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I have an accute case of Bloggers block if there ever was one. I can’t for the life of me come up with an original idea for a post this week. I have a few ideas brewing but they require some time to gel and definately when I can get some free time I will dive right in.
So in the mean time I will do another one like this. This week I have noted alot of men vs women wars erupting all over KBW I guess it is the same old story since men and women always never seem to get along despite the fact that we are always struggling to hook up with someone to complain about.
It seems to have started last week when HnH‘s old half decided to crawl back after being dumped by his new half only to encounter the scathing and utter wrath of his past. then Archer who introduces us to the potato wars (not this tato!) beginging with a chick who decides to play mind games and tempt her jamaa with her pal in order to test his loyalty but tough luck cos he failed the test but the question is who actually lost since she lost the jamaa (probably the pal as well!), Baadaye he chomoas a take-away chips episode with a new age sophisticated babe which leaves a poor dude as leftover. Inexes after last weeks fiasco with Rihanna look-a-like is busy reminding us of his undergraduate tally.
Klara got us thinking of how to handle a tricky situation like getting invited to an Ex’s wedding would I go, maybe depending on the nature of the parting I guess it can serve as a form of closure cos you are resigned to the fact that she is no longer available while still single the possibility always lingers. Talking of Exes and weddings Mocha is perplexed by the Ex who doesn’t know how to tell her he is getting married and then an old friend confesses he has been getting some Bill Clinton action on the side while still considering himself to be faithful to his mama I don’t think that trick can work again, Meanwhile while dishing out this issues Mocha still lets her share in some beautiful shots. Gishungwa had us questioning whether we are in love or in lust my take is that isn’t possible to have both wrapped up in one Yaani Lust for the one you love? We are still all waiting very patiently for Unyc’s story to unravel.
Top prize leo is 3N who has organized a Seminar in Kigali for Kenyan men to scope out the action with the hutu and tutsi babes since Kenyan Mamas have declared their disinterest in us. Apparently I will be one of the resource persons. My my what to say?
The question I ask is why cant we just get along?
Not only bad things happen in Kenya this sounds good

22 Responses

  1. Can I really be?

  2. Its interesting what peeps are blogging about…I guess when one does a post. Other peeps are reminded of a blogable event

  3. Yet another good roundup. Just thought I’d add Irena’s contribution to the discussion on men/women relations.

    Thanks for the Google links. I can see Kenya is really getting into the limelight. GE is moving their Africa corporate headquarters from South Africa to Kenya. Virgin just openned service to Nairobi. I wonder who the next big player setting up shop there will be.

  4. Kigali we have to go…. lakini bado invites to all damsel to hook up with me huku Dar is wide open..!

    Nice round up & then u should have clarified that am not one of Klara’s (in)Ex’es… mi ni future!

  5. Grazie Mille Emg!

  6. Some interesting stuff out there this past week…

  7. very nice wrap-up indeed and thanks for the top prize.

    i have somad half the posts but will do due diligence and read the rest.

  8. My dear you are doing better than the aggregator. Hope the blog block goes away.

  9. I feel u on that blog block, was like experiencin in last week!
    Great Round up again..
    (Wink! Wink)

  10. An aggregator without Kumekucha’s ten or more Daily updates. Keep it up.

  11. Great job Kirish! I hadn’t noticed the general trend in all the posts. Perhaps Farmgal is right, one blogger reads a post and it reminds him or her of another bloggable event.

    At this rate, you’ll be saving me valuable time spent sifting through the aggregator.

    @ Bomseh: and without 20,000 recycled “memorable” jokes!!

  12. nice summary man, hehee hope ur weekend is nicer than last …

  13. that storo u r all waiting for inanipa stress lol….
    Twist n turn of events but u dont hv 2 wait for long…

  14. @Farmgal, Great minds think alike i suppose.
    @EGM, Thanks for your contribution, it is exciting what is happening in Kenya now.
    @Inexes, I can see your plan now; dispatch men to kigali then invite damsels to Dar clever
    @Irena, Karibu interesting debate you have at yours.
    @Aegeus, interesting stuff indeed
    @3N, Thanx see you in Kigali.
    @Gish, I hope so too, thanx for the flattery
    @Klara, I know its frustrating.
    @ Bomseh, That thing frustrates me as well
    @Archer, I don’t think I’ll be doing this often maybe when i cant come up with something
    @JM Nice weekend to you too
    @Unyc, Tutangoja tuu it seems we should expect pure drama but please keep me out of the 3 somes.

  15. thanks for the roundup. I had noticed the trend myself. n i hope your block goes away soon!

  16. Kirish; yet again you’ve done it!!! lool that was lovely.Thaaaanks.

    Archa; am seeing you have also taken to Kirish?me i told him that’s a fine name i’ve given him.Our new pet name for him ama?

  17. Dude tena hii Girish ndio nini? Heheheheh!! **shrubs abound mazee!!** I hope the bloggers bog lifts soon…

  18. Yet another great round-up of events.

    Na bado….!!!

    Happy Tuesday you!

  19. ohmmmm! may thy block disappear… (chants around a fire)

    kirima, ama like betty insists, kirish, (mayeb we should call you ‘shortcut’) inaonekana sina haja ya blogroll.

    i wonder the same too. i think maybe if we all got along, we would have nothing to talk about…hehe…world would grind to a halt…okay…i’m dotting!

  20. kwanza msee, kuna mpango ya kumuja embu hii weekendi…

    hebu…najua nitakua kenol mbaaya sana.

  21. Kirima hebu tell us where to find u! Kenol? i’ll be heading for shags hii wikendi (sato) na lazima lunch nikule hapo isaac walton…. sambaza info! nataka 6paka yangu

    @Modo utakua Kenol saa ngapi?

  22. @Wambui, Big karibu kwangu
    @Betty, This Kirish business you are spreading is from where? I’ll get you! Thanx anyway
    @Aegeus, Hata mimi si elewi, I am so tired nowadays I need a rest I guess.
    @Mocha, Thanx, I see you also have added your peni mbili on these matters.
    @Modo, True words perhaps we need that drama in life.
    Kenol ni lazima kwa weekend si useme time au hola sideways.
    @Inexes, Unarudi? Good si you bring Rihanna along as well. Hii weekend niko Embu pia.

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