The Meaning of the Name

Mount Kirima

Hi again. If you are reading this I guess you are wondering what is all this about Mount Kirima. The reason Why I used the name Mount is as a derivative from my nameKirima. In Kimeru (my tribe) kirima means Mountain so I just spun a name out of my real name . My nickname in school was normally a translation or colloqualism for my real name. My home area is around Mt. Kenya and I am currently working around Mt. Kenya it is ussually one of the first things I see when I step out of my house in the morning therefore the mountain theme rings true throughout my world. As we go along I will try add more about my name origins and what I think about them.

By the way the mountain name thing does not refer to my size or any of my vital statistics :-)although admitedly I am not that small in size. I like to think of myself as being generously proportioned not HUGE!

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