SPORTING WEEKEND Lack of Premier league Football …


Lack of Premier league Football has not dampened my sporting mojo albeit from a couch potato view.
Begining yesterday with the Wimbeldon Womens Tennis Final which was won beautifully by Venus Williams I had to admit the game was a mismatch since everyone was expecting a Venus vs Henin final but all the same Venus showed some powerful serves which blew her French oponent away. I thoroughly respect the way Venus who was an outsider(I think seeded 23) was able to rise to the occassion and blow away everyone else including favourite and media darling Maria Sharapova.

Saturday was the eagerly awaited British Grand Prix, much was said about the possibility of Lewis Hamilton winning at Silverstone on his inaugural British Grand Prix but that alas was not to be as a few minutes ago he was beaten to third place behind Kimi Raikkonen and World Champion Fernanado Alonzo. It was still an admirable finish for Hamilton having finished all his F1 races on the podium. For me being a Ferarri fan I was extatic at the especially since the disaster at the grid where Ferarri’s Felipe Massa had to start at the pit due to some engine failure. Ferarri is now showing its potential to snatch the lead from Mclaren I am not hating on Mclaren or Lewis I admire the chap but it is not enough for me to change loyalty from the most iconic team in Formula 1.

The Mens Wimbeldon final is still on but I am rooting for Roger Federer to Beat Rafael Nadal but since I am tired of following the match on the web on BBC sport I will now retire and wait for the scores later in the evening.


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  1. Something silly going on with blogger I can’t put a title on my post. Aaargh just have to do it manually.

  2. Federer did win. And like you, I am very happy Venus won too! She’ll be in my neck of the woods in two weeks time, but I’ll have to miss her since I’ll be away when she’s here! It would have been great to see her. Ah well.

  3. Roger won! and what a match that was. I’m so happy right now, everyone I wanted to win did, except I wanted a Williams-Williams final. @egm, ur so lucky! I would kill to meet Vee or Serena.

  4. @Wambui, I won’t even be anywhere near the country when she comes into town! That’s what sucks about it, considering she’s going to a venue just down the street from where I live.

  5. Ahaa…ahaaa…ahaaa…

  6. am still happy for Lewis…a podium finish still ok. He has a long career ahead.

  7. I was busy with other things to catch up with sport on TV.

    So, had to settle for highlights and the news for more info.

  8. Yes Farmgal. Podium sio mbaya. WE have a bright and prosperous future ahead.

    Tennis sina habari!

  9. uhm, like Methu…ahaaa ahaaa ahaa, right!

  10. Great weekend Lewis on podium , Serena and Roger too. Hope you are enjoying your weekend

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