At long last I get my 5 weeks of R & R perhaps with this break from the bundus I will be able to refresh my mind and get back to full blog mode. As for now I have to tie up all the loose ends up here in preparation for the long break.
I haven’t got a clue what I will be doing those weeks but as long as it doesn’t involve being at the office at 7:00 AM its all good, Bila cash so vacation at the coast is out so I guess I’m resigned to being a tato for a while so frequent visits to Tom Mboya Street are a must. On the downside there is no free vsat at home so I either have to rediscover cybers (I loathe most Nairobi Cybers) or I have to lug my laptop to Java once in a while but the coffee there is quite a penny so it won’t be any cheaper if I am to keep blogging. I hope that will resolve itself with time or is there any cheap internet connection available nowadays.

BTW I understand temparatures in Nai are perfect for locking yourself in
bed so I guess my itenerary is already set out in advance.


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  1. Umemaliza ku-edit?


  2. Enjoy your break. Wow, 5 weeks is quite a long one, so you better develop an itinerary of some sorts!

  3. 5 weeks is a long tyme…
    There is a cyber at 20th that is 80cts a min. Cheap n fast…

    U cn also include Unyc in ur plans ama….wink wink

  4. 5 weeks? do w/end count? kwani how many leave days do u have in a year?

  5. yenyewe 5 weeks ni kadhaa my guy … tafuta ka-sport hivi hivi, maybe where guys play recreational league … it can be mad fun. That’s on my agenda right now …

  6. Have fun and make every day of your holiday worth remembering lol.

    Take pics pia wewe if you get to see/do stuff you wanna share with this big happy blogo-family!!

    Kirish,pliz jaribu to pop into that cyber Unyc has recommended bana..u’ll be missed!

  7. 5 weeks???? My jaw just dropped!! Enjoy your vacation to the max and hopefully you’ll grace us with a few blog posts while you are vacationing!!!

  8. 5 weeks in bed!
    Am sure there’s alot to do in Nairobi. Jienjoyi and hook yourself up with aka cyber.

  9. YET ANOTHER ONE ON HIATUS! this thing is becoming now as famous as the BT…wacheni

    pliz, do as unyc says. if that’s a probie, i can welcome you to our office…uandikee mpaka ya next year…man!

    mazee, embu plan has katikad…lakini i’m looking at you sideways, just it case it revives.

  10. five weeks…….ama umekuseya…..u wanted to write 5 days siu? NOT jealous, not jealous, not jealous, not jealous………JEALOUS. Enjoy.

  11. yes, fanya bidii u pata that cheap spot, coz there will be no blogging without you (drop of tear)

    lakini enjoy ur break. If I had that long of a vacation, I would fly to Kenya right about now 🙂

  12. @Inexes, Nilimaliza
    @Mwari, thanks have to pick up something perhaps reading or watching movies
    @Unyc, Thanx for the heads up, Nice offer by the way 🙂
    @Inexes, 5 weeks only I say its been 2 years since I have taken a break longer than 2 weeks.
    @JM, Ninatafuta gym in the neighbourhood since I need to cut down some.
    @Betty, Thanks will do.
    @Princess, Thanx will try to chomoa some posts
    @Farmgal, Nairobi is cold where I live is even colder so bed is a plot.
    @Modo, Haiya!!! I said leave not HIATUS you will definately be hearing from me.
    @3TC, Hehehehe, Thanx
    @Majonzi, Thanx, I’m touched so I have to deliver.

  13. Dude, how i wish i could do the same! Do have a super break! I hope to see you at the meet up on 14th? The venue and time is still up for discussion at any of my current posts. You say Nairobi is cold? Na bado…leafy neighbourhood, house with french windows…do the math…brrrrr!!!

  14. aaaiiisshhhh…5 weeks ni mob wewe!!!

    Ungesema mapema I jipanga…LOL!!!

    Enjoy and please beba your laptop to java once in awhile to blog.

    If not, see you in August then!

  15. 5 weeks, i envy you. Oh java, but the coffee is Nyummy. Enjoy your holiday

  16. Enjoy your holiday! 5 weeks is enough time to regroup. Java house coffee is good.

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