiyaa. Basi I’ll wait. Atleast you have mentioned some names in attendance of the meetup. If someone else mentions the activities, well….

    Lakini did you talk UNYC into resurrecting you ama now she’ll tell of the funeral and the burial next?

  7. sii you are back, sii now I have tagged you. Pole lakini “they” made me do it- see me, see trouble nyumbani kwangu please.

  8. was the little voices aye??

    Kirish;glad you’re not worry, the likes of 3TOC and contributors of the Harambee will make sure i get the chums!Am thinking of appointing 3TOC Godmother ndio sshe’s not tempted to hepa with the cash :)wat u think..ebu tafuta a suitable God father!!

    The cold, the tremours, the cybers..pole sana!!

  9. Heh heh. Umekuwa Jack Bauer kukuf na kufufuka. By the way, does the Guestblogger blog in his blog?

  10. Twas great meeting you hope for more time next meetup.I hope the revenge from beyond happens soon. Enjoy your vacation

  11. Wacha I finish my post…will be back to read!

  12. and the mountain came to musa…rather to amuse us. Tulikuon ana tulifurahi…

    bomseh, i suspect unyc did a kiss of life…hehe…

    you missed the dunda…CRAZY!

  13. @Bomseh, Did not talk UNYC into anything yet! but I’m sure she’ll come round and see the error of her ways.
    @3TOC, Another tag! Ebu I go back on hiatus.
    @Betty, Thanx betty chunga pesa while I think of a godpapa, These tremors are freaky!
    @Aizoh, LOL at the Jack Baur analogy but trust me I have nothing on him.
    @Gishungwa, Great meeting you too, I’m still plottting the revenge 🙂
    @Mocha, Naona ulijibu quiz sawa sawa I always thought you were a chocolate person 🙂
    @Modo, Good Morning Teacher, LOL Asante sana kwa kunikaribisha.

  14. Are you a good dancer?

  15. Aki…kudos for the brief meet-up uhondo!

    Manzee…I am a chocolate person, but nothing beats a good romp session! Besides, its a free gym as far as I am concerned. LOL!

  16. ok now im officially shaking in my boots..perhaps i can change that storyline for you with the collabo wit JM…if not …u will remain shovellin charcoal into the train as u whistle on in BT…coz the only “mount” u will partake in is in signin in ur name …oh wait a better joke…Mount Kirima will not be a verb not (past tense …or future continuos) but a perfect noun…tee hee

    …or wait i was here to bribe u not theaten u

    …ngai hurumia maskini guestblogger. haki part 5 we will discover that that was a twin of Kirima and that the real Kirima is held up by HnH and MamaShady…haki…ma…have mercy

  17. @Wanja, Perhaps I am you have to be there to find out.
    @Mocha, You are welcome, Nice answer.
    @Ghostblogger, Oooooh!!! Now I am shaking in my boots, Nice try to bribe me but I can’t be bought.

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