Long Week now Numb with Relief

Leo ni Friday lakini I am too numb to do the usual Friday Stuff.
It’s been an unusually tough and bloody long week, swamped with jobo. Its a surprise that I was able to squeeze time to blog regardless, this was not helped by the fact peeps put up either very long deep posts, technical posts and crypic posts that require more mental capacity than I could spare plus the suspense. Lakini thank you all for helping me keep my sanity.
Fortunately it has all worked out and the company can keep its certification otherwise I wouldn’t be able to face the boss on Monday since the project is my baby.
Leo nitarudi nyumbani mapema, take a shower and doze on the sofa, aki thats performing very poorly for a Furahiday.(yes! even here in Embu we get some action occassionally)
What I would do for a massage right now. Kesho nikiamka nikiwa freshi I’ll be back at full mental.


17 Responses

  1. Scrrreeeeech.

    Tuko wengi. Leo ni indoors nursing a ka6pak.

    Massage..? not a bad idea.

    *Mimi huyo reaching for my ka mobile*

  2. indoors leo, NATHING! but pole for your week. pumzika utuangushie post ya nguvu.

    nitakuja embu tudhundeke hukoooo kenol. embu is a nice town with easy to confuse mamas..LOL when i remember.

    smiley face right back atcha!

  3. @Modo the Ravist, ati embu has easy mamaz? We need to compile a guide for ‘hospitable towns’ in Kenya, I definitely didn’t know about Embu.

    Kirima pumzika and enjoy your chilled out weekend.

  4. Thanks man…deep what?…hehehee…i blame long moments of inactivity sitting in a mat is this our lovely city of Nairobi…pole about the loong week…i shall be emulating you…actually i am already on the couch…laptop on the prescribed top…relaSking…sort of…steaming from that shawi…or is the laptop on fir…eeek!!!!

  5. @Modo, ati embu kuna nini? No wonder Kirima daint miss Ka Nai!

    PS: Kirish, do they still put photos of their best customers hapo kenol (Kwa Bar sio kwa Petroli..)

  6. aaawwww *massaging Kirimas shoulders*..there there now, shhhh lay back and relax..close ure eyes and think of a nice cold beer.

    Pole for the hectic week, lovely weekend!

  7. I guess action in Embu is live band shows. Lakini si they rock! Enjoy ur weekend.

    @Betty – Alafu what are you doing wewe! Utanitambua.

  8. Nimeamka! Albeit reluctantly I need to dash to the bank to empty my account and see how I can celebrate.
    @Inexes, Hata wewe, pole dadi kwani huko Dar hawaleti action.
    My mugshot is definately not on the Kenol bar, I refused cos most of my relas stop there on the way to shags you can imagine the rep I would have.
    @Modo, Thanx ati easy to confuse mamas, wako wapi ebu kuja haraka unioneshe 🙂
    @3N Thanx nimepumzika, Nangoja modo anioneshe hao.
    @Aegeus, Pole I was doing speedreading of posts on the few minutes I could spare and yours last week were long and no bolding to emphasis the points.
    @Betty, Ahhhh, thats heavenly.

  9. I hope u relaxed n leo (sato) u r all out n about.

  10. Never been 2 Embu b4 so whn Modo is comin hukos….his allowed 2 drag me along…are there easy jamaas? heheee

  11. Unyc: lol ati easy jamaaz?? you katia them and they ingia linie eh?

    Kirima:You’re welcome.

    Bomseh:wewe kweni huoni ni massage, eish!hehe getting back at you..It’s quite working i see.

  12. @Betty, hata mi nataka hiyo massage!

  13. njo hapa inexes…toa top yako pia wewe.

  14. @Bomseh, We wacha wivu, Ati live bands? its not that bad really
    @Unyc, Sato niliwakilisha vilivyo so now I am OK, Welcome Embu, lakini si you know all jamaas are easy!
    @Betty, Asante sana I’m feeling better
    @Inexes, We wacha wivu.

  15. I hope your weekend was relaxing!!

    Ain’t never been to Embu either but HOPE 2 visit some day, hopefully soon.

  16. hey, kwani it was my lucky night in embu? sidhani. lakini isikuwe walichanuka…kirima uliwaharibu nini?

    LOL ati majamaa wote ni easy?

  17. @JM, Thanx I relaxed, You are welcome utakuja na huyo?
    @Modo, It was your lucky night! Alaa its true have you ever played hard to get?

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