Easy Sunday

I’,m having an easy sunday today so after my tough week I decided to come up to the office and catch up on some blogs but to my disappointment it seems that KBWers seem to have taken the weekend off, even the aggregator is down so all that is left is going back over last weeks posts and seeing if there are any new comments. So to keep my bored self busy I have decided to do a weeks digest of whats been happening in the kenyan blogland. In the meantime a little social bookmarking wont hurt as well.
First I got an email from these people on my yahoo email which I don’t even use much, looks interesting but I don’t think I’m ready to move to another blogging service right now. Inexes bounced back on the blog scene this time in Dar where he seems to having drama with Rihana look a like and her Mshikaji he has polished up his swahili as well, welcome back bro. EGM on the other hand was very much around less pictures but more geekstuff his latest on capturing Youtube videos is one I will definately be studying in detail when I have some free time. Kayliz gives us a view of second life while Archer updated us on his late night chats and introduced us to his dog sunkuli but is now looking for an upgrade for his Nokia 6600. BTW I succumbed to Nokia mania and got myself a cheap 1110i to resuscitate my Safaricom line which despite M’s exposition ,I still retain some of the Kenya peculiar calling habits and suffer which Safaricon have translated into incredible profits. Half n Half entertained us with a Cheeky quiz then went full blast at a desparate clueless ex, and apparently is still scoring in her war againist BAT, keep it up. Betty has abandoned hard labour and is busy reminding us of girlie playground songs was it hopskotch? 🙂
Aegeus finally revealled the real story of the 7’s after party with Wanja and 10 wild ladies, hitting the dusty road and gave us his weekend plans, I wish I could join you there and why did you stop bolding? Talking of parties Chatterly gave us a lowdown of what cuts at Kenyan Bashes in the US made me feel that our home made parties are not that bad afterall while Aco gave us some humerous flashbacks of Kenyan parties gone wrong at home. Komi made us look at our calling while Unyc and her co-conspirator kept us in suspense waiting for Part IV in the meantime part III continues to elicit all manner of requests looks like some peeps are expecting an orgy, as for me, I just want to know whether I come out alive seeing that I have a penchant for knocking trees and apparently Mungikis might be around. Majonzi had us examining the issue of Models I don’t mind looking at them though but it seems most of us forget they are supposed to be selling clothes not their bodies. Mwangi apart from having rodent problems has been posting cryptic clues on his hanjamaz making those of us who are poor at riddles look slow. Modo took us on a humerous ride with him on his daily endevour not be be confused with a Mungiki. Bomseh decided to give us some kibwagizo’s on his posts. Mocha gave a much demanded expose‘ and Farmgal took top honours for being a sport and giving us a peek at what happens on hen nites unfortunately peeps just want more and I can hear the chants of show us more.
Missing in action though were, Klara, Ichiena and Princess I hope you step up next week.

On a happier note my leave application is on the bosses desk and if he agrees its going to be 4 weeks of sleeping and full muenjoyos. I can’t wait.
I like my new keyboard!

23 Responses

  1. Jana, leo i have hanyaad in my fav blogsites lakini wapi! guys have taken the w/end off.

    Neno la leo ni FOLENI.

    Maana yake ukipendelea ni traffic Jam.

    *Kwenye sentesi – tumwachie Bants au Egm

    Mi liking you new keyboard.

    Na halafu 4 weeks away from jobo – aaaai dadi si hiyo ni recipe ya hanye mbaiya boff!

  2. spidey says: weekendi guys dont blog…even kbw takes a breather…traffis best on a monday

    tato says:4weeks are enough to turn u into a tato with honors! yaani i can give u a refresher course to sort u out that 4 weeks!

  3. im honored to be mentioned and yes suckin up will gain u leninency
    enjoy ur likizo

  4. Nice Round up.

  5. Very nice summary … hehee, i got to catch up on some peeps I had not read during the week.

    Otherwise enjoy ur sunday, or rather what is left of it … am going to be watching soccer:

    USA vs Mexico in a Gold Cup Final

    Then fika the movies for a ka-loose one, halafu I will put up a post b4 I lala, seeing as it is that you have implored peeps to step up …

  6. aii Kirish kwani ni register..ati present and missing in action tihihi.
    mmhhh..Kirish sounds nice,am sticking to it!
    hope ure leave gets approved!!

  7. Hi this is an interesting round up of some of the blogs on the Kenyan blogosphere. Especially for those of us who may not be regular readers of some of the blogs you have mentioned.

    Have you considering joining the Global Voices Sub Saharan team? They are looking for Kenyan bloggers to write a regular (perhaps weekly or bi-monthly) round up of what is going on in the Kenyan blogosphere.

