9 points clear

I am releived we had a close call yesterday with Fulham, again Christiano Ronaldo was the saviour. The boys did not exactly play very well and Fulham came close several times but van de Sar was spot on in his saves maybe to atone for his awful blunder that caused the first goal.
The play was not brilliant but the grit and determination by ManU resulted in the win.
Winning championships is not about how beautiful your game is but it is about getting the points. Chelsea have proved this the last 2 years so why blame us when we follow.


Hello No Moto!

Day 3I have been struggling all day with my cellphone one of those slim Motorola phones that are supposed to be so cool and trendy. The cancel key doesn’t work so if the other person doesn’t end the call first it stays connected until the credit runs out or I pluck the battery. I am dissappointed because this is my first foray in the Motoworld I have been stubbornly anti-Nokia for long I think they are overhyped and I can’t stand how they only add one feature on the phone every week then they launch it as a new model. I am not buying into that, it looks that I shall have to troop back to the trusty Sony Ericsson – not the most glamorous forms but they are built real solid and haven’t let me down before the usual suspects relieve me of the phone. Maybe its time for me to upgrade anyway or is it a conspiracy by the phone manufacturers to keep us buying phones?

Yesterday did some more exploring on the blogosphere and I am learning more and more every day very cool stuff especially on KBW several posts I can relate to I really love one Kikuyumoja pity i didn’t bump into him while he was in Embu or maybe I did, wherever you are dood “twi amwe” Most people out there seem to have a purpose or theme to their blogs I guess I havent come up with one yet but I shall surely now start on my Journey to find my purpose – I’ll keep you posted.

Day 2 Hot Hot Hot!!

Day 2 of my adventures in the blogosphere begun on a rather tough note. I had to come in to work and today being a sato I wasn’t thrilled then it decides to get hot in fact too hot to believe. In case you are wondering where I work it is in a greenhouse (really!) The temperature right now is 37 degrees C inside the greenhouse and if were not for my spare tires I would have gladly stripped down to my vest and boxers. I cannot remember it being this hot ever. Maybe I’ll pop into town and cool down with several cold colas but in the meantime I just have to bear with it.
Coming back to the blog its shaping up ok I’m still learning the ropes and discovering new features and tricks as I go along The internet connection here in Embu sucks big time so I’m barely able to get anything done I have been busy jumping around the Kenya webring blogs getting a hang of how things are down I havent started posting comments much yet till I get the hang of the etiquette involved.
Manu are having a game later in the afternoon so I’ll be off to Town for that cold Cola unfortunately no Nyam Chom this time courtesy of Rift Valley Fever.

Catching up

Time Flies!

I can hardly believe that it is now 22 years since Std 8, 18 years since Form 4 and 11 years since I graduated. Over all these years I made many friends (few enemies if any) but it is only a handful that I am still in contact with regularly. Many of my friends disappeared into the world without a trace. One of the reasons I have started this blog is so that if I am not able to leave a visible mark in the world at least I shall have left and electronic mark. (unless someone erases google)

I intend to try and reach out to all my friends out there in cyberspace who may be able to stumble on this space. I was embarassed the other day while egosurfing on google to find out that I do not appear anywhere on the public web. Whearas some people may cherish that kind of annonymity it is not for me. I take pride as being a technophile who uses the internet regularly therefore it is an upfront to my reputation to be so anonymous.

This Blog is the first step in changing that. By this time next year I hope that when your type Kirima Nturibi on Google it should be on the first page or should appear on the I am feeling lucky button.

To all my friends out there plese post a comment so that we can reconnect. I am tempted to make my email address public but we shall see about that later.

Keep in Touch guys

ps when i was ego surfing all I could find under Kirima is that silly puppet!! tsk tsk.

I am a Red and Proud of it

Did I suprise any one out there. I am a Manchester United Fan since 1999, most of my friends through High School and Campo no doubt are wondering how come since I was never a big sports fan especially of Soccer. I was a major rugby fan (Mean Machine and the All Blacks) but some where along the way I decided to take a stand in the war of Man U and Arsenal. I am a believer in records and all the records show that ManU is a greater team if not the greatest team of all time followed by Liverpool (pole Arsenal and Chelsea fans but I belive they are all johny come latelys in my books).

ManU doesn’t always play the prettiest soccer but their sheer determination and strength of character has always been what has drawn me to them. If they win the premiership this year I shall be a true believer. I always put my money where my mouth is and I shall officially register as a manu U fan at www.manutd.com so watch this space. If we win the the Champions league and FA cup as well then don’t log in cos I shall be gloating from here all the way to Mexico.

The Meaning of the Name

Mount Kirima

Hi again. If you are reading this I guess you are wondering what is all this about Mount Kirima. The reason Why I used the name Mount is as a derivative from my nameKirima. In Kimeru (my tribe) kirima means Mountain so I just spun a name out of my real name . My nickname in school was normally a translation or colloqualism for my real name. My home area is around Mt. Kenya and I am currently working around Mt. Kenya it is ussually one of the first things I see when I step out of my house in the morning therefore the mountain theme rings true throughout my world. As we go along I will try add more about my name origins and what I think about them.

By the way the mountain name thing does not refer to my size or any of my vital statistics :-)although admitedly I am not that small in size. I like to think of myself as being generously proportioned not HUGE!

Hello to the Blogoshere


Hi this is Kirima Nturibi, I am a 3o something year old Kenyan living and working high up in the bundus of Embu. I have decided to start this blog as a experiment in whether I can be able to open up to the world, share my thoughts and experiences and just say what I want to say. I am quite new at this kind of thing but I am sure that with time I will get better. I ussually succeed in several of the things I have tried to do but I have still had my fair share of failures and disappointments but that is life.

For a beginging I wont say much untill I get the hang of it. It is pretty intimidating that anyone around the world can have access to this thoughts but funnily enough it is also liberating. I would first like by describing myself but I think it is easier to just put a Photo instead (better than boring you with all that tall dark handsome blah blah blah….).
See you all later