    The more Kenyan bloggers that get involved the better and since you already have the format locked down I urge you to consider. It would give your own blog some more exposure and your round up may even get picked up by the new Reuters African country pages.

    If you would like some more information please get in touch with either myself or Ndesanjo.

  8. I am missing in action because I am in Manhattan working my derriere off in preparation for a harrowing deposition scheduled for tomorrow. I got to enjoy yesterday but today I awoke to an inbox full of all types of suggestions for tomorrow!!!

  9. Excellent roundup (not saying this just because I made an appearance :)). I admire you for forging ahead and doing something after our discussion on doing exactly this. I had forgotten about Global Voices until Mental mentioned it. I guess instead of re-inventing the wheel we can just use that as the carnival vehicle.

  10. Wow Kirima ..nysss one!
    Aki the pics I have left I cannot post…tooo incriminating. My pal will nyonga me!
    Have a fab week. Hope you get aka leave like this.

  11. Lets see…wino ilidie…na pale Haco wanadai ati vile mabiro ni plastic pia bei imepanda…natafuta a new bootleg source alafu niwakilishe viproper…look out for the wapi post…still looking for a proper host for my pictures to reduce loading and uploading time…will keep you guys posted…this was a polite weekend…saw this post…via google alerts…hit the link…firefox died on me…and as we can see…me at work the following day…number sijui what…thanks for the links man, and do have a fabulous week! ehhehe…that keyboard should come with a sticker…explicit buttons…where ist he other one f***? eh? on the left of the space bar? i could swear it was there…last time i looked…

  12. as for the leave…just show me where your boss’ office iko…i can…”convince”…him!

  13. Also saw this via google alerts. I shud shut down my newshutch account and register here. Excellent update of the week; and since you have four weeks free time, pls do the justice.

    @Inexes – FOLENI pia inatumika sehemu zingine. It generally means a QUEUE.

  14. weekendi ni siku ya kupata material ya ku-blog…or for others just an excuse. (why is everyone looking at me? i barely remember what went down weekendi anyway)

    name for today was supposed to be ‘modo bila mojo’ but i realised i have ‘ammo’ i’m organising now. thanks for the reminder…and THANKS!

    as for you inexes, “sasa majameni file nimefotea sana ni lasima niwaabie tu, foleni.”

  15. Hiyo round up ni kali.

    I even got a mention…LOL!!! Then again, is that why my sorry ‘little’ ass is reduced to???

    Have a timam week off (if you get it).

  16. Cheers for doing this roundup! It’s given me the chance to catch up on those blogs that I missed out on during the week.

    Join the Nokia Club. I’m also the “proud” owner of a Nokia 1110 after my old lady decided to upgrade to a Nokia 6111. And soon I’ll be trading in my 5000 Bonga Points for another one.

    Weekends are usually dry in blogosphere, even the aggregator fungas jobo and goes to catch pints (with other aggregators? Or is this the only lazy one?)

  17. Blogger’s been acting me up! Could just publish my comment..
    Anyway this was a great round up! Atleast It helped me catch up!
    great wk dia..

  18. @Inexes, Ninangojea hiyo leave kwa hamu sana. Foleni! thanx now I know.
    @Spidey, For me Weekends are when I have free time on the comp and t thats when I post.
    @GB, I shall be on the lookout.
    @Makanga, Thanx
    @JM, At least you keep us busy most of the week thanx
    @betty, You registered very well this week!, Who is this Kirish you are refering too 🙂
    @Mental, Thanx, I’ll give it a look sometime and if it is interesting might give it a try, I love challenges.
    @Princess, I see you have been enjoying yourself while working as per this week, thanx
    @EGM, yeah I was bored and decided what the heck why not try it out. its good but it requires quite a bit of time.
    @Farmgal, OK, those were enough anyway they made my week thanx
    @Aegeus, nimona you have returned to your usual ways. Nangojea picha za wapi.
    @Bomseh, Mukiongea vizuri nitajaribu tena – time allowing
    @Modo, Ninagojea kwa hamu sana
    @Mocha, thanx, Now who said ‘Little’??? 🙂
    @Archer, Nokia ndio uniform but I hate uniform lakini its a nice functional phone.
    @Klara, Good you were able to get thru- Youre welcome.

  19. @Kirima – in Kenya everything ni Uniform.

    For instance what do you drive? eeh? ama u changed it after the accident?


  20. Kirish; we the public are demanding a post!! placards high upin the air.we is tired of refreshing the page!

  21. Haki kama singepata mention ungeona!

  22. great post, tree knocker 😉

  23. @Inexes, I didn’t change it however
    @Betty, Who is Kirish? I am mentally blocked
    @HnH, I fear your fury
    @Chatterly, LOL, Thanx

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